Love your neighbors :)))

Yesterday, we spent our easter at Pangasinan. Specifically in Manaoag and San Fabian. Supposedly, Our trip should just be with the our family but one of our tenants heard about our plan of going to Pangasinan. She also wanted to go there so she suggested going there with the whole gag of our tenants including her. Then, they planned about having a mass at manaoag then right after beach at San Fabian. They also agreed of dividing the expenses. We rented a van going there and I was so surprised because it’s really huge.

I told you πŸ™‚ the Van we rented.

Inside the van πŸ™‚

We arrived there ahead of the first mass because our driver is so punctual. That was my first time to attend the first and earliest mass. After the mass, We immediately hurried to go at the “pahawak”, ahmm. (For those who doesn’t know, you’ll be given a chance to hold or touch to Mother Mary’s Miraculous statue.) There was a long line and it took us an hour to be there.

the long line

myeal seems so weary

After our mass at manaoag, We went to San Fabian for our beach party. I was so burned out so I slept too long. When I woke up, felt so depressed of missing the chance to ride the boat. Almost everybody was not in the cottage when I woke up. So I decided to just take a photos of myself from our camera. Sadly due to my vanity, I broke our cam. The lens was stuck up. but still so happy because I was not reprimanded by my parents and my kuya even defended me for that.

Proof. haha πŸ™‚ I totally looked tired and wasted. πŸ™‚

Missed the chance! 😐

I swam when there’s no longer sunlight that can harm my skin. haha. I’m so conscious of getting darker. Though, it’s not a white-sand beach which I though it was because of what google has said, I still appreciate it for it has a huge and nice wave that it can considered as a good surfing site. I veritably enjoyed the striking waves. swear πŸ™‚

The reason why our camera lens was stuck up hehe

With the cute dog πŸ™‚

With my family

Going back home, we faced a stressful traffic but was lucky that our driver is so sagacious. Though he beat the trafiic rules, i find it cool. He’s so ma-diskarte although I was a bit scared.
Nonetheless, an extraordinary escapade with the neighbors. Our first and of course would not be our last. Thank you Lord for the gathering. Learn to love your neighbors xoxoβ™₯

Kamay ni Hesus

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go in Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban, Quezon. I wasn’t veritably expecting that it was going to be a long trekked. Actually, I thought that it would only take us about 2 hrs to be there, but surprisingly I was wrong. It took us about 4 hours to be there but nonetheless, it was fulfilling and glorifying experience.

When we were in the vicinity, we parked 500 meters ( I assume) away from Kamay ni Hesus because there are actually lots of devotees who went there too. So off course we walked through out from the parking lot up to Kamay ni Hesus

This is the view of our parking lot.

My auntie and my mom looking stress free?!? πŸ™‚ while preparing to go at Kamay ni Hesus

My cute and sweet niece Myeal seems excited to go at Kamay ni Hesus

with my cousin. Preparing to go

When we were there, we got surprised when the staff told us that there’s a line to be followed. At first, we just ignored that announcement then after a while we realized that there’s actually a line to be followed.

The line to be followed. Actually, it’s from the gate up to the grotto. It took us more or less 4 hours to be there at grotto. But its fulfilling finishing that long line. It’s an ample sacrifice indeed yet our experience can never be compared to what our Lord Jesus Christ did just to save us.

View from our line.

While we were in the line.

My cousin and I had a problem with what we wear. Basically naman There’s a dress code to be followed in church. I thought that what I wear is allowed but later on I conceived that I’m wearing A sleeveless top. While my cousin is wearing a short so absolutely we’re not allowed to enter to the grotto proper. My cousin was noticed by the stuff and told her that she couldn’t go to the grotto because of what she wear. But While we were on the line, I was really praying to the Lord to let me Please enter to Grotto as well as my Cousin. I even put towels to my shoulders so that they won’t notice what I’m wearing. On the other hand, My cousin use the jacket of his boyfriend to cover her legs. Fortunately, It rained so hard and I veritably felt like that the Lord answered my Prayer. I was so overjoyed that the Lord heard my Prayer. It rained then so the staffs didn’t notice us.

This is what I wear. Due to my sleeveless top, I was not about to make it in the grotto but lucky i did.

looked at my hands. Those are the towels I use to cover my sleeveless top.

My cousin whose wearing a short.

my cousin with her Boyfriend. looked at how she intelligently use the jacket of his boyfriend. hihi πŸ™‚

the start of our walked. So i have taken photos while we were on the grotto proper

while escalading to the top of the grotto.

mama and me πŸ™‚

after so many steps, finally we were on the top πŸ™‚

The view from the top

going back, my niece myeal seems so irritated and tired so she doesn’t want to walk and my mom carry her. While mom was carrying myeal, she’s like losyang na. haha

but after that, she saw several statues of animals that made her happy and energetic again.

me πŸ™‚

Way back home, it took us about 5 hours due to stressful traffic. But after all, It’s a glorious experience that I’ll surely never forget. Thank you Lord. xoxo πŸ˜€

What is Maundy Thursday?

Admit it or not, Some people whose having their penitence today doesn’t really exactly know the idea of Maundy Thursday. It’s kinda heavyhearted for me seeing those people who seems unaware on what is veritably going on.

So let me tell you what is Maundy Thursday.
Maundy Thursday is when before Jesus Christ was Crucified on the cross. It is also called Holy thusday and the beginning of the three-day celebration of Easter. During Maundy Thursday, Filipinos are used to fasting as well as refraining from eating meats and drinking alcoholic beverages.
The word ‘Maundy’ is derived from the Latin word β€œmandatum”, meaning a commandment.

Absolutely, Its more fulfilling to do our penance this holy week if we fathom enough the genuine meaning of it which is the sacrifices and miracles of our Lord Savior.
If you are still clueless on what is Maundy Thursday, I urge you to click the following links below so that you can cultivate you idea of it :

Kamay ni Hesus

We’re going to Kamay ni Jesus at Lucban, Quezon tomorrow. I am indeed excited because i haven’t been there.

So basically, I searched it on google. The following are the informations I got from google (just few)

*The shrine is located on the slopes of Mt. Banahaw, Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon.
* Its church celebrates healing masses everyday at 10am
* It has 292 steps.

As I googled it, woah! I was really astounded and astonished on its Architecture. It really looks God’s home.

After that glorious experience, I’ll immediately blog about it here. So I need to go on my bed now because I’m going to wake up so early tomorrow. Before sunrise, My body should be already awake. Goodnight πŸ˜€


Another weary day for me. What to do now? I got bored so I just took the camera then click and this is the result πŸ™‚ Excuse for my face πŸ™‚ hihi

Letter B itself has a significance in my life. I assume that my girlfriends know it.

Glad that we’re going out tomorrow πŸ™‚


As everybody most notably teenagers and young-adults loves to go clubbin, Everyone seems interested to learn how to Dougie. Actually, I wanna learn it too. haha πŸ™‚

Dougie as define by derives from the name of 80’s early 90’s Hip Hopper Doug-E- Fresh. The term “dougie” means to have a cool or hip stlye.

I have seen lots of videos on youtube showing how to Dougie

These are just the few videos that I already watched on youtube.

Glee teaches us how to Dougie. This video is just a proof of how everyone is so fascinated and interested in
Dougie-ing. As a matter of fact, It already hit in over 3 million plus views

Another video I’ve watched is by Cali Swag District. It beats the video which I posted above as it hit with 6 million plus views.

If i have just given the talent to dance, I would have show you how to Dougie. But forgive me, dancing is not my dexterity. hihi πŸ™‚

All by Myself Of Charice Pempengco on Glee

Charice Pempengco is once again back to the spotlight as Sunshine Corazon in the Famous American TV series Glee.

She’s definitely back after the first episode of the show wherein she sang Telephone with Lea Michelle and Listen by Beyonce. After giving us a Goosebumps for her excellent performance in  episode 1,  she’s now giving us again another notable performance by singing All by Myself of Celine Dion.

As Charice gracefully showed her talent to the world, I am indeed proud of her. Despite of undesirable circumstances that are happening in the Philippine (my country), There are still lot of things to be proud of.  Charice just show to the other nation that Philippines is not just a nation of Knavish government officials, place of criminals and drug addicts (which is always reported by foreign news) but a nation of talented and well-rounded people.

Charice on Episode 17 A night Of Neglect wherein she sang all by myself by Celine Dion. Over and over, She gave me a goosebumps πŸ˜€ hahaha

Kudos Charice πŸ™‚

The Blind Side

The movie is indeed heartwarming. I just watched it from HBO. It is based on a true story of Michael Oher who is a homeless boy. Then, became a successful and famous football player. The movie showed a good mother and son relationship. Sandra Bullock really give justice to her role as a mother of Michael as well as Quinton Aaron who played as Michael in the movie. Indeed, the movie deserves all the excellent review given by the viewers, bloggers and writers. Kudos! to all the staffs of it. So I greatly recommend this movie to all ages from teens to adult or even kids. The movie would let you conceive  how lucky you are to have a good family. So If you’re looking for a good movie, I urge you to watch this πŸ™‚

this is a review from

The Blind Side is a 2009 American semi-biographical sports drama film. It is written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and based on the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.[2][3] The storyline features Michael Oher, an offensive lineman who plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. The film follows Oher from his impoverished upbringing, through his years at Wingate Christian School (a fictional representation of Briarcrest Christian School in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee[4]), his adoption by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, and on to his position as one of the most highly coveted prospects in college football. For her performance, Sandra Bullock won theAcademy Award for Best Actress, as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. The film itself also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.


excuse if i haven’t been updating my blog. I just found my new interest; PLAYING GUITAR.  I really have a guitar way back in my junior life in high school. But I can’t play the Barre chords before so I’m just dumping my guitar anywhere. It just this summer that I learned the barre chords so I’m loving to play my guitar πŸ™‚ It’s more enjoying and fulfilling if you know the barre chords swear! so to those who are beginners. Don’t feel bad and frustrated if you can’t play barre chords. Just be patient ( that’s the thing I dont have before) and never give up. I swear you can do it πŸ™‚ just practice. practice . practice πŸ™‚

need to sleep. I force myself to sleep 😐

UPCAT review

Yeah πŸ™‚ I am starting my UPCAT review with the help of different books like CORRECT and MSE given by my kuya’s girlfriend. My parents didn’t allow me to enter into an UPCAT review center because the fact that some of my schoolmates who went to that review center, wasn’t able to make it. On the hand, some of my schoolmates made it even without entering into a review center. I can really feel the pressure of it. What’s more oppressing is when the crowd give you too much expectation :|. I’m not a virtuoso so please let me get rid out of it 😐
But whatever happens, If i would or would not make it. I would really accept it because it’s the Lord’s plan.
If it’s the Lord’s will, let it be done.

I just got this from the net but just the same with my books.

Goodluck to me πŸ˜€