Keeping my covenant

Is waiting really difficult? I don’t know why it suddenly came up to my mind. Maybe, the vibes in the atmosphere. But, let me go back to my question. Is waiting really hard? For me, kinda. But there’s no such thing as kinda. It’s just between yes or no. So maybe my answer is yes. But why am I saying this? Maybe I would just like to remind myself of the covenant that I had months ago. And yes, I’m holding and keeping my covenant. No matter what. Even temptations, at some point, will blow my mind. But no, I will not fall for it. Keeping my covenant is one of the best things I can do, something that my Creator will be proud of me. I may sometimes get tired of keeping it, but i keep on reminding myself not to get tired of doing right things. Enlightenment please. But hey, when I say it is a promise, it will always be a promise. A promise is a promise.

Paulo Coelho


     I blame myself for embracing the notion of my best friend that Coelho’s books were so difficult to comprehend. It was untrue. I’m done reading Eleven Minutes, one of his bestselling novels. And from that, I can confidently say that his prowess in writing is really superb. He has this sense of stand in certain issue which makes him a better writer or makes him different from  other writers. That’s one of the great distinction when we talk about Coelho’s masterpiece. He never forgets to elucidate explicitly his stand on certain issue. 

      He’s not just a writer who works just to write or showcase his masterpiece, but he is a writer who influences people. He inspires people with his stand and he makes his readers think critically. 

     I just felt bad of missing the opportunity and wasting my time not reading his books. I could have tried  reading at least one of his novels than not trying at all, than embracing my best friends’ notion.

      I just don’t know if this is just because of the “first time syndrome”. I guess a person who reads a lot, knows this kind of syndrome. Of admiring a certain author and aiming to read all his masterpiece. Then as you gets closer to your goal, you’ll realize that his novels has a definite pattern or you can already predict the outcome or ending. I’m saying this because I’ve tried to love a certain author and aimed to read all his books. And when I got closer to my goal, I then realized the pattern of his novels and I just got so upset.

        Anyway, I hope I can buy Coelho’s books already. I need some money. huhuhu. It’s really sad to support your hobby on your own. I wish my parents would support my love in reading. hahaha.

God bless everyone! 

Under the sea =)

Do you like my new theme? Lemme know 🙂 Finally, marked another history on my blog site LOL,  I’ve already changed my theme. Just for a change. My previous theme was already the skin of my blog ever since I started blogging.  I was really attracted with this theme maybe because of  the liveliness that it brings.  Since 2013 is coming, I just want to feel another vibe or aura from my blog. Something that will avoid me from being a “timid blogger”. 2012 was really a blessing year for me and my family. Thank you so much Lord!

Anyway, is my new theme better than the previous one? lemme know please =) Thanks.

Much love,
Amae ❤

What if in the most unexpected time you saw your first love?
It’s good to see the first guy you liked or loved or got attracted with. Either way. It’s like giving you a random nostalgia of your immaturity way back when you called yourself a “little girl”. Telling you that hey that’s the guy who made you laugh and smile. That guy was the one who gave gifts every special occasion. And that was the guy who made you cry over the phone with your best friend. That guy was it. But as you saw him standing as if a frozen guy in front of you, those thoughts wouldn’t matter. And what will spunk on your mind is that, Yes, I finally gotten over you. It was all sweet smirk. No glint of bitterness, but it was all set of funny realizations. I cried over you, but look at we’re now. Friends, comfortable conversing with each other. Talking with no hint of inhibitions. Talking just like a normal people.  Everything has really changed the last time you saw him. Especially the fact that you no longer have this kind of unexplained  connection. Both of you were just mere friends. At least friends, not strangers. You should be happy for that. Sometimes life gives you a certain moment to remind how silly you are before.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone! And of course, happy birthday to the Man who saved the undeserving and imperfect people. Thank you God for giving your Son just to save us. I love you so much. We owe everything to you!

John 3:16 – for God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have an eternal life.

One thing I’m sure, I celebrated Christmas not just with my family, but with God ❤

God bless everyone!

The true essence of Christmas.

I do not own the photo

             The true meaning of Christmas, I believe, is Jesus Christ itself. He was born for a purpose and it was sacrificing himself just to save the sinners and imperfect people like me. Christmas is not just about the expensive gifts, new gadgets and branded clothes, but it’s all about the birth of the Man who saved us from the death and payed for our sins. Christmas is all about Him.

            I cried in pain to see how people tend to forget the true meaning of it. They were blinded by the culture or the tradition they thought were all correct. What’s more disappointing, is that they are oblivious on their actions. They all thought that it was correct to celebrate that way for they never heard the truth. 

            So this upcoming Christmas, Let’s celebrate it differently. Let’s celebrate it as how God wanted it to be. Let’s all celebrate Christmas with Him. For Emmanuel has born which means God is with us.

           We should make sure that as we celebrate Christmas, God is truly with us. 

God bless everyone! Merry Christmas 😀

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

“Pain and suffering are used to justify the one thing that should bring joy: love” – Maria of Eleven Minutes

                Maria, a woman eager to get her life rid of poverty, took another step as she accepted the offer of a man whom she barely knows. Working on a foreign country, Switzerland was the only way she can think to fulfill her dreams.

                 However, as soon as she reached her destination, she was surprised that what she pictured out from her mind was entirely different from the reality. Yes, she can still accomplish her dreams but she has to let go of herself. It was like gaining what you want at the same time losing what you possess.

               Maria, even with a downcast heart, was compelled to become a prostitute. She was already there, on a country in which everything was foreign to her, so going back on her homeland was her last option. And her first and difficult option was to sell her own body.

               She was more than willing to fight and offer her body for her dreams. She was willing to let go of herself just to go home with loads of money and a farm for her parents. That was her only goal when she went to Switzerland and worked at the Copacabana as a prostitute. Earning loads of money became her motivation to survive on the filthy industry of prostitution. She made love with different kinds of guys; rich, poor, married, single, young, old and etc. Just name it all. Of course, it was never easy for her but she has to survive and earn money. And falling in love in any guy or her customers she has sexed with was the one of the serious things she’s avoiding.

               It was never difficult for her to avoid that, until she met a successful and affluent painter, Ralf hart. It was at their first meeting when Hart told Maria that she has the “light” in which Maria could hardly comprehend. And the moment they got to know more each other, she knew she would do what she was avoiding: to fall in love. She tried to control her emotion with Hart, but she just end up of falling in love with him more.

               However, at the end, would she follow her dreams of going back to Brazil with loads of money or would she follow her heart of pursuing the guy who showed utmost respect and love for her? You should read the book and find out what happens.

                  With this kind of story, the author showed the in-depth side of a prostitute woman. Coelho barred the stereotype of a prostitute as just mere women selling their body for living or for pleasure. He showed the other angle, as how prostitutes just like normal people earning for a living struggle in life and face troubles.

                 This book is certainly a good material to read. It’s just the matter of being open-minded on certain issue. It may touch one of the sensitive issues of our culture, but it will bring realizations and lesson that you thought you could never know.

                  I assure you there’s more to this book than sex. 


Blog of the year 2012 award!

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Manny Pacquiao is still Manny Pacquiao

         Manny Pacquiao has proven himself. No doubt with his skills, talent and faith.  My respect on him didn’t get less after the unexpected KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. He need not to prove himself for he has already proven himself for years. He has already beaten MANNY mexicans and that is enough attestation of how great boxer he is. 

         Sometimes the best person must experience a tough failure. Thus, Manny Pacquiao will always be our “Pambansang Kamao”

Just saw it from facebook.