Watch your Emotions

Transient Reflections

Emotions lie (this topic came from the preaching of Pastor Rich Witmer of Destiny Church)

Sometimes we’re oblivious that our emotions overpowered our life. At first we thought following what our emotion dictates us is correct, but in the end, we’ll recognize how everything was just a mere trap of the enemy. We have to bear in mind that as our emotions overpower our life, the enemy will use it against us to destroy our lives.  It will ruin our decisions and actions until we become nothing.

So we have to stop listening to our emotions, because at the first place, emotions lie! We have to start living with words not with our emotions. We have to follow the Words of the Lord not with our own emotions. We have to stand firm and obey his words, because we have to let God control our lives.

I am blessed…

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