What’s your hobby?

       “Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on earth is only the beginning.” “Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen.” “Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”

        Perhaps you have encountered these heart-inspiring lines. Some might post it in their scrapbook or some might post it as status in their facebook or twitter account. Back then, I find reading novels as squander of time. Why would you waste your entire time just reading a book? Why would you finish reading a book in just a single day and forget the other task you need to finish? These are the questions pondering on my head. Questions I didn’t understand before, until I was hooked up with A Walk to Remember of Nicholas Sparks. It’s a fulfillment to finish a novel which consists of 300 plus pages. It’s a self-entitlement to own a book. And most especially, appreciating and understanding the lesson of the book you have read is beyond words.


           After I finished reading A Walk to Remember of Nicholas Sparks, I have continued reading novels. I have appreciated the essence of it. It’s not just merely a stress reliever hobby, but also a tool of honing up your imagination and intensifying your vocabulary words. Reading has helped me become a better writer that it pushed me to create appealing and unique plot where I can show my individuality. Reading has also helped me become less of a loud talker. I remember how my classmates during my last year in High School, found my quietness so bizarre. I wasn’t a silent type student before, but when I found reading as interesting as it is, I made my vacant time as my reading time. Sometimes to the extent, I read my novel during my banal teacher is discussing his/her lecture. So right now, I always received a book present from my friends. It made me blissful of course; especially I’m a “budget reader” meaning I used to buy novels from book sale. My parents don’t support my hobby, but I don’t hold grudge about that. Of course, buying a single book worth 300php plus is something unpractical for them. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for them, because I managed to save quite a bit from my allowance coming from them. I wouldn’t save much money which can buy a brand new book if my allowance wasn’t so enough for my daily routine in school.

        Reading novels added sweet spice on my every day life. Without it, my entire system would be incomplete like a vehicle without an engine, a cellular phone without load and a bicycle without a wheel. Hence, my life without my hobby would have a very serious malfunction.

The Lucky One

“Everyone has their own destiny, but not everyone makes a choice to follow it, I’m lucky I did.” – Logan Thibault

That’s the last thing Logan (Zac Efron) said on the movie and that line came from the epilogue of the book. Well, I really like the movie more than the book. I’ve read the book last year, when I’m greatly and madly in love with Nicholas Sparks‘ books. ( RF: I started enjoying reading books, -and become my hobby- when I stumbled from Sparks’ book,  A Walk to Remember.)  This book has pushed me to stop from my goal, ( to read all Sparks’ books) since it has a lot of similar idea from his earlier novels. As if this book was the result of recycled ideas from all his novels. That’s why I kinda wonder, from all his novels, why did they choose The Lucky one to consign in big screen? #justsayin hihi.

So all my questions were answered, when I watched the movie yesterday. Well, It didn’t disappoint me.  The flow of story is so smooth, same with the characters like Zac Efron who did an amazing job portraying Logan Thibault. I must say that he was already matured in his craft. From the high-school-musical-thingy wherein he just used to make “pa-cute face” into a so matured character like this. So I have to give credit to the casting management, they did a great job. So with  Taylor Schilling who played Elizabeth Clayton. She’s so damn sexy! Like her body.  I have to admire her for accepting this break, since the bed scenes are so intense (no wonder, why its PG 13) Of course, I would not forget Blythe Danner, who played the mother of beth, made the movie so humorous. Havey! ang mga linyahan niya. =)

Of course, this movie would not be successful without a good director behind it. So great job Mr. Scott Hicks. I think he should be the one to direct Catching Fire next year so that the book fanatics of HG would deeply appreciate the movie =) Anyway, I greatly admire how he interpreted and translated the story and transformed it into a good picture. I think Mr. Hicks must lecture other directors who are whirling  the book into movie.  =)

I’m greatly satisfied with the movie, so thumbs- up for all the cast and crews. You deserve praises =)I Anyhow, I hope Bend in the Road of Sparks will be turned into movie too.

What’s good about yesterday =)

 Yesterday, was so so great day for me.  I started my day going to PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) with my mom for my enrollment. Well, I’m certified PUPian already =) However, the procedure was just so memorable. haha.  Every step of the procedure has its own tremendous line as if from Baclaran up to Mall of Asia. (puno talaga ng pila! kaloka!) So it’s kinda fulfilling finishing those procedure just for one day. Anyway, what’s good about it is that you’ll learn to have more patience. Like what the cliché says, “Good thing comes to those who wait”.  And I was so overjoyed because I ended up finishing the first book of Corinthians while I’m on my line waiting to be called.

  By 5pm we’re already done and we decided to leave PUP. Imagine we went there by 9am. haha. Then, Mama and I decided to head at Glorietta to watch The Lucky One.  I must say that the movie is better than the book – just my perception. Anyway, I’ll just  post another blog na lang about it, because the movie is so freaking good. So of course, we decided to  feed our growling stomach first. Imagine we ordered for extra rice pa! haha.

  At the end, we went home by 10:30. Anyway,  I already got my sched na din.  I was so so overjoyed, because I have no Math subject! yey! I really admit that I suck in Math.  Also glad that I have more English subjects! and I have communication subjects too. So you might be wondering why I don’t have any math subjects, I choose Journalism kasi.  So basically, my major is more on English.  Hence, I’m excited to develop my writing and communication skills. =)

 Oh, how could not I forget the last question that the interviewer asked me. He told me that If I am sure about my course, since there’s no money in Journalism. The question is no longer new to me. I’ve heard it gazillion times from everyone. But, my stand is always the same.  Once you love what you’re doing, you’ll no longer search or look for superficial things. Money is money, but still happiness is happiness and so with Fulfillment. Once I am fulfilled and contented, that’s all it! I’m pretty sure that the Lord will help me through this =)

Journalist na ang peg =) I’m positve!

A Walk to Remember

I haven’t been updating my blog so now I’m about to blog again 🙂 I’ve been so busy over these past few weeks and consider the fact that I’m kinda reviewing for UPCAT . GC much?
Anyway, I’m starting to love reading novels. Reading novel is not my hobby talaga and I really don’t know why I’m into it now. Perhaps because I have proven to myself that reading novel isn’t boring. Usually, it has been a stereotype that reading book is so boring.
At least you know, I’m still an apprentice. I watched A walk to remember from HBO last week and it definitely touched my heart. So i find reading the novel so interesting. The movie have cut and added some scenes and usually this is what the directors do to maximize the span of time. Because basically, If they didn’t cut some scenes, then they’ll definitely exceed the limited time needed to be aired. So I don’t have any negative thoughts about the movie though I’m more on the novel.
What I love the most with this novel, is landon as the narrator. Most often, woman is the ones narrating the novel but with a walk to remember it’s a guy. Of course the so so reason is Nicholas Spark is a guy. ok let’s end to that
For my notion, the turning point of movie is how jamie changed Landon a better man. I even remember the last line Landon said at the movie wherein he talked with Jamie’s father about the miracle. I forgot the exact line but I can still remember the thought. It goes like he told Jamie’s father that he was sad because there’s no miracle that happened but the reverent told there was and its you (pertaining to landon) .

P.S (anyway I’ll just continue it tomorrow it’s already 3 am and I need to sleep for I have some stuffs to do tomorrow. If my father caught me still awake, He’ll definitely reprimand me so to be away with that I need to sleep. I promise to continue coz I really love a walk to remember and it makes me cry whenever I conjures up some image about it) xx