My Testimony

                I tried to audition on our première public speaking organization in school. I wasn’t really expecting anything. I just want to give it a “try”. And of course, I wanted to overcome this strange feeling whenever I was being interviewed. Every time I was being interviewed, my nervousness eats my entire system as if stopping me to answer in a logical way. I really had a second thought of trying to enter this organization, because of the fear that I might end up saying nothing to them. But a little side of my mind told me that how would I overcome my fear if I wouldn’t try it. Nevertheless, I trusted my guts and of course the Lord, so I continued it.
            The time when I reached the room, my nervousness came rushing so rapid that made my mind not to function well plus the so serious set of interviewers. I really don’t know how I overcame it. I just prayed a lot before, during and after the interview.
              I will never ever forget the moment I cried at the last part of my interview in which the interviewers will give their comments. Of course, I expect all the negative comments to be said by them. I wasn’t able to give a good answer from their questions. I stutter a lot that even simple question; I failed to answer it well. I received a lot of negative comments from them, but that does not make me so furious to them. In fact, I just stomach it and they also noticed that. They said that they like my personality, because even with the negative comments I’ve been getting from them, I still managed to smile.
             And that I was thankful to the Lord. He taught me to become grounded in every single act. Although I was given a lot of negative comments, I stomach it and still managed to smile. I’m thankful to God that He taught me to accept my flaws. Of course, not everybody will say good at you. Sometimes you have to hear those painful words to make you better. And I’m really thankful to God for teaching this value.
            I was accepted in the organization and now part of their org as newbie. Honestly, I never did expect it, so I’m thankful to the Lord. Of course, He has a plan on it and it was an answered prayer. I guess this is the right time to hone up my skill in speaking. But more than being part of the org, I’m thankful to the Lord for helping me to become grounded. This is all yours God. Thank you for the grace.

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11

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