Why do you keep on coming back? as if I’m haunted by my nightmares of my past. You’ve caused my heart to flutter. But in the end, you’ve given me with so much sweet lies that’s freakin enough to scorch my entire body with so much pain. Just please stop gripping me. I’m now happy. I’ve learned a lot from you. Perhaps, the best one is not to hasten. Thank you so much! I pray that God will enlighten you. XX


God’s message on Sunday

God’s message today through the homily of the priest was so inspiring and uplifting. We weren’t able to hear the first and second reading, since we run so late. Nevertheless,  the father’s homily was so much enough to fill our spirit. His homily is all about God’s plan, God’s time and God’s purpose. He shared a story about  his journey as he choose to serve people and share the words of God. His journey like everyone else wasn’t easy. He even relinquished from becoming a priest when he reach his 3rd year at seminary. Then, he worked as a teacher for three years. And when he already felt the sense of completeness, he choose to go back at the seminary. So what was he trying to say? He just wanted to say that there’s no such thing as “DELAY”, but God’s time.  Let’s just open our heart and  trust the Lord for every change in our lives. Whether it’s good or bad, the Lord has always a purpose behind it. We may not understand it as it happens, but God will help us know about it in the right time or God’s time. So let’s cast away our fears and anxiety and let’s start our quest as we search God’s plan and God’s purpose for us.

So remember the three things…


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It Comes Back to You


He was driving home one evening, on a two-lane country road. Work in this small mid-western U.S. community was almost as slow as his beat-up Pontiac. But he never quit looking. Ever since the factory closed, he’d been unemployed, and with winter raging on, the chill had finally hit home.
It was a lonely road. Not very many people had a reason to be on it, unless they were leaving. Most of his friends had already left. They had families to feed and dreams to fulfill. But he stayed on. After all, this was where he buried his mother and father. He was born here and knew the country. He could go down this road blind, and tell you what was on either side. With his headlights not working, that came in handy.
It was starting to get dark and light snow flurries were coming…

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Feel the Heat of Summer ♥

Life’s most awesome and cool people – HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS =) We headed to sea breeze to have an outrageous swimming courtesy/treat – as a promise for us- of one of my friends.

Had a blast with them. I could never elucidate how happy I am, since this is something terrific and unforgettable for the following reasons. One, it’s our very first time to have an outing with numerous foods, so gazillion thanks to our well-blessed friends Bianca and Clarence. =) Second, it’s our first outing as “graduates” of Pasay Science 😐

Perhaps this photo can reveal how happy I am. Mcdo Shot XD

Priceless moments!

Anyhow, I’m both happy and sad for this event. Happy, since we find time despite conflicts of schedule and sad, since it’s still unknown if will get to see each other again and set an event like this.

Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita! walang iwanan!

Vote for Jessica Sanchez!

Jessica Sanchez really needs our vote, since the competition is getting tougher and tougher. So #america #teamjessica #blujays #Filipinos #philippines #westcoast,  let’s all unite for our little girl with great voice! She deserves to win! So you can vote for her just dial 1-866-idols-01 or 1-866-idol-07 or you can vote online on facebook.

FOR THE PHILIPPINE VOTES > you can vote at April 26,2012 at 10-12noon and 1 -3pm only (so our votes can be counted in US) you can vote online too via  facebook. – it’s 50 votes per person so maximize your votes!) or just dial at magic jack or skype 866-idols-01 or 866-idols-07 ( no need to dial 1)

So,  Jessica performed two songs which are the Bohemian Rhapsody and Dance with my father.

Let’s support Jessica Sanchez! She deserves it!

Better Me.

As I get older, a lot of  books have aided me to metamorphose into a better individual.  So I wanted to share with you the  books that gave a great impact like a roaring bomb in my life. It’s really helpful! You’ll get to realize the implication and importance of life  as you turn and internalize every page.

Anyhow,  Let me start =)

1. Purpose Driven Life by Pastor  Rick Warren

Back then, I remember being a war freak. I used to loathe. I’m arrogant and judgmental. Yes, that’s how bad  I am. BUT that was before, not until I’ve met the most inspiring -as far as I know – spiritual book I ever had. It is a  40-day journey of  life transformation that will help you out on understanding the REAL essence of life. Distinguishing this book as a self-help  is an understatement. I guarantee everyone! My PDL book has passed by with my friends, since I know that they will gain a lot of lessons that would really help them as they faced the reality. Numerous of questions are going to conjure up on your mind while reading this. So I veritably urge you to read this. It’s for you!

2. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

I remember being so heartbroken -part of growing up I guess. haha. Then, my friend introduced this book to me. And it help a lot! So better read the book before judging it! It’s not just about the issue about dating, but about knowing your purpose as single person according to God. I agree that we as young individual must not search for the right person, but let what the Lord plans for us  go smoothly.  As what the book says, “the right thing at wrong time is a wrong thing“. So now, it’s really my choice not to commit to anyone, since I know that my purpose as a single individual is to please the Lord and to understand life deeply. I’m not veritably ready for commitment, because I believe I have a lot of things that I needed to carry out pa- spiritually and personally.

And the most important tool that really change my principle and perception in life is…

The BIBLE – our manual tool for defining life. Learning to fathom and internalize good words from the Lord is the best! I would not be a better individual without this behind me. What is my life without the words from God? I could not imagine that, for He strengthens me.  Faith comes from hearing the word of God! -Romans 10:17. My life became better when I read the bible, so  it’s possible for you too! Remember!No one can ever surpass the happiness of knowing the Lord from His words!

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God’s Resumé

The best manager of all tells us why He is so good at His job.
Adapted from Gene Richards


To Whom It May Concern

I heard you were looking for someone to manage your life. I would like to apply for the job.
I believe I am the most qualified candidate for the position of life manager. Actually, I am the only One who has ever done this job successfully.
I was the first manager of human beings. I made them, in fact, so naturally I know how they work and what is needed to help them run at top efficiency and maximum happiness level. It will be like having the manufacturer as your personal mechanic.
If this is the first time you have considered My services, I would just like to point out that My salary has already been paid by the blood of My Son,

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My Ultimate Crushes

Another unproductive day for me. I’ve been so lazy going out, since the heat is just so unbearable. Hey! Summer, why are you tormenting me? XD Anyway,  I’ve been thinking what to post on my blog – seems my mind is on vacation-, but since I saw my first showbiz crush on television yesterday, I’m going to post about my three ultimate crushes in showbiz. haha. Let’s start from no. 3 haha.

3. Marc Pingris of Bmeg Llamados

He  is my first ultimate crush ever in showbiz. haha. I started to notice him when I was so addicted in Basketball. I was still on my elementary days back then. And now, looking forward, I’m now sixteen, but I still had a huge crush on him. haha. Plus, he hasn’t changed. His looks and aggressiveness in court haven’t changed. In fact, he became better. Anyhow, best of luck for the finals against talk N’ text. They won the game 1, so I’m positive they’ll get the championship. Go bmeg =)

2. Neil Etheridge of Philippine Azkals

Golly! He’s so freaking hot! *shout. And I just found out that his just 21! wow! His young age for a professional goalkeeper is not quite visible, since his so excellent on the field with his movement like superman, flying in the field just to prevent the other team from scoring.  hihi.

And of course, for my recent crush and my top 1 is non other than…

1. Phillip Phillips of American Idol 11

Recently, he’s the one I’m dying for. (Kidding Aside!) His talent is just so superb. You could really see his passion to his music – the way he interpret and embrace the  lyrics of the song.  His voice is so ‘effin sexy. haha.  Swear! you’ll be carried away.

better watch this!

That’s all I can share. haha. Anyway, these are just my crushes, so I believe it’s pretty normal to at least have one. No judging! In reality naman, I don’t have a boyfriend – not yet ready for it. So for single woman, our responsibility is to please the Lord – written in Corinthians! 1 Corinthian 7:34 msg.


Daily Might

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A fleece is like a contract between you & the Lord! You make a bargain with God, you make Him an offer. You specify the kind of revelation you want.–Like Gideon did!
Gideon laid a fleece on the ground & said, “Now Lord, if the fleece is wet in the morning & all the ground’s dry, then I’ll know that such-&-such is Your Will!” But when the Lord did it he still wasn’t sure, so the next evening he said, “Now Lord, if the fleece is dry & the ground is wet, I’ll believe it!” So the Lord did it, & Gideon then knew that God was with him. If the Lord hadn’t performed a miracle with the fleece, Gideon might have quit entirely & lost heart. But…

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From Jesus With Love

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Fear not that your heart breaks. Fear not for the weeping, for this weeping shall endure for a night, but then there will be joy and the sun shall break forth with shining once again in your life. The heartache that you feel shall be washed clean, and I will give you a new beginning.
As you walk down the path of My perfect will, you shall go from strength to strength. You shall feel My hand of blessing upon your life. You shall find great joy, satisfaction and love. You shall find new challenge and new inspiration in your life.
The things that you once held on to, but are now willing to let go of, shall in the future be looked upon as weights that turned into wings. You shall soar on the winds of My Spirit higher than you ever dreamed possible, freer than you ever knew…

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