Want to hear my rants? So better read this post.

           You’re trying to save the group, but the people you are saving seem oblivious with your act. Right now, while typing this, I’m really upset with some of my groupmates.

              I’m in tears right now, since I felt so disappointed with my groupmates. If you can still remember, I posted a blog about our English project which is to create a novel. I even posted an excerpt of our story here.

              Two weeks from now is the deadline of the novel including its movie trailer, movie poster and the novel itself. Imagine two weeks and we haven’t even started filming the movie or even finishing the novel. Our novel has twenty chapters and we only created the prologue and four chapters.

              I told my groupmates that we should just divide the chapters of our novel so we can easily finish it and one of my group mates and I are just going to polish and edit it. I asked them if I can get their write-up this sunday. (as in today) and I will wait for them, so I can edit it already.

               And right now, It’s already 1:35 A.M in the morning – hello monday! – only three among my seven groupmates posted their write-up. And it hits me excruciatingly. I’m still waiting, but there’s no sign of them posting their writings. I just felt upset.

                I’m not the leader in the group, but I’m just trying to save them. If the leader isn’t doing his job, then the members should take charge. It’s just sad that you’re lending your hand to the people who are drowned, but all of them refused to get rescued. If you can save the boat, you should at least save the passengers. But how could you save the passengers, if they don’t need your help?

*sigh. I know this emotion will be removed on my system. Help me God. Nothing is impossible. Lord Help us! 


17 thoughts on “UPSET!

  1. Sure is tough to work in groups–your idea of dividing the work is good. It is always good to assign tasks and follow up. Document who is responsible for each portion. Peer pressure can kick start those who procrastinate. Recognize that people have different styles.


  2. your a great writer and obviously have some great leading skills, Your right that if a leader is failing you should step up and try and help the leader succeed for the team is a whole unit and relies upon each other. Team work is one of the hardest things to get together and keep going, the different personalities and agendas of each team member makes it a chore to keep things running smooth sometimes. Hope all is well with you Amae, God Bless


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