Drew Chambers

Had the chance to interview Youtube star, Drew Chambers. So glad that he allowed me for this.

 Youtube star Drew Chambers shares his inspiration and artistry in music.

Drew chambers :)

From his first Youtube cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep that gained almost 900,000 views, Drew Chambers continues to touch other people though his music and has currently released his first Christian Single “Consume this heart”

Drew started posting covers (of various RNB and pop songs like adele, Rihanna on youtube) way back 2010. It was the success of other youtube stars that made him decide to share his talent to the million users of Youtube.     From then, he’d gotten millions of views on his channel and different good feedbacks from his 27, 000 subscribers.

With his success on youtube, it opens more opportunities on him like performing for the opening of the Charlotte Bobcats vs. New York Knicks game on NBA,  and collaborating from different musicians across the globe.”I really have been blessed to travel to so many different places and perform at crazy venues with other amazing vocalists.” He saysIt keeps him motivated to see other people appreciate his music, “It’s amazing how a song can touch the spirit of a person.” Yet despite all the praises from other people, he still makes it a point to practice continually to hone up his talent. “I practice and focus on the areas of my talent that I know are my weaknesses and working on those until its solid”

His Christian Upbringing

Being rooted in Christ from a young age, he has always remained humble in his talent because he knew where it came from. “My christian upbringing really helps because I know that it’s only by the grace of God that I’m able to do what I do and do it so well.” He says. He’d learned that no matter the situation in his life, the One who gives him the talent gets the glory. “That is why I sing to give glory to His Kingdom”, he explains.

The change of Path  

But throughout his journey as a musician, he finally comes to realize to where his talent belongs. “I use to pursue secular music. But I quickly learned the dark path that it can lead to and God showed me that I needed a change in my life.” Though he still makes covers of secular music, he’s right now more focus on his genre of Christian Music. That is why he decided to release Christian Song for his first single.

Inspiring Other Musicians

As a musician who started from humble beginnings, he gives an essential advice for those who are still finding their footing on the industry. “Work hard in perfecting your craft. Always believe in what you do. If you stop believing, then you might as well stop trying to succeed at it.” He also said not to listen to people who will tear them down and focus on what they have to accomplish. “Not only that, but faith in God to know that he will see it thru and all things are possible thru him. We just have to be yielded to him” he adds.

He even reminds those aspiring musicians, “The industry is very hard. There are so many people all striving for the same thing. So you just have to do your best to get exposure for yourself and pray that God will open up the right doors of opportunity for your life.”

Life lesson in music

A closer walk with Christ was an important thing that music brought to his life. “God has led me from some dark situations in my past to where I am now. It has made me a stronger person and has made me more passionate about what I do. I hope and pray to see many lives changed through the power of God and the music that I sing. It’s not really anything by me, but God speaking through it. If music is not edifying the kingdom and Christ, then I have no place singing it. He gave me the voice I have to use for him, not for the world.”

With his undeniable talent and steadfast faith, Drew Chambers will surely go into places touching and inspiring different people through his artistry.

Thanks Drew for your life =)

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