The New Face in Town: PIE FACE PH

Pie Face, gracing the Philippines for the first time, is now knocking the hearts of every Filipino with its specialty of savoury pies and a world class and award winning brand of coffee.

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Who would turn down this uplifting face of pies?  The smile of these big and mini pies can actually encourage someone’s day from a busy and tiring day. The touch of creativity makes the pies more enticing and pleasing. 

happy pie 1

Savoury Pies

You can surely have a quality time from this store as it offers variety of food like sweet pies, cakes, brownies, sandwich, and even ice blended coffee.

Their store is located at SM Mall of Asia, ground floor beside the Sbarro restaurant. It is a newly open store all the way from Australia, but they are still planning to expand the store and make this more popular all over the town. So better wait for more PIE FACE store to open on other places in Metro Manila. 


Yummy brownies, cookies, and cakes

Big Pies

Big Pies

pie 1

Wide_variety choice of big and mini pies

I can assure you that you will not regret trying their pies and will certainly come back with their scrumptious pies that are hand crafted. The price of big pies range from Php 99 – Php 130 while mini pies are Php 49 per piece. 


My personal fave from all the pies is the Philly Cheese Steak. Its taste will leave you speechless as it contains perfect choice of ingredients. I highly recommend Philly Cheese Steak to anyone. Even the Steak, Bacon and Cheese is also good


. What I also love among their offer is the Chocolate Croissant which only cost for Php 80. You better try this one for you will feel that it’s freshly baked and easy to bite. 

pie 2

I personally enjoy my stay at PIE FACE. I suggest this to students who wanted relaxation away from the demand of acads life or for a student who wanted to prepare for an upcoming examination. Their place is cozy enough with its serene ambiance that can cater the peace that you need. 


cheese stick

I wasn’t able to try this cheese stick which cost Php 42. But the name itself intrigue me. So I will try this one once I get back along with my friends to the store. 


I highly recommend Pie Face to anyone. You will surely enjoy your stay with their offer of beverage and wide-range choice of food. Your money will not get ever wasted and will certainly experience satisfaction. I would like to commend the people behind Pie Face for bringing this to the Philippines. These people  have been so generous and I know all their generosity will turn to prosperity. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and loved ones to this store for you will obviously enjoy it. For more information, you can check out their social media accounts for the following:

Facebook: Pie Face PH
Twitter: @PiefacePH

Instagram: @piefaceph
Website: Pie Face PH

Life Lessons from Wearing Braces

Sometimes you will learn life lessons in the hard way… even if it means literally.

It’s been 1.5 years since I started wearing braces. At first, there is an overflowing excitement on your heart to the idea that you can wear your best smile once the process is done. However, on the middle of the process, those excitements can turn to strain of going back to your dentist religiously after embracing the pain afterwards.

This is the reason why I come up with this post. Here’s what I learned from years of wearing braces.

1. Negligence is costly

 … and sometimes hurtful to the pocket. Haha. I learned this in a painful – literally – way after missing my three dental appointments consecutively. And due to my inconsistency, my front teeth became overly adjusted which means extending the pain of the process.

Prevention is precisely better than cure. If you don’t want to suffer extremely, then learn to do your responsibility.

2. Always consult the expert

Don’t try to solve the problem on your own. You need someone’s help. You can never overlook the expert’s experience gained over years. They see something beyond what you can see.

3. Be proactive

Don’t wait to make things worst; find ways to solve it immediately. Like for people who are wearing braces, don’t wait to feel the pain before seeing your dentist!

4. Be consistent

For you to get a good result, you need consistency. All your effort will turn into waste if your keep that bad habit of missing your appointment. In short, say no to inconsistency.

5. Learn to deal with pain

Pain is subjective and you have to learn to deal with it for it is inevitable. We all undergo pain and suffering, it just the matter of choosing the right response. Remember, no pain no gain. Just bear in mind that those pain will soon yield to a good fruit.