First and last JS prom ♥

Yesterday was our night to remember! Forgive me if I weren’t able to blog. My body was really really tired from all the happenings during prom. Of course, consider my 4-inch heels which made my feet cry a lot. That was my first time wearing a 4-inch heels for 6 straight hours. So seriously, until now, I can still feel the pain from wearing those heels. Ya, that’s how I am desperate for my height. But reality check, no matter how I got taller from my heels, my guy friends are still taller than me. How unfortunate my height is. hahaha.Anyway, I’m really really happy to the nth power. Prom made my high school life complete especially those what they say as “special dances” Definitely, I also have special dances. I’ll tell you the story later ‘coz I’m still waiting for some photos to share with you. That’s definitely a night to remember! I’m going to remember this forever. After this event, I can really feel the air of leaving my school ;| I have a lot of things to remember from this. haaays! I’m on my way to college life. I’m still not ready. 😐 Anyway, I’ll take PUPCET tomorrow. Goodluck to me. Pray for us to pass the test 🙂