How to stay fit in the simplest way!

              Life has its own way to give us very taxing challenges. But we have to remember, in order to survive in this kind of stressful world, we have to stay and keep fit. So here are just few tips and reminders for you to have a healthy living.


1. Eat healthy foods and Have a regular exercise.

              These two are teams. Without the other one, your effort will turn into waste.  Eating healthy foods without regular exercise is useless so as having a regular exercise without eating healthy foods. It’s important for you to do both since your body is thrown with different difficult work everyday. So you have to set a proper diet and take regular exercise. Perhaps, at first, you’ll find it very difficult, but you have to remember, it will take you 21 days to make that a habit. Just start a simple way like avoiding too much salty and fatty foods and just start like ten push-ups or sit-ups a day. You need to improve that routine and take another level everyday. And at the end of it, you’ll soon notice how eating healthy foods and having a regular exercise improve your daily living.

 2. Stay positive

              We have the authority in every word that comes out from our mouth. So you have to stay positive in every unwanted circumstance in life. Have the confidence in yourself that you can overcome everything. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else then?  No matter how tough challenges that life thrown to you, just keep that positive attitude. Just plant in your mind that you can do everything no matter what happens.

 3. Have a relationship with God

              Having a healthy living does not only mean being physically healthy but also spiritually healthy. We have to have a relationship with God who is the mere reason why we are here. Start your day thanking Him for another day and appreciate everything that God has given you. Count your blessing and honor Him. Read His love letter for you which is the Bible. Seek him and find him. Always remember that all things will be given to you if you seek His kingdom first and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33)

 4. Embrace happiness

              Live a happy life. Never embrace the tension and pressure coming on your way. Life is too short to have regrets. You will only live once so try everything. Make others happy. Smile in every problems. Don’t hold grudges. Let go of bad things that happened to you. Just forget it. All mistakes that you had is never important, so just live a happy life.

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