My power to communicate

      Before, one of the difficult questions that someone would throw to me is about my talent. When someone asked me “What’s your talent”? I tried to think as much hoping there’s one. I tried to convince myself that maybe I can sing or dance. But Honestly, I’m not good in singing, dancing, acting and even playing musical instruments. I even remember the times that I get jealous with my friends seeing them having a lot of talents.

      But not until I realized that writing is a talent, that communicating well is a talent. I will not forget the moment when someone not that close to me shared her  dilemma. She’s the type of person who finds sharing her problems so difficult. I can see her as a fragile person with a lot of fears that captivates her system. Her friends do not understand her and was very impatient to know the truth. Then as I talked with that girl, I got to sympathize her situation until she opened up. I was surprised seeing her sharing her dilemma to me. Even I’m not so close to her, she still managed to trust me. Her friend got even surprise why she was able to open her problems to me.

     That situation was just one of my experiences. Before, I tend to get jealous with others having a lot of talents. But not anymore. God has put the right capabilities with my system. He has given me something very vital to help others. Sometimes I would kid my friends that maybe in the future, aside from being a writer or journalist, I can work as a counselor or a life coach. Perhaps who knows what the future will dictate? Only God knows then.

—- God bless everyone! I really missed blogging =)


4 thoughts on “My power to communicate

  1. And you have an amazing talent! When my daughter was accepted to AADA which is a drama school in LA…. She had to write an essay in reply to a question they asked. Now I realize that it was probably because a lot more writing was required than the students might think when they applied to a school for “drama”. In the years that followed, writing was almost half of the first year’s work. Researching and character development was a big part of the school. A lot of people dropped out after the first year. Fortunately my daughter is also a writer and made it all the way to the company. Though she is a brilliant actor, I’ve always wished she would do more with her writing talents.
    As writers….We may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket, but you are right…. writing is a talent and you should be just as proud! Take a bow!!!!!


  2. Amae, you are a very talented young lady, don’t forget that. God gave us all gifts some more noticable than others. Believe in yourself and use God’s gift to you! xx


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