My blog is already outdated from the track of my life. It saddens me to see that I wasn’t able to post the peak of my year. I considered my four months of hiatus here on my blog as the peak of my year. That months have helped me grow as an individual, as a student, and as a Filipino. I’m really looking forward to share those stories here before 2013 ends.

I know the feeling is not the same if I posted that at the exact time I’ve done or experienced it. But I still have someway to share those on you. I have to make a way. I can’t afford that those stories or experiences will just remain on my memory. Who knows that those situations that I have experienced could change someone else? Those stories can inspire, influence, and instigate someone to do his own action for change. Hmmm, are you excited about that? I hope so. Anyway, Thank you for visiting my outdated blog. haha.  As much as I promise to post on my blog regularly, I hope my time and persistence would compel me to keep that promise. 🙂

FYI, I just turned 18 last November 15. I’m now officially at legal age and of course a WOMAN. Let’s embrace life with excitement and love. No matter how busy we are, let’s not forget to smile. God bless everyone

Much Love,

Amae – though I’m piled with tasks and tight sched, I’m still the Amaezing Kid ❤

Just one drop of Your blood

Just one drop of your blood 
took away sin
and gave sight


Nostalgia hits me the moment I heard this song of Soulfire Revolution during the G12 Philippine National Conference: Breath of Life.

It has taken me aback to how I started this Journey of knowing and growing with His Love. I just can hardly imagine myself without being rooted with His foundation.

If no one had the courage to enter our classroom and shared the gospel, I wonder where would I be right now? Perhaps I was the same girl who’d use the blogging world to burst out her anger. Or I would be cool girl who’d go out with her friends till sunrise. Or at the very least, I had my first boyfriend.

Glad I was saved at my young age. I’m glad I decided to say yes with Him. Looking back, I never had any glint of regret with my decision.

I thought having a relationship with Him is just about attending sermons, reading the bible, knowing the truth, etc. But I was certainly wrong. Having a relationship with Him means connecting with the people who are passionate with the cause.

And I’m blessed to find such great and loving people. They are the type of people who’d care your totality, from all aspect, who’d make you excellent and better.

My second family 🙂

So I would be forever grateful that I found the light in His name. I was set free from all the bondage that set me apart from Him. I am healed.

If you are reading this right now, and you really don’t know Him. If you’re still finding your footing, still searching for the truth, this is the right time. It just takes your decision. Are you willing to accept Him or not? There is a place deep down on your heart that no one or anything can ever fill, only God. Don’t hesitate to come on Him, no matter what you’ve done, even if you think you’re the bad and dirtiest person on earth, He still loves you. He doesn’t have any reason to love you less. He just loves you unconditionally.

I thank You for the life You gave
You took all my guilt and shame


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong

Once again, sorry for a long a hiatus. It has been a month since I last updated my blog. I can’t tell you yet the reason why I’m occupied with a lot of things. But one thing for sure, this is for my campus!

Anyway, this song keeps me motivated and strengthens me every single day.  I hope you get inspired through this song. Be blessed!

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      I don’t want to sound as dramatic as ever but I just couldn’t believe that I’ll be able to maintain this blog for two years. What makes it more special is that the encouraging and inspiring comments I’ve gotten throughout my blogging life. Before, I used to see blogging as just a hobby, just mere of posting my opinion, but throughout the process, I learned the power of blogging to influence other people. I started to have a change perspective when I chose the path of becoming a writer/journalist in the future. I learned that this platform will help me to encourage people through my story. What motivates me to continually share my story and create encouraging words is our Lord God Himself because without Him, I’m really nothing.

      THANK YOU – that’s the words I would like to tell to everyone who’s been with me for my two years stay here in wordpress. 

      So I would just like to share those comments that urge me to be a better writer.


two years of writing =)

surprise (encourgement)

I was surprised by this comment. Ms. Mary (http://marybaird.wordpress.com/) is a writer from Upper Room which I hope to be part soon. It really boosts my morale the moment I saw this comment.

I thank God that He used me to save one soul. I hope that I can talk with Dorine soon. If you happen to check my blog again, pls tell me your contact so we can talk more.

I thank God that He used me to save one soul. I hope that I can talk with Dorine soon. If you happen to check my blog again, pls tell me your contact so we can talk more.

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My power to communicate

      Before, one of the difficult questions that someone would throw to me is about my talent. When someone asked me “What’s your talent”? I tried to think as much hoping there’s one. I tried to convince myself that maybe I can sing or dance. But Honestly, I’m not good in singing, dancing, acting and even playing musical instruments. I even remember the times that I get jealous with my friends seeing them having a lot of talents.

      But not until I realized that writing is a talent, that communicating well is a talent. I will not forget the moment when someone not that close to me shared her  dilemma. She’s the type of person who finds sharing her problems so difficult. I can see her as a fragile person with a lot of fears that captivates her system. Her friends do not understand her and was very impatient to know the truth. Then as I talked with that girl, I got to sympathize her situation until she opened up. I was surprised seeing her sharing her dilemma to me. Even I’m not so close to her, she still managed to trust me. Her friend got even surprise why she was able to open her problems to me.

     That situation was just one of my experiences. Before, I tend to get jealous with others having a lot of talents. But not anymore. God has put the right capabilities with my system. He has given me something very vital to help others. Sometimes I would kid my friends that maybe in the future, aside from being a writer or journalist, I can work as a counselor or a life coach. Perhaps who knows what the future will dictate? Only God knows then.

—- God bless everyone! I really missed blogging =)


Thank you!

For the past few weeks, I’ve taken my hiatus again in blogging. I was so busy at school so I can’t really find time to post anything. Then I just felt the urge from my heart to open my blog site again. And to my surprise, I saw this comment from someone name “Dorine” 


Hi Dorine, I hope you can read this, thank you for appreciating my blog that much. I really didn’t know it can move someone. Just remember that God is always there for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter what challenges or circumstances may come on your way, just seek God for guidance. He loves you more than anything. If you happen to visit my blog again, just tell me your email so I can get in touch with you personally. Thank you so much Dorine. You just don’t know how I feel right now.

I was really surprised by this. It made me realize to write more not for the sake of blogging but for the sake of touching my readers. This comment is really priceless. It boost my morale as a writer. I promise to get back on my usual writing routine after my semester ends. I should no longer make excuses that I can’t do this or that ’cause by the grace and love of God, I can do anything and even greater to what I expected. God bless you all.