Nicholas Sparks ♥

With all his great masterpiece, sparks never failed to uplift my spirit every time I finished his novels. Well among his novel, I’ve read A walk to remember, Message in a bottle, Dear john, Bend in the Road and The notebook. Next to my goals are The lucky one and The guardian. It’s like a stereotype for every sparks’ fan that after one finished novel, you’ll urge to read another one by him. I guess because that’s what I’ve experienced right now. Honestly, my goal is to read all his works although I don’t own any sparks’ novel. I’ve been surviving for just borrowing for my classmates. So you can conclude that I’m the poorest bookworm. I just can buy books from book sale which are second hand and which cost a little less than 100. haha.

so this is the first novel I’ve read by him. Well, If you watch the movie you can attest then that this is something worth watching and of course, worth reading. Book is always better than the movie.

you know, never ever judge the book by its cover. literally, this is what I’ve done after looking at the cover of bend in the road. I thought that it’s like the one that would give me a little grogginess but I was so wrong. You’ll be flabbergasted after reading this. Super intelligent ending. Kudos sparks!

So far this is the most tragic ending I’ve read among the others. Sometimes true love means letting go your happiness 😦 and this novel attest that statement.

The recent book that I’ve finished. I blame my classmate for accidentally giving me a hint for the ending. So I wasn’t that surprised when i reached the last chapter. But this is so so definitely sparks’ masterpiece.

I’m really into sparks I love his novel and looking forward to finished my next books to borrowed from my classmates; the lucky one and the guardian. some of his movies were converted into major motion picture. Sparks is ♥


back to the world

Excuse for the longest hiatus that I’ve made but please blame on our internet connection at home plus the hectic sched of a senior student.
lately, a lot of things happened unexpectedly. Away from my expectations which made my heart do the weird up and down motion. So I can’t brag everything because probably, chances are, some of my classmates/friends might visit this site.
Because I Miss blogging, I’ll try to post as much as I can today. By the way, its my bff special today, its her sweet sixteen. I made something special for her but its not quite good as compared for what I did before for my other friends (a little appreciation will do). Maybe the culprit is for the procrastination that I made with a little grogginess yesterday

here’s the photo of my bff. You know, you have to admit that she really has a mirror image with kitchie. left is she and right is kitchie

another picture of her, gorgeous right? 🙂

well she has been my best friend since elementary. We’ve gone through myriad of commotion and everything that might lead to broken friendship. But we have overcome it. Right now, she still she and I’m super happy for her. I really love her from the bottom