Lord’s Plan

It’s just so so sad that what you’ve planned for so long did not work out. It lowers your morale and it keeps you feel that you’re inferior with others. I wasn’t able to pass UPCAT. On the lighter side, I passed DLSUCET but not with the course that I wanted. Up to now, I’m still confused on what course to take. However, I keep my faith to the Lord as He says at Jeremiah 29:11 for i have plans for you… and with Him, I know He has a purpose on everything that’s happening to me. He has used several persons to send his message to me. And thanks to my 2 mentors, who have shared the Lord’s message. So now, I feel happy even though I have not yet decided what school to enter. For the lord have plans for me, there’s nothing to fear. XOXO

Nothing but Lucky

Pardon for the title. My mind is on repair today XD So it’s something that props up on my mind XD Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my new year -2012-. I’ve been receiving much and much of blessings, yet it still on the beginning of 2012. Forgive me for the super long hiatus, I promise to be at the blogger’s world again. Swear. I’ll share a lot of story… soon. Happy New year 🙂