Keeping my covenant

Is waiting really difficult? I don’t know why it suddenly came up to my mind. Maybe, the vibes in the atmosphere. But, let me go back to my question. Is waiting really hard? For me, kinda. But there’s no such thing as kinda. It’s just between yes or no. So maybe my answer is yes. But why am I saying this? Maybe I would just like to remind myself of the covenant that I had months ago. And yes, I’m holding and keeping my covenant. No matter what. Even temptations, at some point, will blow my mind. But no, I will not fall for it. Keeping my covenant is one of the best things I can do, something that my Creator will be proud of me. I may sometimes get tired of keeping it, but i keep on reminding myself not to get tired of doing right things. Enlightenment please. But hey, when I say it is a promise, it will always be a promise. A promise is a promise.

I’m back!

my freaking eyebags- sign of my hardwork 😀

             Hi my fellow bloggers! Sorry for the super long hiatus. I was pretty busy for the past few weeks due to the mountainous requirements for my first semester. I was deprived of sleep for weeks. Perhaps the picture can attest it – my freaking eyebags. Nevertheless, I’ve survived my first semester in college! Yey! Cheers to that! 😀 

             Anyway, I really missed blogging! So I promise to continue sharing my thoughts through here. I am deeply overjoyed with my break since we have lots of activities on our church. I’m pretty much excited to blog about that 😀

I wasn’t born this way, but I was born for this ❤