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Lost and Found

Looking. Searching. Longing. 

I’m thirsty and hungry yet euphoric with how things drive around me. But there was an empty space on my heart that desires for more. Still, I kept on going, trying to overlook the yearning of my heart. I tried to delude myself thinking that everything’s going to be okay. But I heard a thumping whisper, trying to shame me – telling me that I’m a stranger on my accustomed dwelling, stranger of my own world. It’s difficult to buy that idea but there was a part me agreeing that there’s something wrong which I attempted to ignore. 

But that whisper kept on haunting me.

Is that possible to be lost/ to be a stranger on your own track? I asked myself. 

I kept on pondering. How can it be? I’m clueless. Perhaps I’m lost with no clear path to journey ahead. With all those questions, I just continued my way, paying no attention with everything. 

Yet, until one day, while contemplating over things, a woman in her late teen years, tapped me. “Can you give me a minute?” she requested. I was uncertain if I would accept her request but I just said yes. 

“Do you read love letters? She asked. I just nodded. “How about love letters from God?” she smiled. I gave her a quizzical look. What’s with the love letter from God? I asked myself. 

Until she told me about life’s purpose. She shared a verse written on the bible. I can hardly forget about it. It was written on Romans 6:23. At first, I thought she was another saint trying to impose her beliefs, insisting that she’s good and I’m bad – that my soul will be burned and found on hell. But everything that’s been playing on my mind was all a mistaken thought. 

I kept on listening on her. Little by little, pieces by pieces, I finally understand all my queries. There’s just a single solution about my petty issues, if I’ll just be bold about it – Accept Him. 

I never thought that all the questions I’ve been pondering will just be answered by a firm and bold decision – Accepting Christ 

I may once be a completely stranger on my accustomed dwelling, on my own world, but now I am found. I have been lost, but now I am found.

I found all I need in Him that I would never ever try to exchange any treasure of this world. Before I’m happy even I’m broke inside, but now I’m completely free. No longer stranger. No longer lost. 

Inspiration: The Time has Come by Hillsong 


The Time is Now


“You’ve got to find what you love” – Steve Jobs

You’ve got to love what you’re doing for it will consume your time. Every second is very limited, time is too precious to be wasted. So as the clock ticks, seize every second, embrace it, and maximize every opportunity. We can’t just let it fly away. The time is NOW, not yesterday or the other day. Don’t just let it pass away. Make each time to spend it with your family, friends, classmates, and to your passion. Live each day as if it is your last. 

Apply this thing and you will no longer fear the unknown. You will never fear what future awaits you, what it will offer or not. 

God gave us the chance to live; it is a gift. Everyday God gives us the opportunity to do the things we need to do for His glory. So don’t hesitate, face life and its challenges. 

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle” – Steve Jobs

Remember Steve Job’s word, Stay Hungry! 


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My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge

Just recently I joined the 500 words challenge from Goins,Writer to really beef up and flex my writing muscle. I really love writing, but like some writers’ issue, I lack discipline. hihi. Perhaps it goes with the reason that I felt I’m not good enough to write or  the pressing pressure I’ve gotten on the people around me. 

Anyway, this 2014, one of my goals is to really finish the unpainted notes/articles/stories that I have. I have a lot but I left all of them hanging. haha. I have my high hopes that the said activity will coax me to be a better and a painstaking writer. 

Goal: Become BETTER and CONSISTENT. hihi


Something New for New Year

Got my new hair to start a new year. Actually, the initial plan was just to trim my hair but my mom just suddenly pushed and asked the hairdresser to color my hair. I was declining and firm with my “no” decision but people around the salon really encouraged me  - even it doesn’t help at all to my decision – to color my hair. Everyone’s claiming that I’m already in college so I need to try a new look.  I was just smiling to them and still declining their offer. However, it all ends with my mom. My mom wins so I got this new look. 





I don’t know if this look suits me at all. I’m kinda nervous next year to whatever comment I’ll be receiving from my “bully” friends and classmates, still preparing my heart for it haha. Glad, I’m offense proof. hihi

Welcome new year with a bang. haha. God bless everyone :)



Out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, my mind just suddenly compelled me to watch my high school videos. Watching those videos really brought me back to that moment, remembering funny situations that happened that time. I can’t stop bursting out my loud growl of laughter which made my mom curious and gave her very own quizzical stare.

But this post is not about how I enjoyed watching the videos, it’s all about how it conveyed quick realization to end this 2013. Sadly, as much as I’d like to show,  the said videos can only be viewed with my friends in facebook due to its privacy setting. Anyhow, I can still show you the pictures of my High School days (Ready your heart, don’t tell me you have not been warned.hihi)

I was like an innocent kid back then :)

Let the picture speaks. This is my shortest hair ever. :)

TIME CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK. Time as quick as it passes by always provides life lesson on us. No matter how small or how petty we think it is, those moral has helped the way we face our own battle in life.

Watching the video made by my friend when I turned 16 just suddenly brought back all those pieces of memories that made my high school life a good story to share. It reminded my personal reasons why I’d never think of exchanging my high school memories to someone or something. Those were the days that the only problems I could hardly solve were math problems. Those were the days that I would spend my day just laughing and enjoying my friends’ company  since our regular school day would end from seven in the morning till four in the afternoon.

Life has just its own phase. I’ve gone through the phase where life’s challenges were so petty. (was there a so-called “petty challenge? haha) Done with all the “tweetums and playtime” days. And I’m now with – perhaps I can already say – life’s exciting challenges.

Now that I’m 18, at legal age, I can say that I’ve experienced more than math problems, more than derivatives, or law of motions so on. Problems get better and better; overcoming it is much more exciting.

To end this post, all I can say is that… WHAT A JOURNEY FOR THIS AMAEZING KID :). (Can I still be considered a kid now that I’m 18? Kid at heart perhaps) :D

For more challenges and blessings this 2014! I’ll be seeking for more, I know that the best is still yet to come. Cheers for the new year. God bless everyone! :)


Everything happens for a reason

I really can’t explain how or why but it just turned out that the series of events of my 2013 were connected to one another. I’m just plainly surprised realizing that everything seems connected. I’ve experienced this kind of situation to understand the other or vice versa. While writing this post, I can’t conceal the happiness inside me. I’m just so blessed that I have experienced such situations where one of your options is to quit and escape.

Perhaps, I can say, I’m brave enough that I was able to face and embrace the challenge, that I was able to respond on the challenge. Not everyone may clearly comprehend what I’ve – or we’ve – been fighting for but that should not be the reason to back down. My labor is not in vain. Sooner or later, there will be people who’ll realize the essence of what I am doing.

Right now, I have this (big) project to finish and this project has helped me to create this post and love what I’ve been doing now. Maybe you’re kinda curious with my post but as much as you’d like to know, I can’t disclose the information yet. I’m just so blessed that I was given this kind of opportunity.


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Embracing the grind

When things get tough, exhaustion becomes unbearable. Your physical body seems to withdraw from your strength. your weakness tries to stop you from doing your desire and goal. But at the end of the day, it is your cause that will make you continue each and every day – your purpose to battle and face life challenges.

Besides, everything must be cleared at the very first place. Questions and doubts should have already answered. ‘Cause if not, weariness will just eat your system.

Glad I know my cause and purpose why I’m doing everything. So in times like this that I could really feel the exhaustion from my physical body, I don’t have something petty issues to entertain. I found ways to lessen it, one is to write the feeling so I can easily release it.

I need not to entertain exhaustion; I’ll just write about it instead. And truly, writing eases it,  just as it done to me right now. #relieve



My blog is already outdated from the track of my life. It saddens me to see that I wasn’t able to post the peak of my year. I considered my four months of hiatus here on my blog as the peak of my year. That months have helped me grow as an individual, as a student, and as a Filipino. I’m really looking forward to share those stories here before 2013 ends.

I know the feeling is not the same if I posted that at the exact time I’ve done or experienced it. But I still have someway to share those on you. I have to make a way. I can’t afford that those stories or experiences will just remain on my memory. Who knows that those situations that I have experienced could change someone else? Those stories can inspire, influence, and instigate someone to do his own action for change. Hmmm, are you excited about that? I hope so. Anyway, Thank you for visiting my outdated blog. haha.  As much as I promise to post on my blog regularly, I hope my time and persistence would compel me to keep that promise. :)

FYI, I just turned 18 last November 15. I’m now officially at legal age and of course a WOMAN. Let’s embrace life with excitement and love. No matter how busy we are, let’s not forget to smile. God bless everyone

Much Love,

Amae – though I’m piled with tasks and tight sched, I’m still the Amaezing Kid <3

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When you are called to do grueling and demanding task, never ever make an EXCUSE. It maybe hard to decipher how – with an ordinary person like you – would carry that task. But would that excuse lessen the task? would that excuse ease the pressure? Ask yourself then. If not, then do it. It’s better to do and enter the impossible than to take a quick glance on exit. So think about it. Instead of excusing, just embrace it. Seize the task, stretch yourself and do it. I believe in you. You can make it. ;) 



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