With the Senior Pastor/ Spiitual Father of Doulos For Christ, Bishop Oriel Ballano


     Finally, I’m already 17! I thank God for giving me another year full of blessings. Let me share you want went so good this day. I started my birthday at the Morning Prayer of our Church and it happened to be that our senior Pastor, Bishop Oriel Ballano was the one in charge of the Preaching. The preaching was so great and superb – it tackled about our way of praying and prayer itself (Check James 5:13). After the preaching, I really wanted to come close with Bishop Oriel just to tell him it’s my birthday. Then, I had the heart to go for it. As I told him it’s my birthday, He immediately smiled on me and started praying on me. The experience was so amae-zing. I just really felt the anointing from Bishop Oriel. 

                And to make my experience complete, I asked him if I can have a picture with him and he agreed. Yey, my birthday just became more special. I thank God for giving me a spiritual father.

                 I am still a 3-month Christian of Doulos for Christ, yet I really felt the love and care from them. I got a lot of greetings from my spiritual brothers and sisters. Though I don’t know some of them, they still had the heart to greet me. I am really joyful that God brought me here.

The best is yet to come in my life ❤

P.S: I will post later about my party with my High School Friends.

God bless everyone! 

Much Love,

Amae ❤

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