Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Dear my very best and ever love mentor, 

During my “nene” (high school days) with my ever and the best mentor Ms. Maria Luz Rogacion

      Hi Mommy rogs! How are you? Its been weeks since the last time that I saw you. Well! I freaking miss you a lot. Those sharing of inspirational and funny stories. I missed that a lot.      

         THANK YOU for everything. Thank you for molding my character and letting me become a better individual.  It brought me joy and endless smirk from my lips  whenever I remember the time how you help me throughout my high school years. You were the one who discovered my potential in leading, who developed my self-esteem, and of course who inspired me to pursue my dreams more. You were not just my mentor, but also my MOMMY 🙂

        I could not fail to remember the moment when you asked me to run as a Second Year Chairperson. I never had thought, in all seriousness, that from my entire batch you picked and chose me to lead my fellow batch mates. Though I was part of our student council when I was in Elementary, I never had any idea that I could continue and improve my ability in leading in which later on become one of my best experiences. Recalling my first room-to-room campaign, it reminded me how I was so anxious facing my entire batch mate. I was just a little girl back then standing in front of them introducing myself and why do I deserve to be their chairperson.  I just gave all my best and never expected for anything. In my faith, I believe as long as I’ve done my part giving my best, It was all enough to prove myself.  

       Never did I expect to win from this since I have a good opponent who has so much confidence on himself. And back then, I was just gaining my confidence in myself.  Fortunately, in God’s grace, I was proclaimed as the chairperson of my batch.

       Looking back, that’s how I started my student council career, and it was all because of you Mommy Rogs. From then  on after my proclamation, I started to love leading and the student council itself. After that, I continued to run and fortunately was able to seize the victory.  I won for three consecutive years and was happy that I’ve gained my confidence just before leaving my Alma Mater.

      I am very lucky indeed to meet someone like you – more than my teacher and adviser, your are my super love mommy. You have taught me a lot and this letter isn’t enough to show my gratitude.  I love you mommy rogs. I pray that you’ll already meet the man to spend your life with forever 🙂 I want to have my niece already! I’m looking forward to have a dinner and have a sweet chat with you! 

P.S: Don’t forget to put my name on your entourage! Please have a baby already! Love you. 

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