4 thoughts on “Cybercrime Law

  1. It is a shame that any nation/country would take away the right to free speech, free speech = free thought and when free speech is suppressed so is the great creative minds of that nation. They are crippling their own selves by doing such.

    Great minds and Caring hearts such as yours are rare and I hope that the fact freedom of speech over there is being suppressed will not stop you from reaching your potential. I just want you to know how much of a honor it has been so far having you as a co-author and a friend and to let you know you have a lot of people that are here for you when you need us. May God show you the path to take and may your nation reconsider their poor choice of repressing free speech.

    God Bless
    Ray Barbier


  2. P.S. as the old saying Goes… “When one door shuts, God will open you a new one” . . So have faith and know that you have a purpose in life and God has a plan for you. Follow your Heart and keep praying for guidance…

    your friend
    Ray Barbier


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