So little time

              Sometimes there are days when ideas seem to flow continuously on your mind. You want to write it down and share it to your readers, but as much as you want, sadly,  time seems to contradict what you want. There are  lot of ideas to write but so little time. So you’ll just end up waiting for your spare time to come. Hoping that your ideas will stay on your mind, hoping that you’ll not miss any single good idea that you had. However, as you wait for the right time, the strong ideas become little. It becomes a pocket-sized idea until you forget every important detail that you want to write. Your ideas become futile. It become weak till you can no longer create right words to form good sentences, even connect paragraph to paragraph. What’s even sadder is that you missed the connection between you and your readers. It was like a strong whirlwind that blocks your connection to your world. Then you end up realizing that your idea remains an idea. So difficult to accept but sometimes true.


              Currently experiencing this thing. If I say a lot, I really mean a lot. I have lots of ideas to write but so little time. And what’s more unfortunate is that I already have enough time to write but I can’t put my ideas into context. So heartbreaking. I’m broke. lol. But please tell me this is just part of being a writer. Please ‘lemme know. 

Benefits of Staying up late.

     You become more punctual. As simple as that.

       Yesterday, I finished my term paper with a deadline to kill today, Friday. That task was assigned to us a week ago but for some reason, I wasn’t able

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to create great ideas for my term paper. So as expected, even a day before the deadline, I still fail to put the right words for my term paper. Until the time was close to midnight when my writer mode suddenly became activated on my system. It was probably 10:30 back then. To cut the long story short, I finished my term paper at 3:30 a.m today. Then I just decided to sleep on our sofa just to get at least few hours of sleep, just enough hour that will boost my energy. Then as I was sleeping, I felt someone patting me to wake up. I find it hard to open my eyes ’cause i felt my sleep just started. But when I finally opened my eyes, I immediately saw our wall clock with its long leg at 7 and the short leg at 6 (7:30am). And that was the time that my spirit became alert. It was like someone soaked me with an extremely boiling hot water telling me that if I continued to rest my system, in few hours, I’ll be late for my first class which is a this-can’t-be-idea. So I immediately fixed myself to go to my school. At 8:15 without having a breakfast, I left our house and head to school. I was so paranoid every time I checked my wrist watch. I felt like that every ticks in my watch will cause me to miss my terror prof and my first class.

       Around 9:20, I was within a walking distance to my school. But I decided to ride a tricycle for a faster means. I ran as fast as I could just to get as quick as possible on our classroom. I was running out of my breath, I was hardly catching my breath that I felt I just finished a 5km run. 


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    But to my astonishment, I just saw few of my classmates. At the back of my mind, I was asking myself where are my other classmates. Then one of my classmates told me, “Amae, you are an hour ahead of time. Our first class is at 10:30 am.

        That was the only time my nerves and my normal mind went back to my spirit.   That was the only time I realized that my class is still at 10:30 am. Nevertheless, going to your class ahead of an hour is the best benefit of staying up late. 

A voice for His glory

(This article is one of my assignments in my writing class. Just wanted to share it.)


    With his tranquil and comforting voice plus his enigmatic personality and gleaming smile, he can capture everyone’s attention and even girls can go gaga over him. He just sings with a bang hitting the most heart rending harmonies. But for the 22-year-old Civil Engineering graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, he sings not to impress the crowd but to show his unceasing love to God.

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I can’t hide my smile when I saw Granny Gee’s post of on Facebook about her book. It was like telling me that hey my  dream is so possible. If you’ve read my about me page, one of my greatest dreams is to write and publish my book. But sometimes, there will come a time when you start to ask and doubt yourself if you could possibly make it. My fear will suddenly paralyze my entire system and block my grooviest urge to pursue my far-fetched dream.

  But the moment I saw my Granny Gee’s post, it uplifts my spirit. Hey, she just attested that nothing is really impossible. So I believe, I don’t have to settle for less, ’cause I believe I can go for the best. 

our sweet conversation

our sweet conversation

I’m so glad to get to know with Granny Gee. I can’t explain the connection between us even we haven’t seen each other 🙂 I love you Granny Gee.  =)



When She’s good… She’s good by Gloria Faye Brown Bates.

    Hello everyone, Let’s all support my granny gee of on her book. You know, in all honesty, granny gee is one of the kindest persons I’ve gotten to know here in wordpress. As a community here in wordpress, let’s support our granny gee.



Link to Paperback version:

Link to Paperback version:

Link to Kindle version:

God bless everyone!

Perfect timing

You really have to wait for the perfect and right timing to emerge victorious. Sometimes you have to sow hard for you to have a successful reap. Ample patience is just the key. Because at the process, you  will experience  hardship, pain, sorrow, and everything that will let you quit and give up. But when you realize that all of it were part of the process, then you will find this process as a journey. Your journey of reaping the best, leading to your great destination.  And this journey was part of His great plan to your best destination. 

And as for me, I wait ’cause I trust God. So much.

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Thank you :)

I took a long hiatus on blogging due to pretty heavy schedule –  school work, Church activities etc. That’s why I was so surprised to see that my blog is still breathing and getting notifications. Thank you for your sweet comments everyone! I can’t promise to post as often as possible, but I promise to update my blog once in a while. 😀