Gracenote with their “First Movement”

        A Personal Experience of the Electrifying Performance of Gracenote during their album launch.

Gracenote during their album launch at Astroplus, Megamall

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I couldn’t contain my happiness seeing Drew Chambers appreciating my write up for him. Probably, this is one of the best prices as a writer. I hope this is the start of my new chapter as a writer. Few weeks ago, I asked him through e-mail if I can write a story for him and fortunately, he was able to respond on my e-mail. He gladly said yes without a glint of inhibition. I’m deeply inspired by his story of how he was able to use his passion to bring glory to God. He was able to use his talent to connect people to God. Thank you Drew for your time!

Drew Chambers replied on my twitter :)

Drew Chambers replied on my twitter 🙂

P.S. If you want me to write for you, let me know =) I would love to! Just e-mail me on or just comment below. God bless you!

— Amae

My power to communicate

      Before, one of the difficult questions that someone would throw to me is about my talent. When someone asked me “What’s your talent”? I tried to think as much hoping there’s one. I tried to convince myself that maybe I can sing or dance. But Honestly, I’m not good in singing, dancing, acting and even playing musical instruments. I even remember the times that I get jealous with my friends seeing them having a lot of talents.

      But not until I realized that writing is a talent, that communicating well is a talent. I will not forget the moment when someone not that close to me shared her  dilemma. She’s the type of person who finds sharing her problems so difficult. I can see her as a fragile person with a lot of fears that captivates her system. Her friends do not understand her and was very impatient to know the truth. Then as I talked with that girl, I got to sympathize her situation until she opened up. I was surprised seeing her sharing her dilemma to me. Even I’m not so close to her, she still managed to trust me. Her friend got even surprise why she was able to open her problems to me.

     That situation was just one of my experiences. Before, I tend to get jealous with others having a lot of talents. But not anymore. God has put the right capabilities with my system. He has given me something very vital to help others. Sometimes I would kid my friends that maybe in the future, aside from being a writer or journalist, I can work as a counselor or a life coach. Perhaps who knows what the future will dictate? Only God knows then.

—- God bless everyone! I really missed blogging =)


Finally, I’m back from blogging. I had a difficult time updating this blog because of the crazy requirements for school. But since our semester ended, I’m back from my freedom which means back from blogging. Hope y’all guys are still there. Wait for my posts!


Thank you!

For the past few weeks, I’ve taken my hiatus again in blogging. I was so busy at school so I can’t really find time to post anything. Then I just felt the urge from my heart to open my blog site again. And to my surprise, I saw this comment from someone name “Dorine” 


Hi Dorine, I hope you can read this, thank you for appreciating my blog that much. I really didn’t know it can move someone. Just remember that God is always there for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter what challenges or circumstances may come on your way, just seek God for guidance. He loves you more than anything. If you happen to visit my blog again, just tell me your email so I can get in touch with you personally. Thank you so much Dorine. You just don’t know how I feel right now.

I was really surprised by this. It made me realize to write more not for the sake of blogging but for the sake of touching my readers. This comment is really priceless. It boost my morale as a writer. I promise to get back on my usual writing routine after my semester ends. I should no longer make excuses that I can’t do this or that ’cause by the grace and love of God, I can do anything and even greater to what I expected. God bless you all.