Her amazing journey: Road to 20


        From a little caterpillar to a full-blown butterfly, your amazing blogger turned 20! I’m nostalgic in a way realizing how time flies. Now that I’m out of teenage years, I am overjoyed to say that I had the best teenage years.

One thing I’m thankful on my road to 20 is that I succeeded to face my fear and intimidation. Without conquering it, I would not be able to meet amazing and best people who mentored me and encouraged me to unleash my potentials.

To all the teenager and young at heart out there, don’t be afraid to try something new. Pursue your passion and fight for your dreams. Never look down on yourself just because you are young. 


These are the things I learned and made my 20 years of existence more meaningful.

1.  Meet new people and learn from their experience

Never get intimidated to start a conversation to people you just met for the first time. Know their stories and learn from them. 

Whenever I attend an event, I’m usually part of the young people or sometimes I’m the youngest on the audience. Naturally, it’s intimidating to talk with professional people knowing their  expertise. But along the process, I managed to overcome my  intimidation and was able to talk with successful people from  different fields. Who would have taught that I can have a constant communication with CEOs? I never even imagined it. The only key is to have that innocence. Just be genuine and makesure you are really enjoying the conversation.

Sometimes it’s good to be innocent or clueless about the background of the people you are talking with. There was the time that I didn’t know I was talking to the bassist of Eraserheads and I only found out that he was the bassist when I googled his name at home.

Meeting new people is always amazing. You learned a lot from them and you learn from their mistakes. So you need to take  away  that fear and appreciate the beauty of each other’s stories

A year ago, I have a huge gratitude to Light Network for discovering my blog which led me to seize more opportunities

Meaningful conversation with the OMF authors! They are one of my inspirations in writing

My internship family at Manila Bulletin – Balita  during my mentor’s birthday celebration

Meeting new people from our neighboring countries! Some delegates of 42nd Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) during their visit at Gawad Kalinga Payatas Community.

2. Experience extreme adventure

Come out from your comfort zone! Try something new and  extreme. Though it will cost your physical strength, it will all be worth it at the end. Don’t limit yourself. Sometimes you’ll never  know that you can do it until you do it. Go hiking, snorkeling, bungee jumping, eat local. Perhaps, life is too short for you not to enjoy it.

 I always love to challenge myself that’s why I love to go extreme  adventure. Besides, nobody wants a dull life! Just like recently I went hiking with friends. Read it (here) 

I just touched the sky! Hiking at Mt. Balagbag, Licao Licao Bulacan

3. Go out alone
Contemplate about your life. Go out alone and go to a serene place. Think about your dreams and goals and write about it. It’s essential that you pause sometimes and regenerate your energy so you can be more focused after evaluating everything.

Going out alone is my favorite rejuvenating time. I usually go to milktea house just pondering and writing about life.  It’s like a relief to me whenever I remind myself with my goals, dreams and things that I should be grateful for.

Me time at my fave milktea house: Serenitea!

4. Take Risk and Face your Fear

 If you know how amazing your destination, you will never have second thoughts to take risk. You will face your fear no matter how it looks difficult for you know that your dreams are at stake.

Whenever I managed to face my fear and take risk, I always bear  in mind that I’m getting closer to my dreams and to my mind-blowing destination.

I was able to conquer the crowd and was able to share my love for writing.

Metamorphosing to a wonderful butterfly is extremely amazing. There may be pain and challenges along the road, but all these circumstances made my road to 20 more meaningful. It made me more equipped to face more challenges.

I’m heading towards my transition from being a student to a young professional – making myself ready for the big leap. Thank you  everyone for being part of my amazing journey. For more amazing years to come!




The True Spirit of Christmas

Maybe you are longing for something or for a better half this Christmas. It could be particularly on your career, family, dreams, etc. Or you are searching for your hearts, trying to look an answer for your emptiness. You tried to do everything just to fill that emptiness, tried to look for answers to other people but everything is not just working. What’s wrong then?

Certainly, you are missing out an essential Someone on your life. This 25th of December, let it be our reminder for us that Someone was born just to free us from bondage. That Someone endured and embraced all the sufferings for us to enjoy what we have now.

Jesus Christ is born to save us from all our sins. HE IS THE REASON OF THIS SEASON. Let’s not forget it. More than the gifts, reunion, party, and celebration, He is the reason why we are merry to celebrate the 25th. He is the reason nothing more nothing less.

That’s why, if you try to look for answers for your emptiness, He’s the only way. I’ll tell you that there is a space on your heart that no one could ever fulfill. He is the only one who could sustain your heart and fill that emptiness in your heart.

Don’t overlook Him for He has been waiting for you for so long. Don’t wait for tomorrow if you could give your life to Him today.

This Christmas, let’s not waste another great opportunity for us to be grateful for all the blessings and victories for 2014. It has been an amazing year and we can’t afford not to get better and better this 2015.

God has indeed blessed us. He has been faithful to us despite our shortcomings.  There are a lot of things that we did not ask yet He gave it immeasurably more than what we have imagined and asked. Wouldn’t that be enough for us to be grateful to Him?

So this Christmas, take a quiet time to thank the Lord for all the goodness He has done on your life. Take time to ponder on the situations you have conquered this year. Don’t waste your life! Be a blessing to someone.

A great and wonderful  Christmas everyone!

(Disclaimer: I do not own the photos. All photos were grabbed from Pinterest. God bless!)

Her Amaezing 19 Years Of Journey

How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me? – Psalm 116:12

19 years of journey, God has never failed to amaze me with all the endless blessings, fruitfulness, and promotion He has provided to me. Even the challenges that I’d never thought I could triumph. Indeed, I’m born to conquer and triumph. I am victorious!

Cheers to my 19 years of productive and meaningful existence :)

Cheers to my 19 years of productive and meaningful existence 🙂

I have met amazing and great people who never get tired to correct, remind, rebuke and bring out the best in me. People who help to clear my eyes for the vision and to dream bigger dreams not just for myself but for others and for this nation.


My friend who sticks closer than a sister :)

My friend who sticks closer than a sister 🙂


My growing team who surprises me with their heartfelt messages.

My growing team who surprises me with their heartfelt messages.

Whatever I become now, it should all be credited to the Lord who keeps on touching my heart like no one does. And of course, to my leaders who never fail to believe on my capabilities even in times I’m doubting on myself.

My leader who continuously bringing out the best in me.

My leader who continuously bringing out the best in me.

From immaturity, to better and version 2.0 amae. If you want to know how hard my character before, just asked my highschool friends. They would laugh about it and tell all my crankiness and kalokohan.

Truly, everybody has the chance to change. Change is never difficult once you decided it. And change is never painful, once you get to know Him.

A very cute collage from my disciple :)

A very cute collage from my disciple 🙂

I’m thankful that at the young age, I was able to surrender my life to God because my life has now meaning  and my potentials were unleashed.


My team 🙂

Such an amazing surprise :)

Such an amazing surprise 🙂

That’s why, I dare to all young people to surrender your life to God. While you’re still young, use your strength and skills to glorify our God. It’s not too late. Don’t reject the invitation He has for you. For your life will only just start when you come to know Him.

I never regret accepting and serving Him. My life has now a purpose and mission to fulfill – to bless other people, make Him known to all nations of the earth, and to transform this nation.

Overjoyed with the love that I've been receiving from other people and of course from the Lord :) The best is yet to come. What an amazing journey :)

Overjoyed with the love that I’ve been receiving from other people and of course from the Lord 🙂 The best is yet to come. What an amazing journey 🙂

I'm contented but not satisfied! I want more! More amaezing challenges to conquer, more breakthrough, next level and promotion for 2015 :)

I’m contented but not satisfied! I want more! More amaezing challenges to conquer, more breakthrough, next level and promotion for 2015 🙂

To God be the glory!


With the Senior Pastor/ Spiitual Father of Doulos For Christ, Bishop Oriel Ballano


     Finally, I’m already 17! I thank God for giving me another year full of blessings. Let me share you want went so good this day. I started my birthday at the Morning Prayer of our Church and it happened to be that our senior Pastor, Bishop Oriel Ballano was the one in charge of the Preaching. The preaching was so great and superb – it tackled about our way of praying and prayer itself (Check James 5:13). After the preaching, I really wanted to come close with Bishop Oriel just to tell him it’s my birthday. Then, I had the heart to go for it. As I told him it’s my birthday, He immediately smiled on me and started praying on me. The experience was so amae-zing. I just really felt the anointing from Bishop Oriel. 

                And to make my experience complete, I asked him if I can have a picture with him and he agreed. Yey, my birthday just became more special. I thank God for giving me a spiritual father.

                 I am still a 3-month Christian of Doulos for Christ, yet I really felt the love and care from them. I got a lot of greetings from my spiritual brothers and sisters. Though I don’t know some of them, they still had the heart to greet me. I am really joyful that God brought me here.

The best is yet to come in my life ❤

P.S: I will post later about my party with my High School Friends.

God bless everyone! 

Much Love,

Amae ❤

Early Birthday Present!

         I’ll be turning seventeen on the 15th and one of my wishes is to have a blackberry phone. So today, 9th of November, my wish is granted! Yey! Thankful indeed to God for granting my wish and to my mom for being an instrument to fulfill my wish. Love you Mom! I am really blessed to have such loving family. Thank you Lord for the endless outpouring of blessings.

        I could hardly explain how my heart jumped joyfully as my mom present  me the box of my blackberry phone. I plastered my widest smile that moment I saw it. By the time I opened the box, I could no longer conceal my happiness evidently flashing on my face. I was like a kid again who happened to have a new set of toys.

        I am veritably happy. Thank you God! 

     Much Love,

His Love never fails

Andreng’s 16th birthday

Finally, Andreng is already sweet . hahaha. Her birthday was the same with graduation of our school so after the grad we hurriedly went to glorietta. Oh i mean them hahaha coz I went home to change my clothes. But I was lucky coz I saw Kim chui during the olay’s event.

My bffs. from left-right. me, eka, andreng, elai, cox and veggie

Supposedly, it’s like a tropa night out but the news was easily spread out so it result to this. It so better with the whole gag of Unbeata-BOYLE. I enjoyed more.

*.* us . I was late but they manage to have my seat beside him. hihihi

with my tropa 🙂

I like this shot. I became maputi 🙂 hahaha. I even use this one as my display picture in facebook.

Supposedly. it was a jump shot but i think everybody wasn’t ready except for daddy sac.  look at him at the middle. His pose was cute 🙂

the birthday celebrator

went home pass 10 o’clock in the evening yet wasn’t scolded. Common its a birthday celebration so i think it’s expected . hahaha