I’m now part of Transient Reflections!

*sorry for the late post.

So glad that I’m now part of  Transient Reflections! Thank you Mr. Ray Barbier for letting me become one of the authors of your blog. It such an honor for me. And I’m more happy that I can be able to share more words and hopefully touch people through your blog. 

Of course, All glory to God. God bless everyone 😀

Jessica Sanchez – And I’m telling you (I’m not going)

Finally, Jessica had another standing ovation from the judges as she sang And I”m telling you by Jennifer Holiday. She killed the song through her powerful voice and emotions. And everybody must agree, since she got the no. 1 spot trending topic worldwide on twitter.

Jessica is just one step away to finale – or I guess 2 step away until may 22!. Let’s start the power voting for her via online voting at facebook. Let’s make Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez be on the finale. Both of them really deserve to win!

Feel the Heat of Summer ♥

Life’s most awesome and cool people – HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS =) We headed to sea breeze to have an outrageous swimming courtesy/treat – as a promise for us- of one of my friends.

Had a blast with them. I could never elucidate how happy I am, since this is something terrific and unforgettable for the following reasons. One, it’s our very first time to have an outing with numerous foods, so gazillion thanks to our well-blessed friends Bianca and Clarence. =) Second, it’s our first outing as “graduates” of Pasay Science 😐

Perhaps this photo can reveal how happy I am. Mcdo Shot XD

Priceless moments!

Anyhow, I’m both happy and sad for this event. Happy, since we find time despite conflicts of schedule and sad, since it’s still unknown if will get to see each other again and set an event like this.

Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita! walang iwanan!

Let’s vote for Jessica Sanchez

I’m a fan of american idol. So might as well vote for my favorite contestant, Jessica Sanchez. It’s not because she’s Half Filipino so whatever, but I greatly believe with her talent considering her young age. Like what the judges used to say when they’re critiquing Jessica, ” The maturity of your voice is just so amazing!”

So you can vote Jessica through facebook. 50 votes per person! So please vote for her! or if you have skype account, just dial 866idols-05 but you should vote 1-3pm only today so it can be counted at US

So for the recent episode, Jessica performed falling by Alicia keys

So Jessica really needs our vote because 2 contestants are going to be eliminated tomorrow since Jessica was saved on the last performance. So PLEASE! vote for her! #USVote4JessicaSanchez

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

I’m loving this song :). Every time this song plays, I can veritably feel the beat. If this is new to you, try to listen to it. It just showed women’s empowerment! Go Girls! haha. I also love the version of Glee and American Idol.

yeah! 🙂