It’s always a good time!

No more delay! At last, after all the conflict of schedules, We – my high school friends – had an outing to embrace the heat of summer. This is my first outing – to think that this outing happened on the first week of may – for my entire summer vacation this year. But more than sensing the sun rays and glaring heat, spending a day with the people  whom you could easily describe even in the simplest word is the best. So let the pictures do the talking, enjoy!

This is paradise!! (Tagaytay Country Homes)

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Feel the Heat of Summer ♥

Life’s most awesome and cool people – HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS =) We headed to sea breeze to have an outrageous swimming courtesy/treat – as a promise for us- of one of my friends.

Had a blast with them. I could never elucidate how happy I am, since this is something terrific and unforgettable for the following reasons. One, it’s our very first time to have an outing with numerous foods, so gazillion thanks to our well-blessed friends Bianca and Clarence. =) Second, it’s our first outing as “graduates” of Pasay Science 😐

Perhaps this photo can reveal how happy I am. Mcdo Shot XD

Priceless moments!

Anyhow, I’m both happy and sad for this event. Happy, since we find time despite conflicts of schedule and sad, since it’s still unknown if will get to see each other again and set an event like this.

Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita! walang iwanan!