Why You Need to Hone Your Writing Skills


You are rushing a presentation that is due tomorrow morning. And your colleague sent you the most important data needed for the success of the presentation. But you were greatly surprised upon checking the document on your e-mail. There is an enormous problem… it was poorly written. The grammar is just so unbearable consisting lengthy paragraphs and misspelled words.

You almost want to throw yourself knowing that there are just few hours left to beat the deadline. You can’t complain at all and put the blame to your colleague. At the end, you have to painstakingly understand the data.

How many times have you experienced and suffered from this kind of scenario? Or closely to that scenario stated above? How many times do you have to suffer from a poorly written report, researchers or memos?

These poorly written outputs are the cause of delay and productivity to the workplace. It tends to consume our time correcting the errors before sending to our immediate supervisors.  These kinds of mishaps can be prevented ahead of time… Only if the person guilty of committing these errors would have the willingness to hone his writing skills.

According to Grammarly – the world’s leading automated proofreader – on their recent survey, an individual with stronger writing skills works better and gets more paid.

The result came from their assessment on Elance, an online staffing platform, reviewing over 448 freelance professionals’ profiles in eight categories – writing and translation, admin support, legal, design & multimedia, engineering & manufacturing, sales & marketing, finance & management, and IT & programming.

They found out that people with better writing skills make fewer mistakes and these people highly stand out on their job.

Your writing skills matters. It maybe belittled sometimes but this skill is essential on your career. From simple research, data, report or write up on your work, you highly need the dose of this skill.

And good fact is that it’s never too late to hone your writing skills. Don’t get frustrated if you felt that you are not good enough. Remember, skills can be learned if only you desire and you are willing to. Here are  3 practical tips on how you can improve your writing skills:

1. Write!

A writer is a writer not because he is good but simply because he writes. You can never hone it until you start trying it. Blank document maybe intimidating at times but the only way to hone your skills is to put words until it form a sentence and a paragraph in a blank sheet. That is your task  – to fill the empty documents with words correctly.

2. Refresh your mind with the basic

 Writing is the first step but writing it RIGHT is the next step.If you want to hone your skill, you should be humble enough to admit that you need to go back to the basic and refresh yourself with the basic grammar rules – the difference between “you” and “you’re” or between “it’s and “its”. You have to keep on relearning these rules so you can eventually master it.

3. Read

Reading widens your knowledge; it expands your vocabulary. You have to love reading for you to enhance your writing skill. How would you learn the format, technicalities, and other important matters to hone your skill if you will not push yourself to read it?

Honing your skill is not an overnight process but it takes a steady stream of perseverance. So be patient enough to improve your writing skills for your writing skills matters!

Things I learned from 2014

We all shared memorable situations that have struck our lives. Here are some of the things I learned from 2014:

1. Age is just a number; dare to stand out
Whether you are young, teenager, adult, or on your ending years, it does not matter at all. Your age is never an excuse for you to reach your goals. It will never dictate who you are. Only your maturity will dictate your level of growth and competence. So take risk and dare to be the best.

2. Don’t look down on yourself; believe on your capabilities

There is no reason for you to compare yourself from the others. Some people are just really better than you. But that’s not the reason to look down and doubt on yourself. You are a great person full of potentials. If you believe that you can, you can reach whatever your dreams. Throw your unnecessary fear and have that positive mindset. Remember, you can if you say you can!

3. Go extra mile; maximize the time

You can never see any successful person who just sit around and wait for their turn. Every successful person did what is more than required. They have stretched themselves to get better result.

If you want to reach your goals, then don’t entertain negativity. Do activities everyday that will lead you to your goals. Set practical applications and keep your dreams and vision alive. Seal it on your heart and mind so you will have that motivation to accomplish your dreams

Don’t waste time. While you still have ample of time, maximize it to reach your goals. Be proactive and productive!

4. There are people who are looking for directions. Be the person to help them and bring out the best in them. Be compassionate!

Be a blessing. What is your greatest contribution on earth? For me, it is helping other people and being an instrument for them to reach their dreams and do their purpose of their lives.

There are a lot of broken people out there. People who are looking for answers, longing for something and finding their happiness. Be there to help them. Help them find their directions and teach them to dream bigger dreams  because you have the capacity to bless other people

5. Don’t lower your standard; be the example
Be the example. Be the change that you wanted to see. There are a lot of people who have decided to ruin their lives. To go on drugs, commit suicide and etc. Do not decide to be one of them. Be an inspiration for them. Help those who do not have life to get life. You will only live once so decide now to live it right.

6. When you hardly understand the situation, trust the Master Planner
Time will come when there will be unexpected twist and turns of your life. Things that are just out of your plan, far away from the things that you have expected. But just trust the Master Planner, He knows what He is doing. Trust Him because He got an amazing plans for you.

So as the year ends, it’s the right time to evaluate your life. What happened or what you have turned after 2014 is now your past. Forget every bad and mistake that you have made. Learn from it and don’t commit the same mistake. And whatever your successes are, forget it as well and achieve higher.

I’m sure you have also realization and lesson that you have gotten from 2014. Why not share it to other people as well?

A prosperous new year everyone!

Have an amaezing year everyone!

My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge

Just recently I joined the 500 words challenge from Goins,Writer to really beef up and flex my writing muscle. I really love writing, but like some writers’ issue, I lack discipline. hihi. Perhaps it goes with the reason that I felt I’m not good enough to write or  the pressing pressure I’ve gotten on the people around me. 

Anyway, this 2014, one of my goals is to really finish the unpainted notes/articles/stories that I have. I have a lot but I left all of them hanging. haha. I have my high hopes that the said activity will coax me to be a better and a painstaking writer. 

Goal: Become BETTER and CONSISTENT. hihi

Not Ordinary Perfomers

     You see performers doing their best to entertain people, but these performers are behind the norms. They use their ability not just to produce good music, but to connect people to God.


Left: Lou Bocaling, Middle: Rudjie Maghirang, Right: Jet Ambrosio

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So little time

              Sometimes there are days when ideas seem to flow continuously on your mind. You want to write it down and share it to your readers, but as much as you want, sadly,  time seems to contradict what you want. There are  lot of ideas to write but so little time. So you’ll just end up waiting for your spare time to come. Hoping that your ideas will stay on your mind, hoping that you’ll not miss any single good idea that you had. However, as you wait for the right time, the strong ideas become little. It becomes a pocket-sized idea until you forget every important detail that you want to write. Your ideas become futile. It become weak till you can no longer create right words to form good sentences, even connect paragraph to paragraph. What’s even sadder is that you missed the connection between you and your readers. It was like a strong whirlwind that blocks your connection to your world. Then you end up realizing that your idea remains an idea. So difficult to accept but sometimes true.


              Currently experiencing this thing. If I say a lot, I really mean a lot. I have lots of ideas to write but so little time. And what’s more unfortunate is that I already have enough time to write but I can’t put my ideas into context. So heartbreaking. I’m broke. lol. But please tell me this is just part of being a writer. Please ‘lemme know. 

A voice for His glory

(This article is one of my assignments in my writing class. Just wanted to share it.)


    With his tranquil and comforting voice plus his enigmatic personality and gleaming smile, he can capture everyone’s attention and even girls can go gaga over him. He just sings with a bang hitting the most heart rending harmonies. But for the 22-year-old Civil Engineering graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, he sings not to impress the crowd but to show his unceasing love to God.

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I do not own the photo.

The hardest thing to face as a writer is to face a blank sheet for hours. You face the monitor, but your mind seems to have a serious malfunction. Even a single idea can hardly come out. The struggle of forming the right words into sentences was like facing your deathbed. But once realized this trouble, you begin to search for solution. Then you’ll find out that the only solution is not to push yourself too much. Learn to create space, to free your mind, to close your eyes and breathe for a while. Until you finally feel that it’s the right time to unfreeze your ideas, to release it with such suited words that can form impeccable sentences. Lastly, you just have to accept that every writer shares the same sentiment. We all shared the same season, so you just have to have  unique way to escape from it.