So little time

              Sometimes there are days when ideas seem to flow continuously on your mind. You want to write it down and share it to your readers, but as much as you want, sadly,  time seems to contradict what you want. There are  lot of ideas to write but so little time. So you’ll just end up waiting for your spare time to come. Hoping that your ideas will stay on your mind, hoping that you’ll not miss any single good idea that you had. However, as you wait for the right time, the strong ideas become little. It becomes a pocket-sized idea until you forget every important detail that you want to write. Your ideas become futile. It become weak till you can no longer create right words to form good sentences, even connect paragraph to paragraph. What’s even sadder is that you missed the connection between you and your readers. It was like a strong whirlwind that blocks your connection to your world. Then you end up realizing that your idea remains an idea. So difficult to accept but sometimes true.


              Currently experiencing this thing. If I say a lot, I really mean a lot. I have lots of ideas to write but so little time. And what’s more unfortunate is that I already have enough time to write but I can’t put my ideas into context. So heartbreaking. I’m broke. lol. But please tell me this is just part of being a writer. Please ‘lemme know. 

4 thoughts on “So little time

  1. You wrote this beautifully, Amae. I understood it so perfectly…. you’ve got to carry a notebook, pen with you everywhere you go. You are a writer … I don’t think you know it yet. You worded this beautifully… that’s my impression when reading this post from you. Just remember when I tell you something…. I really am the most ‘imperfect writer/author’ you’ll ever meet….. :)))))))))))))))))
    It’s the truth, but… that’s all right… I’m just going to keep on until I get good. Love, Granny Gee :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  2. Amae, don’t give up , yes walk around with pen and paper and even just write keywords on it, adn it will come back later. Don’t put yourself under pressure, you’ll see one day it’ll just come and flow…… I cannot say anything about writers because I don’t know and I am certainly not a writer but I wish you some peaceful times , may be a bit of meditaion and you will get there, hang in there! With love Ute x


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