Thank you to the Man up there!

I’m really happy today, since I have received words of God. I went home from the church with a positive spirit and  a smile on my face. God’s words always change my mood. It made me hungry day by day and it made me love the Lord more.

                   This is just a little sharing after one of my great experiences from church. It just sad that after this one, I read about the dispute between our two senators, Senator Enrile and Senator Trillianes.   I can’t give my opinion right now, since I still lack information. What can you say about it? But I just pray that this will end in a good way. I know politics is politics, but I hope politicians are always for the sake of the Filipinos. Let’s all pray for improve and better politics here.

                   Bottomline what I’ve learned today is to stay positive no matter what the instances trample our way. I hope you too! Smile and stay positive!


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