back to the world

Excuse for the longest hiatus that I’ve made but please blame on our internet connection at home plus the hectic sched of a senior student.
lately, a lot of things happened unexpectedly. Away from my expectations which made my heart do the weird up and down motion. So I can’t brag everything because probably, chances are, some of my classmates/friends might visit this site.
Because I Miss blogging, I’ll try to post as much as I can today. By the way, its my bff special today, its her sweet sixteen. I made something special for her but its not quite good as compared for what I did before for my other friends (a little appreciation will do). Maybe the culprit is for the procrastination that I made with a little grogginess yesterday

here’s the photo of my bff. You know, you have to admit that she really has a mirror image with kitchie. left is she and right is kitchie

another picture of her, gorgeous right? 🙂

well she has been my best friend since elementary. We’ve gone through myriad of commotion and everything that might lead to broken friendship. But we have overcome it. Right now, she still she and I’m super happy for her. I really love her from the bottom


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