kuya made it :D

Well I’m glad that my kuya made it. After a four year of journey, at last he made. Truly, I’m very proud of him. Though we’re having fights sometimes, I still love him and I’m a proud sister of having him as my kuya. But this is not the end of his journey. There’s still the board exam and of course the Job. I always seek to the Lord’s Guidance for my Kuya. I know my Kuya deserves everything . I know he’ll make it so that I will no longer worry for my future. hahaha

happy birthday dre!

had so much fun today. If you don’t know, it’s andreng’s 16th birthday today. Well, I really enjoyed her treat. It’s another unbeata-BOYLEs’ bonding. haaay. I exerted all my efforts to make her so so happy. I think it worked. haha. I’m glad she really appreciated it. I have kwento . another keleg story but eka hasn’t uploaded the photos. So i think tomorrow i’ll tell the story or maybe the next day because it’s my kuya’s grad. I really love the treat . I cant explain. I’ll make kwento when I’m on my mood. Also, the keleg moment 😀

i love this day and excited tomorrow :D

today is the recognition day of our school sadly i was not recognized or even performed in the said activity. hahaha. But still okay for me. What’s more important is that I saw his mom and his mom even greeted me. :)) happy. Also, I went to moa to buy for andreng’s b-day. Super excited for her birthday :)) weee. I just wanna share too. I wanna remove this kind of feeling. haaay. period 😀 but i hope the saturday thingy would happen. Hopefully bianca would remind or even invite me. hahaha :)) hopefully. But one thing I realized is that there are things which will be change as time goes on. So I need to accept that fact though it hurts to much. I’m loving the trio and the tropa 😀 weee. hahaha

starting to love reading :)

I really don’t know the reason but I’m starting to love reading. Before, reading is not my hobby but as I realized. I need it. It’s definitely my advantage so I need to. and most Importantly, I’m taking an english course on college so I need to develop that skills. So I hope it works. For this week , hmmm I’ll read tagalog stories and next week, perhaps english novel. So that’s all i wanna share 😀

this is the reason why i love the unbeata-boyles. I can’t explain my gratitude now. I sooo love the unbeataboyles. the fieldtrip moment. hahaha haaayy love you boyle. I’m about to cry *.*

I was so touch with what ma’am rogs have told us. Unbeata-BOYLEs is the most united section among the third year level according to her. It was really shocking knowing that she’s the adviser of charles which is the section 2. Charles is like the rival of our section but a friendly competition. Also, I was touch when she said that no one can surpass our unity even her advisory class *.* . It was really amazing hearing such sweet words from a person who is attached to the other section or in short, her advisory class.

this is how we rock. i love you boyle!!!

home :D

yehey! just two more tests 😀 then vacation . I’m going to miss the unbeata-boyles i soo love them soo much. just got home from school. had soo much fun with my fellas. jamming at sir jesse’s room. haaay. happy 😀


I need to sleep 😀 . Im just going to continue it tomorrow. I hope may fellow group mates won’t get mad to me. Do i have a leadership ? haaaay 😐 I’m about to close my eyes. Goodnight everyone 😀