God’s challenge

Just wanted to share a piece of me 🙂

Transient Reflections


Yesterday, I had a very life changing experience with God. It was the God’s words that let me threw away all the negativity in my life. Yes, I had a relationship with God before, but I just felt that yesterday’s event made my relationship with Him tighter.

I had really embraced the words and I felt that it really suited my current situation. And just early morning, I made a promise to remove all that negativity in life. And one is to avoid cheating during examination (wait! please read it, before making presumptions)

Of course, I’m in any way and in any form against with cheating. It was on our midterm exam, when I asked my seat mates about the two questions that I really don’t know. Yes, they gave me the right answer. I know even that’s a little act, I know it’s still a form of cheating…

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