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I hope I could buy this book soon. (I don’t have enough savings to buy this book yet. But soon) Do you have an e-book of this book? Perhaps you can send it to me. I really love to read this book.

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God’s Love and Miracle

You may feel incapable of helping to change someone else’s life, but remember, you don’t do the work of changing them–God does. You just link them up to Him by showing them how to pray, how to make contact with Him, and He does the rest. Then you will see lives changed, because God will answer prayer. He will do it.   –Chloe West

Felt the urge from my heart to share a little piece myself. Well, as I’ve read this quote  from freebiblestudiesonline, I freaking felt the words as if hitting and slapping my face repetitively. But on a serious note, at some point of my life, (too dramatic. Lol) I “tried” to change someone’s life. – atleast I tried.  He was kinda away from God’s word that it even causes him to doubt God’s existence. A little part of myself told me that I have something to do about it. Definitely, I have to do something.  Since we’re batchmates, I had the chance to talk to him via some activities concerning our school.  We got the chance to text each other and suddenly became good friends. I prayed hard that he would realize how God is good and how God is really with him throughout his life.  Then, all of a sudden, I was kinda shocked that his already back knowing the Lord and attending the mass on Sunday. (Okay. I’m still thinking if I’m going to share the next events. Haha.  But since I’m sharing it already, I should tell the entire story na.) So our closeness went beyond of friendship, you know what I mean =) but suddenly, as we got to the process, my friend told me that he’s back with his ex. Maybe during that time, I was hurt.  

Anyway, through this event, I realized that maybe my only purpose of knowing him is just to let him know the Lord. Yes, at first, I was really sad because it didn’t end the way I wanted. But, through the love of the Lord, I took it positively with all my heart. I even reminded myself with a little quote from I Kissed Dating Goodbye that the right thing in a wrong time is a wrong thing.  Right now, we’re good friends, since he already apologized with that event.  And I’m not the type of person who holds grudges, because I believe for you to become really happy, you must forgive  =)

I never regret that it did happen, because I learned a lot from it just how God wanted me to learn from it. And I really thank God for letting it happen. 😀

Much love ♥

Better Me.

As I get older, a lot of  books have aided me to metamorphose into a better individual.  So I wanted to share with you the  books that gave a great impact like a roaring bomb in my life. It’s really helpful! You’ll get to realize the implication and importance of life  as you turn and internalize every page.

Anyhow,  Let me start =)

1. Purpose Driven Life by Pastor  Rick Warren

Back then, I remember being a war freak. I used to loathe. I’m arrogant and judgmental. Yes, that’s how bad  I am. BUT that was before, not until I’ve met the most inspiring -as far as I know – spiritual book I ever had. It is a  40-day journey of  life transformation that will help you out on understanding the REAL essence of life. Distinguishing this book as a self-help  is an understatement. I guarantee everyone! My PDL book has passed by with my friends, since I know that they will gain a lot of lessons that would really help them as they faced the reality. Numerous of questions are going to conjure up on your mind while reading this. So I veritably urge you to read this. It’s for you!

2. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

I remember being so heartbroken -part of growing up I guess. haha. Then, my friend introduced this book to me. And it help a lot! So better read the book before judging it! It’s not just about the issue about dating, but about knowing your purpose as single person according to God. I agree that we as young individual must not search for the right person, but let what the Lord plans for us  go smoothly.  As what the book says, “the right thing at wrong time is a wrong thing“. So now, it’s really my choice not to commit to anyone, since I know that my purpose as a single individual is to please the Lord and to understand life deeply. I’m not veritably ready for commitment, because I believe I have a lot of things that I needed to carry out pa- spiritually and personally.

And the most important tool that really change my principle and perception in life is…

The BIBLE – our manual tool for defining life. Learning to fathom and internalize good words from the Lord is the best! I would not be a better individual without this behind me. What is my life without the words from God? I could not imagine that, for He strengthens me.  Faith comes from hearing the word of God! -Romans 10:17. My life became better when I read the bible, so  it’s possible for you too! Remember!No one can ever surpass the happiness of knowing the Lord from His words!