A Walk to Remember

I haven’t been updating my blog so now I’m about to blog again 🙂 I’ve been so busy over these past few weeks and consider the fact that I’m kinda reviewing for UPCAT . GC much?
Anyway, I’m starting to love reading novels. Reading novel is not my hobby talaga and I really don’t know why I’m into it now. Perhaps because I have proven to myself that reading novel isn’t boring. Usually, it has been a stereotype that reading book is so boring.
At least you know, I’m still an apprentice. I watched A walk to remember from HBO last week and it definitely touched my heart. So i find reading the novel so interesting. The movie have cut and added some scenes and usually this is what the directors do to maximize the span of time. Because basically, If they didn’t cut some scenes, then they’ll definitely exceed the limited time needed to be aired. So I don’t have any negative thoughts about the movie though I’m more on the novel.
What I love the most with this novel, is landon as the narrator. Most often, woman is the ones narrating the novel but with a walk to remember it’s a guy. Of course the so so reason is Nicholas Spark is a guy. ok let’s end to that
For my notion, the turning point of movie is how jamie changed Landon a better man. I even remember the last line Landon said at the movie wherein he talked with Jamie’s father about the miracle. I forgot the exact line but I can still remember the thought. It goes like he told Jamie’s father that he was sad because there’s no miracle that happened but the reverent told there was and its you (pertaining to landon) .

P.S (anyway I’ll just continue it tomorrow it’s already 3 am and I need to sleep for I have some stuffs to do tomorrow. If my father caught me still awake, He’ll definitely reprimand me so to be away with that I need to sleep. I promise to continue coz I really love a walk to remember and it makes me cry whenever I conjures up some image about it) xx