The Other Side of Blogging: Affiliate Marketing

I guess I’m not too young to learn affiliate marketing.

Monetizing out of blogging was never an issue to me since writing is just simply my passion. And this passion fuels me to continue loving the craft that I have chosen to pursue.

But from a mere love and hobby, blogging is now taking me to another level – professionally. For more than a year, I’ve been attending events as a blogger and have been connected to other groups and bloggers as well. I came across with different set of experienced bloggers which let me understand the other side of blogging.

So here comes another event that took me out of my comfort zone: Lazada Affiliate Online Revolution.

With my fellow affiliates and the team behind the program. Visit their facebook page (here)

I got an Alcatel Flash 2 (Here) from the event. Thanks Lazada and Alcatel for the wonderful treat. I will post another entry for my review about the phone. But so far so good with my experience. And Lazada have special treat for you here:

Check it here!

This is certainly new to me. Of course, I know marketing as a context but not all the details. Why I decided to take part? Simply because I love to learn new things! Just making the most of the opportunity especially the fact that I’ll turn 20 next month!

Good thing I came. I learned things that would gear up my blog. Thanks to Mr. Mannix Pabalan, CEO of hashtag digital for all the tips and encouragement. I even had a meaningful conversation with him through twitteraffiliate

Motivation indeed! Despite miscues, I’ll venture this! I just wanted to challenge myself to come out from my box. Let’s see what will happen.

Craving? Check your Panda!

“I’m not me when I’m hungry!”

That’s my usual jest to my friends. Whenever I tell this, they already knew that I’m yearning for food or to the extreme, dead hungry.

This is how happy I am when eating!

I get hungry quickly. And its quite ironic because I have a skinny body type yet I ate like an elephant. Who wouldn’t love to eat?

Food has never failed to be my comfort especially when I’m facing the demand of academics and other extra curricular stuff as a graduating student. It is part of my starter pack as I endure and finish tediously all my requirements (thesis!) and other paper work

Look how skinny I am

I can never forget the time when I was so exhausted with all the requirements. It was already past midnight that time, all my family members were already sleeping, I was looking for my comfort, but to my dismay, our refrigerator was empty. I was longing for my comfort to regain the much needed strength to finish my activities.

So what happened next? my instinct urged me to resort to the most convenient – since it was past midnight – and fastest option to meet my comfort, call for ONLINE DELIVERY. 🙂

Yummy food!

I just searched  and clicked what I want to order and in just matter of minutes, Aha! cravings satisfied. But oops! How about the payment? 

Being a student, of course I don’t have that much. So I woke up my dearest kuya (older brother) to do the honor. Being the youngest – and the remaining student – on the family I have this gift of persuading my siblings that they can’t even resist me. (The key: be malambing and sincere.)

Online delivery has been my partner not just in finding comfort and satisfying my cravings but also meeting the convenience I always look forward. It beats the hustle and bustle of going to your favorite restaurants that aren’t near in your place. Time-saving indeed!

But if you are looking for the best of all online delivery, you can have it just click a way! Experience the service of Foodpanda with over 1000+ restaurants choices!

Easy and convenient, they also have an application for all android, apple & window users (Download it here for tasty deal!) 

Order your comfort food anytime and anywhere! You can get access to over 250 restaurants in around the metro with the help of foodpanda Mobile app.

Pizza, pasta, ice cream, chicken, cakes, salad or anything that you want, you can find it here. And you can have your payment with options of credit card or cash in delivery. 

If you are bombarded with tasks, busy on the demand of life and you can’t find time to visit your favorite restaurant, you no longer have excuse at all!  

One click away! Just click and call your panda! Your panda will be there to fill your starvation and satisfy your craving.  

What are you waiting for? Tell and check your panda! 

Celebrating Teacher’s Day: My Other Mom

( Note: This article was published at RIghtNow, the online tambayan for YOUth. Check their website! Read here)

Almost eight years ago since we first ever crossed our path. It was the beginning of my blossoming days as a teenager where I still have no idea how to make my succeeding years in high school worthwhile.

Flashback when I was in Science High School, all I thought my existence was about studying hard, working to be on top, and maintaining at least a grade of 85 so I would not get kicked out.

But my four years on my Alma Mater was more than that mainly because I met my other mom who birthed my potentials and shaped me to become who I am now.

Our First Encounter

The photo was taken 3 years ago when I was still High School. (Puberty years. hihi)

I was 14 back then and was in first year high school when we had our initial encounter. I was interested to know her more but couldn’t find the courage to talk to her since she’s known for being straight forward.

Until on the closing of my freshman year, she approached me and told something that would entirely change the way I see myself. I was surprised to know that she’s eyeing me for a student council position as a representative of our batch.

As I got the position, that’s the moment where my other mom trained and stretched me. Sometimes I would get offended whenever she would tell me straightly what’s wrong. But along the process, I get used to it and learned that what she’s been saying is always for my sake.

A gift of love

Whenever we had the chance to have a conversation, it would always mark on me as she allowed me to contemplate in life and be more aggressive to reach my dreams. Her realizations and wisdom she have helped me to become a better version of myself.

That’s why I called her my other mom. She stood as my mom throughout my four years stay in high school and even to my following years in college.

This photo was taken when I was 2nd year college and visited my dearest mom at my Alma Mater 2 years ago. (Still in puberty tho hihi)

This photo was taken when I was 2nd year college and visited my dearest mom at my Alma Mater 2 years ago. (Still in puberty tho hihi)

I remember when I was having a hard time choosing a course for my college. I seek for her advice and she told me to look for my strength which led me in taking a communication course. Despite my doubts of taking communication course for fear that I’ll have a hard time to look for job, I still followed her advice.

Mommy Rogs
Mommy Rogs

And now as I take my last year in college as a communication major, I never had any regret that I listened to her. Not only I was able to maximize my interpersonal skills but also I discovered other things in me that I didn’t know I could do. It paid off definitely.

In few months, I’ll be entering my adulthood as I bid goodbye to my last year as a teenager. And I’m thankful that she was there to guide me and help me make the most out of my youth.

I would always remain grateful to her for everything she has done in my life. Though we aren’t seeing each other on a daily basis, our hearts have been connected no matter what distance have set us apart. Her presence had a significant role of metamorphosing me as a woman with her wisdom and beliefs in life that she indulged to me.

Miles Apart

Sometimes there are changes – no matter how difficult to deal – that must need to be embraced. My recent visit to my Alma Mater allowed me to realize such idea. That was the time I heard straight from my other mom that she’ll be leaving abroad to be with her family and for her teaching career.

With the idea that she’s already abroad, I had mixed emotions. Sad in a way that we could no longer hangout and set a date in times that we badly needed to, but on a positive note, it’s another chapter of her life where she could learn another life values to be definitely shared on us.

I could still not contain how much I’m pleased to come to know my other mom. I’m most overwhelmed how she had prayed for my life to be on the path that I was designed for and for planting me a vision to reach out other people. I thank God for sending someone like her in my life.

See you again, Nay! By the way, she’s Ms. Maria Luz Rogacion.

This is just my simple way to show my gratitude Nay Rogs. This may not tantamount to all the things you have done to me but I hope I was able to show my heart to you. Happy teacher’s day!

“Wag Kang Magmadali”


What will be your take when your plans don’t happen according to what you expected?

Would you get frustrated?
Would you change your plans?
Or would you wait for the right time and just do your best now?

One of the authors that I look up to give me a piece of advice, “Wag kang magmadali.”

Oops!!! Hindi ‘to tungkol sa lovelife; usapang passion ‘to. We’re talking about our passion: writing.

Sometimes I felt jittery whenever life’s aspiration would blow my mind. As much as you avoid to contemplate about it – the idea if it will come true or not – just suddenly snaps on your thinking, trying to shake your beliefs by injecting dramas to trigger your emotion and worries of life. Have you ever experienced situation like this? ( Nakaka-praning ‘diba?)


But looking on the bigger picture, it’s just a test of character. Would you still pursue your aspiration despite all odds? Or would you just give in? 

Conquering your dreams is a challenge – a tough road to journey ahead but most fulfilling destination to reach by. Success never meant an easy road. It doesn’t just take your talent but it requires character and a lot of passion.

Going back to what stated above. Sir Ronald Molmisa, author behind the successful lovestruck series, reminded me, “Wag kang magmadali,” during our short but meaningful conversation we had at the OMF Lit Book Launching last month. (Read: #MOVINGREADS OMF LITERATURE LAUNCHES NEW BOOKS)

(c) Sir Edwin Arceo. Ps. Ronald Molmisa on the right part, Ate Madz of on the left, and I’m on the middle during the OMF Lit book launching at Privato Hotel

That advice refueled my passion in writing. (Oo nga Amae, Kalma lang. Relax ka lang. ‘Wag Praning)  I realized that I still have long way to go. (Sabi nga ng matatanda, marami pa akong kakain na bigas) There are numerous of opportunities that will knock my way. What I need to do is to keep my life’s aspiration, give my best, and remain positive whenever situations or people would question my capabilities. 


What was written on my high school memorabilia, “to be an author/lawyer” will certainly happen (I claim it, with the help from above) but what I need to do today is to focus on things that will lead me there.

      There’s no reason to be afraid; I just need to do my thing. Give my very best, excel, and keep my fire and passion burning until it can set flame to other people too. 

“Wag kang magmadali” Sir Molmisa keeps on telling me. He first published his book when he was 32. And I look back, “Oh I’m still 19”.

Sometimes you will really encounter people who will fuel your heart for your dreams. Having people around you who have the same passion  drives you to keep going and beat whatever impossibilities that will bump your destination. 

It’s not enough that you have the skills. You need A LOT OF CHARACTER. When I say a lot, it means a lot. You need a steady stream of patience, passion, energy, persistence, and of course your faith. 

I don’t know what’s ahead of me. But what matters is your preparation to all the twist and turn that you hardly expected. Just months away, I’ll be joining the work force and the chaotic world of reality. I know the road wouldn’t be easy, but I believe I can surpass everything. 

 “Wag kang magmadali!” Just enjoy your journey and give the best that you have. 

Dear FIBA Asia, please review referees’ calls

INTEGRITY MATTERS. With all due respect, are these the kind of international officiating referees you have? Considering all the bad calls made, who would have not questioned? 

China played well. They shoot well; they performed better. But the game could have ended a better and justifying way.

Entering as an underdog, we are all expecting that championship is going to be  physical and tough. Bahrami of Iran once said on the interview that Gilas needs luck to win the game. (Read: Gilas needs all luck it can get in Fiba Asia final vs China, says Iran’s Bahrami)

So we waited for intense plays and whatsoever, but all throughout we have only seen bad calls. It was like a desperate move for a gigantic team facing an underdog team.

I read from my facebook friend who traveled to China just to watch the game that he wasn’t able to enter the stadium for the game because he is a Filipino.


Covered the name of my facebook friend to protect him.

Another from the management of Gilas Pilipinas or no less than Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan posted several tweets updating the appaling situations happened hours before the ball game. (Read: Dirty tricks? Gilas runs late for FIBA Asia Final asteam bus left discharged)

Grabbed from my facebook friend

Grabbed from my facebook friend

There’s something wrong. We are after a clean game even if you justify that bad calls are always present every game (but I think this is the worst bad calls!)

Ending on the silver medal isn’t the issue here, it is the game itself. After all, we don’t have to prove something because being on the #FIBAAsiaChampionship2015 already means much. (Read: Gallant Gilas Pilipinas falls short in Olympic dream, yields to mighty China in FIBA Asia final)

grabbed from Sports Inquirer

The kind of play – considering an international match – and the ruling that happened on the game shouldn’t be tolerated or at least an investigation must be conducted. Of course, China’s victory is irrevocable. But by ruling, a proper sanction must be imposed if proven that there are irregularities made by the referees on the match. FIBA Asia must review the game. 

We were labeled the underdog and yet we felt like we were a threat. Getting the title is useless at all if a lot of people are complaining about the game. The heart of all Gilas players who have extended their efforts and have shown their heart to represent the country couldn’t be measured by just a title.

Our road to Rio is not yet over! There’s still the wildcard tournament next year.Thank you Gilas! Despite all boundaries, you have shown how huge your heart to represent our country #Puso #SaTamangPanahon