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Sorry for the super long hiatus. So the main reason why I had a long vacation on blogging isn’t because of I’m on vacation but because our computer finally blew its last breath. lol. haha. Kinda sad, since a lot of relevant events happened these past few weeks. One, the history made by Jessica Sanchez. Congratulations Jessica! You are our World idol! I hope you saw how I jump literally when I knew you were on the finale. And because of you, I had 872 views in just a day. I never really expect for that. Two, the impeachment trial of CJ Corona.  Finally, it’s already on rest. I hope  the decision would be on favor for the Filipinos whether convict or acquit. Anyway, i promise to be on the world of blogging soon :DD

Day 39 of Impeachment Trial (Realizations)

In the middle of my day where boredom captures my soul, I find my heart pushing me to switch the channel, since no programs seem to take away my tediousness. Then to my surprise, I staggered on Channel 15 (QTV) in which they’re airing the on-going Impeachment Trial. I thought fifteen minutes of watching this program would be enough to overpower my tediousness; however, when I saw how Hon. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel gracefully respond to every question thrown to her and how the Senator Judges humiliate Harvey Keh, I have no longer reason to turn to other channels. Since, as a Filipino, I’m part of this journey – the way leading to right path and new transformation, the way of overcoming the hunger and thirst of every Juan seizing for truth.

It was a bizarre moment seeing myself being bothered with this kind of issue. In fact, it was my first time watching a trial against a dignitary figure. I guess it was God’s way of showing and telling me that this would be my work in the future, that this is how I’ll live for the incoming years – feeding everyone’s mind with right information and whole truth.

It was this trial that opened and enlightened my mind of pursuing Law after my degree in Journalism. Just seeing Harvey Keh being humiliated by Senator Judges and Defense Lawyers is just enough attestation. Since he wasn’t a lawyer, the defense was able to establish their genuine purpose of using him as a hostile witness. In short, “napa-ikot siya ng mga tao dun”. He was even labeled a liar by Senator Judges, Ms. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Mr. Jinggoy Estrada. Whereas, Ms. Baraquel though she wasn’t a lawyer, she has enough experience and practice about this procedure – since she has been a part of House of representative for six years. That’s why Judges and defense have the utmost respect on her. They couldn’t even rupture their fury regarding the evidence she has sent. So she really knew how to play the game. Thus, their smoldering fury was thrown to Mr. Keh.

Therefore, it is factual that knowing and telling the truth isn’t enough to obtain justice. Perhaps, knowing and telling the truth plus learning to play the game would be the right recipe for obtaining justice.

In this on-going impeachment trial, the outcome is so unpredictable. So I guess, only Chief Justice Renato Corona can save himself.

God’s Love and Miracle

You may feel incapable of helping to change someone else’s life, but remember, you don’t do the work of changing them–God does. You just link them up to Him by showing them how to pray, how to make contact with Him, and He does the rest. Then you will see lives changed, because God will answer prayer. He will do it.   –Chloe West

Felt the urge from my heart to share a little piece myself. Well, as I’ve read this quote  from freebiblestudiesonline, I freaking felt the words as if hitting and slapping my face repetitively. But on a serious note, at some point of my life, (too dramatic. Lol) I “tried” to change someone’s life. – atleast I tried.  He was kinda away from God’s word that it even causes him to doubt God’s existence. A little part of myself told me that I have something to do about it. Definitely, I have to do something.  Since we’re batchmates, I had the chance to talk to him via some activities concerning our school.  We got the chance to text each other and suddenly became good friends. I prayed hard that he would realize how God is good and how God is really with him throughout his life.  Then, all of a sudden, I was kinda shocked that his already back knowing the Lord and attending the mass on Sunday. (Okay. I’m still thinking if I’m going to share the next events. Haha.  But since I’m sharing it already, I should tell the entire story na.) So our closeness went beyond of friendship, you know what I mean =) but suddenly, as we got to the process, my friend told me that he’s back with his ex. Maybe during that time, I was hurt.  

Anyway, through this event, I realized that maybe my only purpose of knowing him is just to let him know the Lord. Yes, at first, I was really sad because it didn’t end the way I wanted. But, through the love of the Lord, I took it positively with all my heart. I even reminded myself with a little quote from I Kissed Dating Goodbye that the right thing in a wrong time is a wrong thing.  Right now, we’re good friends, since he already apologized with that event.  And I’m not the type of person who holds grudges, because I believe for you to become really happy, you must forgive  =)

I never regret that it did happen, because I learned a lot from it just how God wanted me to learn from it. And I really thank God for letting it happen. 😀

Much love ♥



learned it today at the Fellowship concert that I attended.  How good to feel that the Lord is always at my side taking care and loving me. I love you Lord ♥“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Happy Mother’s Day

I may not be the perfect and good daughter, but ma you are the perfect mother for me. ♥ How could I not be grateful with the Lord having a mother and a best friend in one. How could I not forget the times you were very honest giving ample advices to me, the times you were the mother of my entire classmates and friends, the times you were game enough to swallow our jokes and throw yours, the times you were teasing me with my crush, the times you were pushing me to have a boyfriend (lol), the times you were a listener of my gazillion stories and the times of sweet tête-à-tête at night. Those were indeed priceless!
You are the reason I’m embracing every opportunity that comes my way. I remember seeing your tears falling down to your bony cheeks, hardly disappointed of ate’s announcement the day after her graduation. You were sobbing in that entire day. By then, I promise to myself to strive hard as much as I can do, so that you and papa will be proud of me – Just like what kuya did.

I know I have a long long journey to conquer and I cannot yet predict my future. But who I am today is because of you. I love you ma.

The credit is all yours ma. Happy mother’s day to all mommies! 🙂

God’s Message.

“Do not work for food that perishes, but work

for food that endures to eternal life.” John 6:27

Yesterday, I stumbled with this verse and so caused me to ponder about life.  In retrospect or even today, contentment is no longer the nature of human. We seek for more,  the new and even the latest just to fit  in the trend. However, the Lord said “Do not work for food that perishes.” What does it mean? food that perishes is not literally the food that we eat. It’s the superficial things we used to seek like for example cars, houses, shoes, clothes and everything that’s not eternal-worthy.

It’s kinda sad that people today who are considered workaholic, labor for superficial things. I’m not saying it’s awful or terrible to seek for that. What I’m trying to say is that we need to be contented on what we have. Instead of seeking for more, being grateful for what you have now is enough for the Lord. We have a kind and contented Lord who enjoys hearing our little prayer and thanksgiving.

On the different note, we have to work for food that endures to eternal life.  We have to give, share our blessings, please the Lord, and live with the word of God. The Lord even said ” “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35  Imagine the world with people who work for food that endures to eternal life.  What can we ask for?

Even at the end of life where The Lord is going to judge us, asking what we’ve done good while we’re on earth, we can never brag this superficial things that’s not worthy in the eyes of the Lord.  Remember  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

It’s the unexplainable feeling when the Lord said to us  ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25;21.

Much love everyone  =) ♥

Jessica Sanchez advances to the top 3

Jessica Sanchez showing her emotions after singing And I’m telling you by Jennifer Holiday

After eight years, finally, Another Half-Filipino makes to the top 3 of American Idol. As Jessica Sanchez blew everyone’s mind and heart on her unbelievable rendition of And I’m not telling you (I’m not going) by Jennifer Holiday, it is expected that she’s going to advance on the next round, as she proves that she deserved “the save” by the judges.

Back from her previous performances, Sanchez was quite on the rough road after choosing unfamiliar songs which shunned the judges of giving her a standing ovation.

So as she sang And I’m not telling you, I’m not going, she’s definitely back. Everyone was astonished even Jennifer Holiday, hardly believing that a 16-year-old skinny little girl nailed and killed her song.

Anyway, Hollie Cavanagh finally ends her journey. So as Jessica advances to the top 3, we have to show our support by voting her – POWER VOTING FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ 🙂

Jessica Sanchez – And I’m telling you (I’m not going)

Finally, Jessica had another standing ovation from the judges as she sang And I”m telling you by Jennifer Holiday. She killed the song through her powerful voice and emotions. And everybody must agree, since she got the no. 1 spot trending topic worldwide on twitter.

Jessica is just one step away to finale – or I guess 2 step away until may 22!. Let’s start the power voting for her via online voting at facebook. Let’s make Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez be on the finale. Both of them really deserve to win!

Pardon =)

I’ve been so busy this past few weeks, so I find a hard time blogging. Anyway, I have a lot of surprises to all of you. To give you a hint, I’m going to have my first ever GIVEAWAY. And if it turn out well, I’m going to have more GIVEAWAYS. Just please allow me to have a long hiatus. hihi. so bye for now! Much love! ♥