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In times when people fight and starve for a single work position, college diploma is one of their greatest weapons to stand out against the other.

Despite of the expensive cost, continuous pressures, taxing tasks, and years to finish college, teenager still choose to have a college education for it will open more opportunities for them in the future.

It takes four years or even five years to finish a college education, but the experiences and skills that you’ve learned can soon be a great firearm when entering the real world – into  the different industries and fields.

College education helps us to become well-equipped for our chosen profession.  It teaches us the hardest lessons in life whether in academics or not. It help us realized that there an ample challenges before heading to the real world.

It may come to the point of frustration when almost all things resulted…

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          Want to hear my rants? So better read this post.

           You’re trying to save the group, but the people you are saving seem oblivious with your act. Right now, while typing this, I’m really upset with some of my groupmates.

              I’m in tears right now, since I felt so disappointed with my groupmates. If you can still remember, I posted a blog about our English project which is to create a novel. I even posted an excerpt of our story here.

              Two weeks from now is the deadline of the novel including its movie trailer, movie poster and the novel itself. Imagine two weeks and we haven’t even started filming the movie or even finishing the novel. Our novel has twenty chapters and we only created the prologue and four chapters.

              I told my groupmates that we should just divide the chapters of our novel so we can easily finish it and one of my group mates and I are just going to polish and edit it. I asked them if I can get their write-up this sunday. (as in today) and I will wait for them, so I can edit it already.

               And right now, It’s already 1:35 A.M in the morning – hello monday! – only three among my seven groupmates posted their write-up. And it hits me excruciatingly. I’m still waiting, but there’s no sign of them posting their writings. I just felt upset.

                I’m not the leader in the group, but I’m just trying to save them. If the leader isn’t doing his job, then the members should take charge. It’s just sad that you’re lending your hand to the people who are drowned, but all of them refused to get rescued. If you can save the boat, you should at least save the passengers. But how could you save the passengers, if they don’t need your help?

*sigh. I know this emotion will be removed on my system. Help me God. Nothing is impossible. Lord Help us! 


God’s challenge

Just wanted to share a piece of me 🙂

Transient Reflections


Yesterday, I had a very life changing experience with God. It was the God’s words that let me threw away all the negativity in my life. Yes, I had a relationship with God before, but I just felt that yesterday’s event made my relationship with Him tighter.

I had really embraced the words and I felt that it really suited my current situation. And just early morning, I made a promise to remove all that negativity in life. And one is to avoid cheating during examination (wait! please read it, before making presumptions)

Of course, I’m in any way and in any form against with cheating. It was on our midterm exam, when I asked my seat mates about the two questions that I really don’t know. Yes, they gave me the right answer. I know even that’s a little act, I know it’s still a form of cheating…

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Thank you to the Man up there!

I’m really happy today, since I have received words of God. I went home from the church with a positive spirit and  a smile on my face. God’s words always change my mood. It made me hungry day by day and it made me love the Lord more.

                   This is just a little sharing after one of my great experiences from church. It just sad that after this one, I read about the dispute between our two senators, Senator Enrile and Senator Trillianes.   I can’t give my opinion right now, since I still lack information. What can you say about it? But I just pray that this will end in a good way. I know politics is politics, but I hope politicians are always for the sake of the Filipinos. Let’s all pray for improve and better politics here.

                   Bottomline what I’ve learned today is to stay positive no matter what the instances trample our way. I hope you too! Smile and stay positive!


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Dear my very best and ever love mentor, 

During my “nene” (high school days) with my ever and the best mentor Ms. Maria Luz Rogacion

      Hi Mommy rogs! How are you? Its been weeks since the last time that I saw you. Well! I freaking miss you a lot. Those sharing of inspirational and funny stories. I missed that a lot.      

         THANK YOU for everything. Thank you for molding my character and letting me become a better individual.  It brought me joy and endless smirk from my lips  whenever I remember the time how you help me throughout my high school years. You were the one who discovered my potential in leading, who developed my self-esteem, and of course who inspired me to pursue my dreams more. You were not just my mentor, but also my MOMMY 🙂

        I could not fail to remember the moment when you asked me to run as a Second Year Chairperson. I never had thought, in all seriousness, that from my entire batch you picked and chose me to lead my fellow batch mates. Though I was part of our student council when I was in Elementary, I never had any idea that I could continue and improve my ability in leading in which later on become one of my best experiences. Recalling my first room-to-room campaign, it reminded me how I was so anxious facing my entire batch mate. I was just a little girl back then standing in front of them introducing myself and why do I deserve to be their chairperson.  I just gave all my best and never expected for anything. In my faith, I believe as long as I’ve done my part giving my best, It was all enough to prove myself.  

       Never did I expect to win from this since I have a good opponent who has so much confidence on himself. And back then, I was just gaining my confidence in myself.  Fortunately, in God’s grace, I was proclaimed as the chairperson of my batch.

       Looking back, that’s how I started my student council career, and it was all because of you Mommy Rogs. From then  on after my proclamation, I started to love leading and the student council itself. After that, I continued to run and fortunately was able to seize the victory.  I won for three consecutive years and was happy that I’ve gained my confidence just before leaving my Alma Mater.

      I am very lucky indeed to meet someone like you – more than my teacher and adviser, your are my super love mommy. You have taught me a lot and this letter isn’t enough to show my gratitude.  I love you mommy rogs. I pray that you’ll already meet the man to spend your life with forever 🙂 I want to have my niece already! I’m looking forward to have a dinner and have a sweet chat with you! 

P.S: Don’t forget to put my name on your entourage! Please have a baby already! Love you. 

Review: The Mistress

I never did expect that this movie will end that way. It made me cry and laugh, but in the end, it offered a great lesson to everyone – You can judge others just how they stand on the society.

The Mistress has blown me away. It gave me jumbled emotions of sorrow and hilarity. Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz tandem never fails to shower surprises. Their tandem has enough charisma that even after ten years, they still managed to touch the emotions of the mass.

I like how the movie balanced the tension, romance and humour. It is not just a plain love story, but a love story that can certainly blow you away.

The movie is really far away from the stereotype that is being shown on the mainstreams. (I can’t explain why, because it will end up spoiling you. Just watch the movie) the movie has proven that there’s always a reason behind every deed. In our society, mistress is defined as bad, gold digger, and selfish woman. But in the movie, it showed the other part of the mistress.

The movie will not be as good as how it turned out without the good actors and actresses ahead. Aside from Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz, Hilda Koronel, and Ronaldo Valdez gave justice to what they portrayed. Hilda Koronel added spice on the intensity of the movie especially when she confronted Bea Alonzo at the tailoring shop.

Of course, let’s not forget to give credit with K Brosas and Clarence Delgado who made every viewer laughs with their characters. It balanced the intensity of the movie. I remember when they’re throwing their lines, the crowd on the movie theatre never stopped on laughing.

There’s really the unexplainable sparkle between Bea and John Lloyd that kept on striking the mass. Bea is Bea and so is John Lloyd.

I didn’t even expect that I would cry with this movie. But when I rolled my eyes on the entire movie theater, I saw some of the people cried too. It’s just definitely an attestation that The Mistress will just give you an intense tug from your heart.

Perhaps there are just some of the scenes that at least should have carried out better. Like with the transitions of scenes on the first part of the movie. I think the transitions are quite fast that it could make you feel dizzy. And the movie was like created in a hastily way. The finishing and polishing was a not so good. I think the management should give the credit to the actors and actresses who really saved the movie.

I guess without the magical power of Bea and John Lloyd tandem, the movie wouldn’t turn out so good.

On the other hand, I like how the Chasing Car of Snow Patrol captured the scenes. It added a little spice on the intense scenes. I also would like to congratulate Bea Alonzo for accepting this kind of project. Her character is really challenging, yet she gave justice on it.

The mistress is definitely a must-watch movie. I think it will hit the taste of every Filipino. The time when my mom and I watched the movie, the movie theatre was so jam-packed. So I feel that this movie will surely be one of the blockbuster movies of the year.

Rating: 4/5

There’s always a season for everything.

Transient Reflections


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”: Ecclesiastes 3:1


There’s always a right season for everything – season to learn, love, speak, work, marry, and everything. God has kept on reminding us about that.

I would just like to share a little realization. Since I’m a college student, temptations come my way; whether to choose this or not, do this or not and everything that requires second thought – Particularly about love with the opposite sex.

Most of my classmates even my friends have their own boyfriend or girlfriend. According to them, it gave them more inspiration to study or work hard; while some says it just love that made it happened.

Well, I don’t condemn them for having one. It just that I’m thankful to the Lord for he reminded me regarding this issue. THERE’S ALWAYS A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING. …

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Plagiarism of Sen. Tito Sotto

Disclaimer: This photo came In Manila’s facebook fanpage

        Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto was now being accused of Plagiarism, after he allegedly copied the article from an American Blogger where he used on his privilege speech regarding the reproductive health bill. Even this issue hasn’t ended; another plagiarism act was caught in his privilege speech last September 5, 2012.

        According to him, he didn’t plagiarized Robert F. Kennedy’s speech, but he just translated it. He even said that he made his speech in tagalog so no one could accuse him of plagiarism. “A oo. Baka ho na naman imbes na sagutin nila yung mga sinabi ko baka daanin na naman sa plagiarism o pinlagiarism yung mga isyu kaya ko ho Tinagalog. Kaya Pilipino na ginamit ko para hindi na magbintang itong kung sino-sino,” he said.

          He further said that he wasn’t aware about Kennedy’s speech and the passage just came from his friend who texted him and he decided to translate it in tagalog.

           Tito Sotto’s foolish excuse was just a way of escaping from disgrace – even he’s already criticized from different social media site – especially he is a noted senator and a showbiz personality.

          I had a long run of silence over this issue. Even with the first issue where he copied certain part of an article from an American blogger. I tried to keep in silence, since I don’t want to judge anyone or just add another rage of fury.

        However, I just couldn’t stomach his selfish excuses. He should have just quoted it than trying to pretend as intellectual ones and he should have known where the passage that his friend texted him came from. It should be his responsibility or at least his staffs to make sure that his speech has citation and of course original.

          A student can get a solid 5 for plagiarism, how about this? Still in a way, it’s the same. I’ve been very careful writing my own articles just to avoid being accused of plagiarism. I am really deeply  affected about this, since, one, I’m a writer and second, I’m against in any way and means of Plagiarism.

I guess an individual who embraces ethics and gives importance to the art of writing wouldn’t do this so.

People all commit mistakes so it’s better to admit your mistakes than to create lame excuses. Stealing in any way and any form is still stealing.