Plagiarism of Sen. Tito Sotto

Disclaimer: This photo came In Manila’s facebook fanpage

        Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto was now being accused of Plagiarism, after he allegedly copied the article from an American Blogger where he used on his privilege speech regarding the reproductive health bill. Even this issue hasn’t ended; another plagiarism act was caught in his privilege speech last September 5, 2012.

        According to him, he didn’t plagiarized Robert F. Kennedy’s speech, but he just translated it. He even said that he made his speech in tagalog so no one could accuse him of plagiarism. “A oo. Baka ho na naman imbes na sagutin nila yung mga sinabi ko baka daanin na naman sa plagiarism o pinlagiarism yung mga isyu kaya ko ho Tinagalog. Kaya Pilipino na ginamit ko para hindi na magbintang itong kung sino-sino,” he said.

          He further said that he wasn’t aware about Kennedy’s speech and the passage just came from his friend who texted him and he decided to translate it in tagalog.

           Tito Sotto’s foolish excuse was just a way of escaping from disgrace – even he’s already criticized from different social media site – especially he is a noted senator and a showbiz personality.

          I had a long run of silence over this issue. Even with the first issue where he copied certain part of an article from an American blogger. I tried to keep in silence, since I don’t want to judge anyone or just add another rage of fury.

        However, I just couldn’t stomach his selfish excuses. He should have just quoted it than trying to pretend as intellectual ones and he should have known where the passage that his friend texted him came from. It should be his responsibility or at least his staffs to make sure that his speech has citation and of course original.

          A student can get a solid 5 for plagiarism, how about this? Still in a way, it’s the same. I’ve been very careful writing my own articles just to avoid being accused of plagiarism. I am really deeply  affected about this, since, one, I’m a writer and second, I’m against in any way and means of Plagiarism.

I guess an individual who embraces ethics and gives importance to the art of writing wouldn’t do this so.

People all commit mistakes so it’s better to admit your mistakes than to create lame excuses. Stealing in any way and any form is still stealing.

11 thoughts on “Plagiarism of Sen. Tito Sotto

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  2. In a world where human weakness thrives, it’s so difficult to discern God’s will. But if we persevere to keep our faith and love for our Lord and the Mother Church, the narrow path to His kingdom will be revealed to us.

    Our life here on earth is a journey, a preparation for something sublime.

    No matter how obvious the black dot can be on a clean sheet of paper, one should not disregard the greater and more meaningful part of the sheet which is white. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. “-Luke 6:37

    Senator Sotto, like all of us, is not perfect. He might have erred in using a medium for his cause, but let us not close our eyes, more so our hearts.., to the roots of what he’s fighting for. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”-Luke 6:41

    Let us be true to our identity as Christians, as children of the Lord. Pax et bonum.:-)


    • I get your point sir :))) but Tito Sotto didn’t even say any apology or accept his fault. That just my point. I know we’re all sinners, and we all commit mistakes. But still I guess, one must humble himself no matter how hard it is. Thank you Sir.


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