Gracenote with their “First Movement”

        A Personal Experience of the Electrifying Performance of Gracenote during their album launch.

Gracenote during their album launch at Astroplus, Megamall


It was Gracenote’s distinct sound that captivates many people to listen to their music plus their song lyrics that can speak someone’s feelings. 

Gracenote started performing from small gigs and winning various band competitions like first runner up at the Sing for Cancer Battle of the Bands 2008, Nescafe Soundskool Finalists 2008, and Grand Champion of the DZUP: College Collision 2009, until they got their most awaited break from Soupstar Entertainment, an artist management company, that manages big bands from local industry like 6cyclemind, Sandwich, Moonstar 88 and Callalily.

           Aside from their band’s music, their popularity should be credited to their vocalist Eunice Jorge who was like the Hayley Williams of the Philippines because of her voice’s range and physical similarity. Eunice always gives what the audience wants. She plays a vital role in the band as a frontman, pianist and violinist. (FYI, Eunice can also play drums and guitar)

           That’s why, when I heard of their Album Launch at Astroplus, Megamall, I hurriedly cancelled all my appointments and chores just to see them perform live; seeing them in person is what I have been waiting for since I got hooked to their music.

The Gracenote experience

Just an attestation of their humility that apart from God, they can do nothing.

Just an attestation of their humility that apart from God, they can do nothing.

            At 6:00 pm, I started to have the “Gracenote experience” as they opened the event with their carrier single, “Knock, Knock”. The place was full-packed with their supporters at all ages that’s why we were fortunate – to be on the event two hours ahead – enough to have a good spot that is just few steps away from them.

Eunice doing her solo

Eunice doing her solo

             Then they sang “Faraway” with Eunice doing her violin solo at the beginning and at the bridge of the song. It was followed by their cover of Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”, then their original composition “Pwede ako”. Then Eunice started their song “Amnesia” by reminding the audience, “Para ‘to sa mga niloko at iniwanan!” which drew different reaction from the crowd. Their Last song “Minsan Lang Naman” caused the crowd to jump and sing in unison.

              When the band started acknowledging everyone who came, “Salamat sa lahat ng pumunta kahit acoustic lang kami ngayon. At syempre sa lahat ng bumili ng album namin, salamat. Sa mga hindi pa, bumili na kayo. (Laughs)” that was the only time I realized that their performance was already done.

The meet and greet

meet and credit. Photo credits to Solid Gracian

meet and greet. Photo credits to Solid Gracian

With Vocalist Eunice Jorge

        After their electrifying performance, my most awaited part as a fan has come: “Meet and Greet!” Lucky fans, including me, had the chance to take pictures with them, and got our album signed by them. Happily, I had the chance to have a picture with Eunice and Chen Pangan (lead guitarist).

          It was an awesome night to see Gracenote perform live. Their moving performance just proved how they are passionate enough to their craft and how serious and driven they are to bring their supporters and listeners to the world of music. Gracenote with their own sound and thrilling performance just raises the bar of OPM.

Our magazine layout :)

Our magazine layout 🙂

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