I can’t hide my smile when I saw Granny Gee’s post of on Facebook about her book. It was like telling me that hey my  dream is so possible. If you’ve read my about me page, one of my greatest dreams is to write and publish my book. But sometimes, there will come a time when you start to ask and doubt yourself if you could possibly make it. My fear will suddenly paralyze my entire system and block my grooviest urge to pursue my far-fetched dream.

  But the moment I saw my Granny Gee’s post, it uplifts my spirit. Hey, she just attested that nothing is really impossible. So I believe, I don’t have to settle for less, ’cause I believe I can go for the best. 

our sweet conversation

our sweet conversation

I’m so glad to get to know with Granny Gee. I can’t explain the connection between us even we haven’t seen each other 🙂 I love you Granny Gee.  =)



2 thoughts on “Inspiration.

  1. Amae… don’t forget that my book is a ‘scary’ story… fiction/thriller. There are some mean characters in it who are bad… they mean up with a woman named Victoria Fairchild, who is as good as can be… but, when she sees someone or an animal suffering because of ‘bad people’… she does take care of them… sometimes, she has to be very bad. I worried that since it’s a scary book, you might be disappointed. So, I sit here to write to tell you that I do care what you think…. my book is the ‘scary story I always wished to find’… for entertainment. I care so much, I had to tell you. Love, Granny Gee


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