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Emotions lie (this topic came from the preaching of Pastor Rich Witmer of Destiny Church)

Sometimes we’re oblivious that our emotions overpowered our life. At first we thought following what our emotion dictates us is correct, but in the end, we’ll recognize how everything was just a mere trap of the enemy. We have to bear in mind that as our emotions overpower our life, the enemy will use it against us to destroy our lives.  It will ruin our decisions and actions until we become nothing.

So we have to stop listening to our emotions, because at the first place, emotions lie! We have to start living with words not with our emotions. We have to follow the Words of the Lord not with our own emotions. We have to stand firm and obey his words, because we have to let God control our lives.

I am blessed…

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SHE likes a girl – a lesson from her friend’s experience.

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(This story was my friend’s story. I was inspired to create it for my friend)

Whenever I see two individuals who happened to have the same sex – most especially with girls – having sweet gestures to each other, my mind creates a usual judgement: Disgust.

Curiosity will grow over my system as I keep on throwing questions on myself. Why would they choose the same girl over a guy? Whatever the reason is, I can hardly understand it especially the idea that they have the same sex.

Perhaps, the truth is, you can never understand it until you experience it. Or at least someone close to your heart experienced it.

SHE likes a girl. She is clueless why it happened to her. She can hardly explain her emotions to that girl. She was just certain that whenever she saw that girl, her heart would suddenly jump and would go…

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Happy 24th Anniversary Doulos For Christ!

            I’ve found this great family for three months already. Although it’s quite a short time, I already felt that I’m part of the huge family of Doulos For Christ.

                  I am thankful that God gave me a spiritual family, sisters and brothers who always guide and take care of me. I am really grateful of being saved and being here. I am ready to spend the rest of my life sharing the words of God and I’m really ready to pay the cost every single day.  And I will never ever regret that I chose this path – to follow Christ.

                  I know the best is yet to come for me and for my dearest church! Happy 24th Anniversary!


  Happy 24th Anniversary to my Dearest Church Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry!

How to stay fit in the simplest way!

              Life has its own way to give us very taxing challenges. But we have to remember, in order to survive in this kind of stressful world, we have to stay and keep fit. So here are just few tips and reminders for you to have a healthy living.


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I’m back!

my freaking eyebags- sign of my hardwork 😀

             Hi my fellow bloggers! Sorry for the super long hiatus. I was pretty busy for the past few weeks due to the mountainous requirements for my first semester. I was deprived of sleep for weeks. Perhaps the picture can attest it – my freaking eyebags. Nevertheless, I’ve survived my first semester in college! Yey! Cheers to that! 😀 

             Anyway, I really missed blogging! So I promise to continue sharing my thoughts through here. I am deeply overjoyed with my break since we have lots of activities on our church. I’m pretty much excited to blog about that 😀

I wasn’t born this way, but I was born for this ❤