Keeping my covenant

Is waiting really difficult? I don’t know why it suddenly came up to my mind. Maybe, the vibes in the atmosphere. But, let me go back to my question. Is waiting really hard? For me, kinda. But there’s no such thing as kinda. It’s just between yes or no. So maybe my answer is yes. But why am I saying this? Maybe I would just like to remind myself of the covenant that I had months ago. And yes, I’m holding and keeping my covenant. No matter what. Even temptations, at some point, will blow my mind. But no, I will not fall for it. Keeping my covenant is one of the best things I can do, something that my Creator will be proud of me. I may sometimes get tired of keeping it, but i keep on reminding myself not to get tired of doing right things. Enlightenment please. But hey, when I say it is a promise, it will always be a promise. A promise is a promise.

He has an answer :D

But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9

            Yesterday, I was really upset for the lack of inspiration that I have in my system. After I finished posting my previous post yesterday, I immediately closed my laptop, straight off to my refuge, opened my bible and started perusing 2 Corinthians. 

            Then God answered all my anxiety through this verse: But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9  The moment I stumbled with that verse, I regained my happy spirit . I felt ecstatic. Thank you God :*

             I guess my previous post was my first emotional post as a writer. LOL. Kidding aside. But it was really my first post about my struggle as a writer. Nevertheless, I’m really thankful for my fellow bloggers for uplifting my spirit. 

            I finally come to realize that whenever I’m having grimness on my journey, I will just seek my Creator 🙂

God bless everyone.



With the Senior Pastor/ Spiitual Father of Doulos For Christ, Bishop Oriel Ballano


     Finally, I’m already 17! I thank God for giving me another year full of blessings. Let me share you want went so good this day. I started my birthday at the Morning Prayer of our Church and it happened to be that our senior Pastor, Bishop Oriel Ballano was the one in charge of the Preaching. The preaching was so great and superb – it tackled about our way of praying and prayer itself (Check James 5:13). After the preaching, I really wanted to come close with Bishop Oriel just to tell him it’s my birthday. Then, I had the heart to go for it. As I told him it’s my birthday, He immediately smiled on me and started praying on me. The experience was so amae-zing. I just really felt the anointing from Bishop Oriel. 

                And to make my experience complete, I asked him if I can have a picture with him and he agreed. Yey, my birthday just became more special. I thank God for giving me a spiritual father.

                 I am still a 3-month Christian of Doulos for Christ, yet I really felt the love and care from them. I got a lot of greetings from my spiritual brothers and sisters. Though I don’t know some of them, they still had the heart to greet me. I am really joyful that God brought me here.

The best is yet to come in my life ❤

P.S: I will post later about my party with my High School Friends.

God bless everyone! 

Much Love,

Amae ❤

Help us through your prayers.

            Pardon if I haven’t been actively posting in this – my personal blog. I was just so happy being part of the Transient Reflections, so I was more active posting on the transient. Again. Thanks Sir Ray for allowing me to be part of your blog. It such an honor seriously.

           Anyway, I hope you’ll pray for us  that we can get justice from the case we filed (against whom? Just make a personal message if you wanted to know the whole story. He/she might ready this one.) Please include this to your prayers for now. I hope you have the heart to include to your prayers, the justice that we wanted to obtain. 

           What I realize from this obstacle is that even you are in the right side or on the truth side, it wouldn’t be enough in the eyes of the officials. You should also know the technicalities in which we lack, since we don’t have a lawyer.  It’s just sad how this thing could ever happen. Legal advice and spiritual advice please! 

            But in the end, no matter what happens, I know God has guided us. No matter what the outcome is, I know God has a reason on it. 

            At least, in the end, we know the truth and we do something about it. If it is His will that we will be able to raise the truth, it will be done. If not, let us let go, then let God. 

            Thank you everyone! God bless

God’s Love and Miracle

You may feel incapable of helping to change someone else’s life, but remember, you don’t do the work of changing them–God does. You just link them up to Him by showing them how to pray, how to make contact with Him, and He does the rest. Then you will see lives changed, because God will answer prayer. He will do it.   –Chloe West

Felt the urge from my heart to share a little piece myself. Well, as I’ve read this quote  from freebiblestudiesonline, I freaking felt the words as if hitting and slapping my face repetitively. But on a serious note, at some point of my life, (too dramatic. Lol) I “tried” to change someone’s life. – atleast I tried.  He was kinda away from God’s word that it even causes him to doubt God’s existence. A little part of myself told me that I have something to do about it. Definitely, I have to do something.  Since we’re batchmates, I had the chance to talk to him via some activities concerning our school.  We got the chance to text each other and suddenly became good friends. I prayed hard that he would realize how God is good and how God is really with him throughout his life.  Then, all of a sudden, I was kinda shocked that his already back knowing the Lord and attending the mass on Sunday. (Okay. I’m still thinking if I’m going to share the next events. Haha.  But since I’m sharing it already, I should tell the entire story na.) So our closeness went beyond of friendship, you know what I mean =) but suddenly, as we got to the process, my friend told me that he’s back with his ex. Maybe during that time, I was hurt.  

Anyway, through this event, I realized that maybe my only purpose of knowing him is just to let him know the Lord. Yes, at first, I was really sad because it didn’t end the way I wanted. But, through the love of the Lord, I took it positively with all my heart. I even reminded myself with a little quote from I Kissed Dating Goodbye that the right thing in a wrong time is a wrong thing.  Right now, we’re good friends, since he already apologized with that event.  And I’m not the type of person who holds grudges, because I believe for you to become really happy, you must forgive  =)

I never regret that it did happen, because I learned a lot from it just how God wanted me to learn from it. And I really thank God for letting it happen. 😀

Much love ♥

Feel the Heat of Summer ♥

Life’s most awesome and cool people – HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS =) We headed to sea breeze to have an outrageous swimming courtesy/treat – as a promise for us- of one of my friends.

Had a blast with them. I could never elucidate how happy I am, since this is something terrific and unforgettable for the following reasons. One, it’s our very first time to have an outing with numerous foods, so gazillion thanks to our well-blessed friends Bianca and Clarence. =) Second, it’s our first outing as “graduates” of Pasay Science 😐

Perhaps this photo can reveal how happy I am. Mcdo Shot XD

Priceless moments!

Anyhow, I’m both happy and sad for this event. Happy, since we find time despite conflicts of schedule and sad, since it’s still unknown if will get to see each other again and set an event like this.

Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita! walang iwanan!