Facing the Inevitable: Writer’s Block

             The most difficult part of being a writer is that conquering this inevitable –  “writer’s block”.  I have experienced this kind of harrowing trap that hardly blocking me from producing ideas . I tried to search for ways and answers to defeat it, but I end up  on a single and proven solution – facing it. I come to realize that I should not push myself too much. A little break and embracing a bit of inspiration will do to face the inevitable. Besides, if I push myself, result will be against on my favor. It will just be a mere craft without a heart and a soul.

Nothing is far-fetched

 (I know you  have the same sentiment of doing this kind of “self-centered article” over and over again. I mean doing this kind of “about me” article every start of your semester. Anyway, I just want to post it here, not for the sake of blogging, but I guess just for the sake of updating my blog. LOL)

            “By Airamae A. Guerrero” appears a good byline right? 10 years from now, will I be the same lady with full of eagerness to write? Will all my persuasion to convince my parents be worth it? And so, will I carry the responsibility of choosing this path?

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       I still managed to stalk my professor’s blog, even I still have two “self-centered” articles to finish today.  I can really recall her advice that we should know our prof’s way/style of writing, so we can easily catch or grab his/her taste. Hence, I did. My highest respect is on her,  to her utmost love for her profession – a journalist and a professor.

I still have lots of errands to do; One, is for my identification card.  I don’t have an I.D yet, for so-hard-to-explain reason. Anyway, Looking forward to at least start my two articles later. Thanks for my prof’s reflection, I now have a reason/inspiration to write.

God Bless.

Fellow Bloggers, I need your help

   Could you at least have the heart to read my post about myself? I’m just planning to post it here, for it is our requirement to post it on our blogs. I hope you’ll find time to read it.

        But guess what, the most challenging part is that our article should be published on some local newspaper or even international newspaper (if that’s really possible) Anyway, I’m still positive that I can do it.

        God bless! 

He has an answer :D

But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9

            Yesterday, I was really upset for the lack of inspiration that I have in my system. After I finished posting my previous post yesterday, I immediately closed my laptop, straight off to my refuge, opened my bible and started perusing 2 Corinthians. 

            Then God answered all my anxiety through this verse: But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9  The moment I stumbled with that verse, I regained my happy spirit . I felt ecstatic. Thank you God :*

             I guess my previous post was my first emotional post as a writer. LOL. Kidding aside. But it was really my first post about my struggle as a writer. Nevertheless, I’m really thankful for my fellow bloggers for uplifting my spirit. 

            I finally come to realize that whenever I’m having grimness on my journey, I will just seek my Creator 🙂

God bless everyone.



          I’m longing to seize a bit of inspiration to write. But I just don’t know why. I’m quite clueless. Perhaps it’s the tediousness controlling my system. The saddest part of becoming a writer is not knowing what exactly to write. I’ve heard some compliments for my works, it made me happy. Of course, it uplifted my spirit. But the moment I’m alone, my fear would haunt me, would question my ability, and would question my strength.

          My journey as a writer would not go smoothly and this is just the part of it.

          P.S: I know this is not me. This is not the entire me. You’ve known me and this is not the kind of amae you wanted to hear. But sometimes, negativity seems to help me ponder about life.


With the Senior Pastor/ Spiitual Father of Doulos For Christ, Bishop Oriel Ballano


     Finally, I’m already 17! I thank God for giving me another year full of blessings. Let me share you want went so good this day. I started my birthday at the Morning Prayer of our Church and it happened to be that our senior Pastor, Bishop Oriel Ballano was the one in charge of the Preaching. The preaching was so great and superb – it tackled about our way of praying and prayer itself (Check James 5:13). After the preaching, I really wanted to come close with Bishop Oriel just to tell him it’s my birthday. Then, I had the heart to go for it. As I told him it’s my birthday, He immediately smiled on me and started praying on me. The experience was so amae-zing. I just really felt the anointing from Bishop Oriel. 

                And to make my experience complete, I asked him if I can have a picture with him and he agreed. Yey, my birthday just became more special. I thank God for giving me a spiritual father.

                 I am still a 3-month Christian of Doulos for Christ, yet I really felt the love and care from them. I got a lot of greetings from my spiritual brothers and sisters. Though I don’t know some of them, they still had the heart to greet me. I am really joyful that God brought me here.

The best is yet to come in my life ❤

P.S: I will post later about my party with my High School Friends.

God bless everyone! 

Much Love,

Amae ❤

Early Birthday Present!

         I’ll be turning seventeen on the 15th and one of my wishes is to have a blackberry phone. So today, 9th of November, my wish is granted! Yey! Thankful indeed to God for granting my wish and to my mom for being an instrument to fulfill my wish. Love you Mom! I am really blessed to have such loving family. Thank you Lord for the endless outpouring of blessings.

        I could hardly explain how my heart jumped joyfully as my mom present  me the box of my blackberry phone. I plastered my widest smile that moment I saw it. By the time I opened the box, I could no longer conceal my happiness evidently flashing on my face. I was like a kid again who happened to have a new set of toys.

        I am veritably happy. Thank you God! 

     Much Love,

His Love never fails