Benefits of Staying up late.

     You become more punctual. As simple as that.

       Yesterday, I finished my term paper with a deadline to kill today, Friday. That task was assigned to us a week ago but for some reason, I wasn’t able

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to create great ideas for my term paper. So as expected, even a day before the deadline, I still fail to put the right words for my term paper. Until the time was close to midnight when my writer mode suddenly became activated on my system. It was probably 10:30 back then. To cut the long story short, I finished my term paper at 3:30 a.m today. Then I just decided to sleep on our sofa just to get at least few hours of sleep, just enough hour that will boost my energy. Then as I was sleeping, I felt someone patting me to wake up. I find it hard to open my eyes ’cause i felt my sleep just started. But when I finally opened my eyes, I immediately saw our wall clock with its long leg at 7 and the short leg at 6 (7:30am). And that was the time that my spirit became alert. It was like someone soaked me with an extremely boiling hot water telling me that if I continued to rest my system, in few hours, I’ll be late for my first class which is a this-can’t-be-idea. So I immediately fixed myself to go to my school. At 8:15 without having a breakfast, I left our house and head to school. I was so paranoid every time I checked my wrist watch. I felt like that every ticks in my watch will cause me to miss my terror prof and my first class.

       Around 9:20, I was within a walking distance to my school. But I decided to ride a tricycle for a faster means. I ran as fast as I could just to get as quick as possible on our classroom. I was running out of my breath, I was hardly catching my breath that I felt I just finished a 5km run. 


I do not own the photo

    But to my astonishment, I just saw few of my classmates. At the back of my mind, I was asking myself where are my other classmates. Then one of my classmates told me, “Amae, you are an hour ahead of time. Our first class is at 10:30 am.

        That was the only time my nerves and my normal mind went back to my spirit.   That was the only time I realized that my class is still at 10:30 am. Nevertheless, going to your class ahead of an hour is the best benefit of staying up late. 

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