“Wag Kang Magmadali”

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What will be your take when your plans don’t happen according to what you expected?

Would you get frustrated?
Would you change your plans?
Or would you wait for the right time and just do your best now?

One of the authors that I look up to give me a piece of advice, “Wag kang magmadali.”

Oops!!! Hindi ‘to tungkol sa lovelife; usapang passion ‘to. We’re talking about our passion: writing.

Sometimes I felt jittery whenever life’s aspiration would blow my mind. As much as you avoid to contemplate about it – the idea if it will come true or not – just suddenly snaps on your thinking, trying to shake your beliefs by injecting dramas to trigger your emotion and worries of life. Have you ever experienced situation like this? ( Nakaka-praning ‘diba?)

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But looking on the bigger picture, it’s just a test of character. Would you still pursue your aspiration despite all odds? Or would you just give in? 

Conquering your dreams is a challenge – a tough road to journey ahead but most fulfilling destination to reach by. Success never meant an easy road. It doesn’t just take your talent but it requires character and a lot of passion.

Going back to what stated above. Sir Ronald Molmisa, author behind the successful lovestruck series, reminded me, “Wag kang magmadali,” during our short but meaningful conversation we had at the OMF Lit Book Launching last month. (Read: #MOVINGREADS OMF LITERATURE LAUNCHES NEW BOOKS)

(c) Sir Edwin Arceo. Ps. Ronald Molmisa on the right part, Ate Madz of bettercurly.blogspot.com on the left, and I’m on the middle during the OMF Lit book launching at Privato Hotel

That advice refueled my passion in writing. (Oo nga Amae, Kalma lang. Relax ka lang. ‘Wag Praning)  I realized that I still have long way to go. (Sabi nga ng matatanda, marami pa akong kakain na bigas) There are numerous of opportunities that will knock my way. What I need to do is to keep my life’s aspiration, give my best, and remain positive whenever situations or people would question my capabilities. 

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What was written on my high school memorabilia, “to be an author/lawyer” will certainly happen (I claim it, with the help from above) but what I need to do today is to focus on things that will lead me there.

      There’s no reason to be afraid; I just need to do my thing. Give my very best, excel, and keep my fire and passion burning until it can set flame to other people too. 

“Wag kang magmadali” Sir Molmisa keeps on telling me. He first published his book when he was 32. And I look back, “Oh I’m still 19”.

Sometimes you will really encounter people who will fuel your heart for your dreams. Having people around you who have the same passion  drives you to keep going and beat whatever impossibilities that will bump your destination. 

It’s not enough that you have the skills. You need A LOT OF CHARACTER. When I say a lot, it means a lot. You need a steady stream of patience, passion, energy, persistence, and of course your faith. 

I don’t know what’s ahead of me. But what matters is your preparation to all the twist and turn that you hardly expected. Just months away, I’ll be joining the work force and the chaotic world of reality. I know the road wouldn’t be easy, but I believe I can surpass everything. 

 “Wag kang magmadali!” Just enjoy your journey and give the best that you have. 

So little time

              Sometimes there are days when ideas seem to flow continuously on your mind. You want to write it down and share it to your readers, but as much as you want, sadly,  time seems to contradict what you want. There are  lot of ideas to write but so little time. So you’ll just end up waiting for your spare time to come. Hoping that your ideas will stay on your mind, hoping that you’ll not miss any single good idea that you had. However, as you wait for the right time, the strong ideas become little. It becomes a pocket-sized idea until you forget every important detail that you want to write. Your ideas become futile. It become weak till you can no longer create right words to form good sentences, even connect paragraph to paragraph. What’s even sadder is that you missed the connection between you and your readers. It was like a strong whirlwind that blocks your connection to your world. Then you end up realizing that your idea remains an idea. So difficult to accept but sometimes true.


              Currently experiencing this thing. If I say a lot, I really mean a lot. I have lots of ideas to write but so little time. And what’s more unfortunate is that I already have enough time to write but I can’t put my ideas into context. So heartbreaking. I’m broke. lol. But please tell me this is just part of being a writer. Please ‘lemme know. 

Perfect timing

You really have to wait for the perfect and right timing to emerge victorious. Sometimes you have to sow hard for you to have a successful reap. Ample patience is just the key. Because at the process, you  will experience  hardship, pain, sorrow, and everything that will let you quit and give up. But when you realize that all of it were part of the process, then you will find this process as a journey. Your journey of reaping the best, leading to your great destination.  And this journey was part of His great plan to your best destination. 

And as for me, I wait ’cause I trust God. So much.

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What if in the most unexpected time you saw your first love?
It’s good to see the first guy you liked or loved or got attracted with. Either way. It’s like giving you a random nostalgia of your immaturity way back when you called yourself a “little girl”. Telling you that hey that’s the guy who made you laugh and smile. That guy was the one who gave gifts every special occasion. And that was the guy who made you cry over the phone with your best friend. That guy was it. But as you saw him standing as if a frozen guy in front of you, those thoughts wouldn’t matter. And what will spunk on your mind is that, Yes, I finally gotten over you. It was all sweet smirk. No glint of bitterness, but it was all set of funny realizations. I cried over you, but look at we’re now. Friends, comfortable conversing with each other. Talking with no hint of inhibitions. Talking just like a normal people.  Everything has really changed the last time you saw him. Especially the fact that you no longer have this kind of unexplained  connection. Both of you were just mere friends. At least friends, not strangers. You should be happy for that. Sometimes life gives you a certain moment to remind how silly you are before.


       I still managed to stalk my professor’s blog, even I still have two “self-centered” articles to finish today.  I can really recall her advice that we should know our prof’s way/style of writing, so we can easily catch or grab his/her taste. Hence, I did. My highest respect is on her,  to her utmost love for her profession – a journalist and a professor.

I still have lots of errands to do; One, is for my identification card.  I don’t have an I.D yet, for so-hard-to-explain reason. Anyway, Looking forward to at least start my two articles later. Thanks for my prof’s reflection, I now have a reason/inspiration to write.

God Bless.

He has an answer :D

But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9

            Yesterday, I was really upset for the lack of inspiration that I have in my system. After I finished posting my previous post yesterday, I immediately closed my laptop, straight off to my refuge, opened my bible and started perusing 2 Corinthians. 

            Then God answered all my anxiety through this verse: But this things happened for we may not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” 2 Corinthians 1:9  The moment I stumbled with that verse, I regained my happy spirit . I felt ecstatic. Thank you God :*

             I guess my previous post was my first emotional post as a writer. LOL. Kidding aside. But it was really my first post about my struggle as a writer. Nevertheless, I’m really thankful for my fellow bloggers for uplifting my spirit. 

            I finally come to realize that whenever I’m having grimness on my journey, I will just seek my Creator 🙂

God bless everyone.