Help us through your prayers.

            Pardon if I haven’t been actively posting in this – my personal blog. I was just so happy being part of the Transient Reflections, so I was more active posting on the transient. Again. Thanks Sir Ray for allowing me to be part of your blog. It such an honor seriously.

           Anyway, I hope you’ll pray for us  that we can get justice from the case we filed (against whom? Just make a personal message if you wanted to know the whole story. He/she might ready this one.) Please include this to your prayers for now. I hope you have the heart to include to your prayers, the justice that we wanted to obtain. 

           What I realize from this obstacle is that even you are in the right side or on the truth side, it wouldn’t be enough in the eyes of the officials. You should also know the technicalities in which we lack, since we don’t have a lawyer.  It’s just sad how this thing could ever happen. Legal advice and spiritual advice please! 

            But in the end, no matter what happens, I know God has guided us. No matter what the outcome is, I know God has a reason on it. 

            At least, in the end, we know the truth and we do something about it. If it is His will that we will be able to raise the truth, it will be done. If not, let us let go, then let God. 

            Thank you everyone! God bless

I’m now part of Transient Reflections!

*sorry for the late post.

So glad that I’m now part of  Transient Reflections! Thank you Mr. Ray Barbier for letting me become one of the authors of your blog. It such an honor for me. And I’m more happy that I can be able to share more words and hopefully touch people through your blog. 

Of course, All glory to God. God bless everyone 😀


                Let me tell you this so great realization. I’m already a college student and studying at a public state university (PUP, Sta. Mesa) to tell you honestly, it wasn’t really my first choice. But God brought me here. And right now, while I’m typing this, I understand His purpose why I am here. Thank you Lord for letting me grasps the realization. So let me share to you.
                The first time I saw my college (pup), I knew I would not allow myself to enter such school with incomplete facilities, detrimental surroundings, and perilous way ahead. I even told my parents that it would be my last option for my school in college. I was able to pass to my preferred college, but not with my preferred campus. So, as what I’ve said, even with a disheartened feeling, I resorted to my last option. I decided to pursue Journalism here, since based on what I’ve researched one of the best schools catering Journalism is PUP. (ex: Steve Dailisan of GMA news and public affair is one the products of PUP)
               To make my story short, what I’ve realized right now is that God brought me here to sharpen my way of thinking, my principle and belief. He brought me here, because as a journalist I should see the unfavorable side of society – the unjust image of it.
                 Right now, I’m thankful to the Lord for letting it happen. Sometimes we cannot understand God’s plan for us, it maybe away from what we anticipate or it may feel like so excruciating, but in the right time and God’s time, He will let us understand why He let it happen. Our Lord is really unpredictable. Perhaps, you will question God right away for the circumstances you’ve experienced, but at the end of it, when lessons are learned, the only thing you will say to him is THANK YOU. And right now Lord,  as I’m typing this, I’m thankful. Thank you for all. Thank you for all the realization. These are all yours.


Much love ♥

Bmeg Llamados :)

                       Congratulations! bmeg llamados for making to the finals again. You really gave an intense fight 🙂 Thank you PJ Simon for saving the game 🙂 You can beat rain or shine. Bmeg planet will gonna rock Smart Araneta 🙂 I hope I can have the chance to watch your game at Araneta. Since when I was in grade 4, I was already your fan. Back then, when you beat Red Bull Barako at finals. Imagine I’m already a college student. haha. I saw how Alvin Patrimonio, and castillo played at your team (purefoods team)and how Eugene Tejada got injured :(. I can still remember having a notebook about all your games, from the scores, best player of the game, best defender, and your statistics. haha

                       How I wish I can get a chance to see you all or atleast watch your fight at the smart araneta (and that would be my first time). Every time I watch your game, I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack with my intense screaming and clapping

                  Go bmeg! Go!  Pinoy and Black Sakuragi, Go Papa ping, Go pj, jc, rafi, mark, yancy, gaco, james, and the rest of the team. #bmegplanet will rock smart araneta 🙂

       Bmeg LLamados for back to back championship 🙂

disclaimer: picture came from one of bmeg’s fan page at facebook

What’s your hobby?

       “Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on earth is only the beginning.” “Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen.” “Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”

        Perhaps you have encountered these heart-inspiring lines. Some might post it in their scrapbook or some might post it as status in their facebook or twitter account. Back then, I find reading novels as squander of time. Why would you waste your entire time just reading a book? Why would you finish reading a book in just a single day and forget the other task you need to finish? These are the questions pondering on my head. Questions I didn’t understand before, until I was hooked up with A Walk to Remember of Nicholas Sparks. It’s a fulfillment to finish a novel which consists of 300 plus pages. It’s a self-entitlement to own a book. And most especially, appreciating and understanding the lesson of the book you have read is beyond words.


           After I finished reading A Walk to Remember of Nicholas Sparks, I have continued reading novels. I have appreciated the essence of it. It’s not just merely a stress reliever hobby, but also a tool of honing up your imagination and intensifying your vocabulary words. Reading has helped me become a better writer that it pushed me to create appealing and unique plot where I can show my individuality. Reading has also helped me become less of a loud talker. I remember how my classmates during my last year in High School, found my quietness so bizarre. I wasn’t a silent type student before, but when I found reading as interesting as it is, I made my vacant time as my reading time. Sometimes to the extent, I read my novel during my banal teacher is discussing his/her lecture. So right now, I always received a book present from my friends. It made me blissful of course; especially I’m a “budget reader” meaning I used to buy novels from book sale. My parents don’t support my hobby, but I don’t hold grudge about that. Of course, buying a single book worth 300php plus is something unpractical for them. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for them, because I managed to save quite a bit from my allowance coming from them. I wouldn’t save much money which can buy a brand new book if my allowance wasn’t so enough for my daily routine in school.

        Reading novels added sweet spice on my every day life. Without it, my entire system would be incomplete like a vehicle without an engine, a cellular phone without load and a bicycle without a wheel. Hence, my life without my hobby would have a very serious malfunction.

From Jesus With Love

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Tune in

I broadcast all the time. You just have to learn how to tune in and receive it. I have given the gift of hearing from Me to anyone who wants it. It’s free. It’s like a radio station, broadcasting all the time, and anyone who has a receiver can tune in and pick up the sounds, the music, the broadcast. I have placed a receiver within each person. All you have to do is learn how to use it. This requires effort, so don’t be discouraged if it’s not very clear right away. Keep practicing, keep coming back to Me. Keep waiting in faith, and you will begin to hear Me more and more clearly.

Taken from the From Jesus with Love giftbook by Aurora Production SA. Reprinted by permission.

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stage-fright and nervousness. How could I be able to overcome it?

I would never ever forget this day where I auditioned to be part of the public speaking org in our school. Actually, my main reason why I wanted to join this org is to hone up my skills and to overcome my stage-fright and my over nervousness. However, the time I stepped my feet on the room, I immediately felt the rush beat of my heart as if stopping me to talk normally. So that nervousness made me look stupid in front of them. Haha. It was a hindrance in my speaking that made me stutter to every question thrown to me. You know the feeling that after the interview, in just a snap, you’ll realize that you should have answered this. Blah blah. But I never did regret. Atleast I tried. Haha. Anyway, I’m still on my first year of college.
Haaay. Would you give any suggestions and ways on how could I be able to overcome my nervousness in front of the crowd? 😦

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There is no branch of the LORD’S work where pride pays at all! In fact, the biggest failures in the Word of God were the big-shot boys who thought THEY could do it in their natural wisdom, & they went out & fell flat on their faces. Samuel told Saul, “When thou wast LITTLE in thine own sight, God did highly exalt thee!” (1Sam.15:17)–But when Saul became proud, depending on himself & leaning on his OWN wisdom & his OWN arm of flesh instead of the Lord, the Lord had to abase him! “Pride cometh before a fall” (Pro.16:18), & success often precedes failure, & sometimes exaltation comes before humiliation! “Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall!” (1Cor.10:12)
So help us, Jesus, to keep our eyes on You so that we don’t stumble or fall. Help…

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