Encouraging your Discouraged Friend

There would be time that someone would call you, ask for your help and encouragement. He/she would entail every detail to you and he/she just can’t hold the heaviness of his/her heart and cry it out. And you don’t have any idea how to ease that pain. Only being emphatic is the  closest way to atleast carry off the burden. All you could do is to listen to his/her story and tap his/her back and share an undying encouragement.

It’s not easy to see someone in trouble especially if he/she is close to your heart. But be with him/her in his/her journey. Don’t leave him/her in such a time he/she needs someone like you who’ll remind him/her of what he/she had gone through over the past years.
If you have a friend who needs you now, don’t give up on him/her. Help him/her to rise up above on his/her situation and bring out the best in him/her in his/her darkest moment.

You don’t need to provide everything for him/her, sometimes your presence is more than enough.


Friendship (Reunited)

You will meet a lot of people in your life but only few people will mark your heart. In my case, these eight individuals remained very special to me for the past years. So let me show you how it all started

Three years before…

And three years after…

My best friends from High School. From Left to Right: Elai, Eka, Camille, Alaine, Andreng (the debutant), Cox, Biancs, Patie, and me)

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Bestfriend :)

              What do you feel after talking with your bestfriend?

                Talking with one of my best friends that I haven’t seen for a little while completed my day. Nostalgia hits me, as we chatted through facebook. We talked blissfully about trivial and serious matters . Of course, It was mainly a girl-talk. I felt nothing but pure joy that even despite of our hectic sched, we still managed to make time to talk with each other.  It was like our old times back when we were in High School.

                Elai is more like my biological sister than my best friend. We’ve been through good and bad times. We’ve fought over silly things, cried over heartbreaks, and helped each other against our giants. Our friendship is certainly tested beyond years, and no one can ever compare how we painstakingly build our friendship.


On the left: My bestfriend Elai.

              She is my remedy in times of my lowest point, in times that I badly needed to smile, and in times that I needed someone to help and be with me. 

             I’m more than grateful of having such best friend like her, such best friend that can never tolerate your wrongdoings and can tell you directly what to and not to do.

              So if you have a best friend like my best friend, you’re blessed! So don’t you ever try to let her/him go.

Godbless everyone!

Much love,

Amae ❤ 

God’s Love and Miracle

You may feel incapable of helping to change someone else’s life, but remember, you don’t do the work of changing them–God does. You just link them up to Him by showing them how to pray, how to make contact with Him, and He does the rest. Then you will see lives changed, because God will answer prayer. He will do it.   –Chloe West

Felt the urge from my heart to share a little piece myself. Well, as I’ve read this quote  from freebiblestudiesonline, I freaking felt the words as if hitting and slapping my face repetitively. But on a serious note, at some point of my life, (too dramatic. Lol) I “tried” to change someone’s life. – atleast I tried.  He was kinda away from God’s word that it even causes him to doubt God’s existence. A little part of myself told me that I have something to do about it. Definitely, I have to do something.  Since we’re batchmates, I had the chance to talk to him via some activities concerning our school.  We got the chance to text each other and suddenly became good friends. I prayed hard that he would realize how God is good and how God is really with him throughout his life.  Then, all of a sudden, I was kinda shocked that his already back knowing the Lord and attending the mass on Sunday. (Okay. I’m still thinking if I’m going to share the next events. Haha.  But since I’m sharing it already, I should tell the entire story na.) So our closeness went beyond of friendship, you know what I mean =) but suddenly, as we got to the process, my friend told me that he’s back with his ex. Maybe during that time, I was hurt.  

Anyway, through this event, I realized that maybe my only purpose of knowing him is just to let him know the Lord. Yes, at first, I was really sad because it didn’t end the way I wanted. But, through the love of the Lord, I took it positively with all my heart. I even reminded myself with a little quote from I Kissed Dating Goodbye that the right thing in a wrong time is a wrong thing.  Right now, we’re good friends, since he already apologized with that event.  And I’m not the type of person who holds grudges, because I believe for you to become really happy, you must forgive  =)

I never regret that it did happen, because I learned a lot from it just how God wanted me to learn from it. And I really thank God for letting it happen. 😀

Much love ♥

Andreng’s 16th birthday

Finally, Andreng is already sweet . hahaha. Her birthday was the same with graduation of our school so after the grad we hurriedly went to glorietta. Oh i mean them hahaha coz I went home to change my clothes. But I was lucky coz I saw Kim chui during the olay’s event.

My bffs. from left-right. me, eka, andreng, elai, cox and veggie

Supposedly, it’s like a tropa night out but the news was easily spread out so it result to this. It so better with the whole gag of Unbeata-BOYLE. I enjoyed more.

*.* us . I was late but they manage to have my seat beside him. hihihi

with my tropa 🙂

I like this shot. I became maputi 🙂 hahaha. I even use this one as my display picture in facebook.

Supposedly. it was a jump shot but i think everybody wasn’t ready except for daddy sac.  look at him at the middle. His pose was cute 🙂

the birthday celebrator

went home pass 10 o’clock in the evening yet wasn’t scolded. Common its a birthday celebration so i think it’s expected . hahaha

unbeata-BOYLE forever ♥

As the school year ends, my junior life ends.  Being sentimental again 😦 . I’m going to miss my unbeata-BOYLE family. though we’re going to see each other next school year, It’s kinda sad seeing that we’re not complete and others were going to be in the second section.

This is our adviser, MamiLana :)) Enjoying our last moment as junior and as unbeata-BOYLE 🙂

This is how I love Unbeata-BOYLE 🙂

All of our names were written on the Board. Look for my name :)))

Apparently, that was written on the board. hahaha

My tropa. I’m going to miss them 😐 just for summer. hahaha

I’m going to miss him too. hihihi. Hope he would not see it :)))

next year is my final year in high school. I’m senior na. huhuhu!! I still don’t wanna  enter in college coz I’m still freakin enjoying my high school year. These are the people who made my junior year  momentous. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and i love you all