Love local: Marikina’s Best – Shoes. Food. Places.

Love Local – the other way to tell everyone to love our own. Love our very own Philippines.

And if there’s someone who should  patronize our local product or Gawang Pinoy / Tatak Pinoy that should be us, Filipinos.

Let’s show our support to local craftsmanship and to all the raw talent of Filipinos behind the local product by patronizing our own. Like the annual Sapatos Festival 2015 of Marikina which started last October 26 and will last until December 30 of this year only.

Love local!

Love local!

Known from durability and high quality footwear, Marikina is currently handling the the annual Sapatos Festival 2015.

The event will not only promote  world-class shoes but will also promote the hand-made bags and other local products from the Shoe Capital in the Philippines

Why you should go to Sapatos Festival 2015?

  • You will witness MEGA SALE of shoes of locally made brand shoes.
  • You can contribute to the local shoe industry of the Philippines and  appreciate the craftsmanship of Filipinos
  • These local products are perfect gifts for your loved ones

So two weeks ago, I was invited by the Marikina Public Information Office with the help of my friend to be part of the Marikina Grand Tour.

Through the grand tour, I got to experience the best of Marikina including its historical landmarks, shoe factories, and food establishment.

With my fellow bloggers and Mr. Brian Tenorio, renowned shoe designer.

I was with other bloggers and was ushered by none other than Mr. Brian Tenorio, renowned fashion shoe designer. Here are our destination:

  1. Valentino Shoes

Valentino stores are located at Marikina Shoe Gallery, The Landmark, Shoe Mart – Valenzuela, and Marikina Shoe Trade Fair . Photo by: Queenie Vinluan

Valentino Shoes Inc started way back 1932 but it was registered as family owned corporation 0nly on 1973. The third generation of the Family is currently handling the business.

Ms. Dolora Dela Paz, head of the operation of Valentino Shoe Inc, admitted that their sales slackened over the years as imported brand of shoes penetrated the country.

Valentino only have 65 employees and  can only produce at least 3000 shoes a month

Aling Alita Morez, Valentino worker

Aling Alita Morez, Valentino worker

Aling Alita, 58, is one of the 65 employees of Valentino Shoe Inc. She’s been working in the factory for 28 years already.

Though she admitted how her work is affected on the struggling shoe industry, she has no option but to remain on the factory since that’s the only job she’d grew up with.

“Hulmahan” in Valentino’s factory

3. Gibson’s shoe factory

Gibson is known for its military shoes. It is the supplier of military footwear products of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

This just one of the shoe branches of Gibson's

This is just one of the shoe branches of Gibson’s

Gigantic machine from Gibson's shoe factory

Gigantic machine from Gibson’s shoe factory.

Gibson’s is one the successful local shoe brands and  they are also importing to our neighboring countries! (Proud Pinoy here!).

From my observation, the key factor of their success is their hunger to innovate their product and being a risk taker to bid and sell their brand.

They maximize their strength and were able to saturate different agencies and private companies for their product.

3. Marikina Shoe Museum 

Welcome to Marikina Shoe Museum!

Welcome to Marikina Shoe Museum!

Inside the Marikina Shoe Museum

Inside the Marikina Shoe Museum

The museum features the world class shoes of Marikina. The Different types of shoes from designer, stiletto, sandals, doll shoes, wedge, and other shoes worn by celebrities, politicians, and other influential personalities can be seen in the museum. It also showcased the hundreds of shoe pairs of former first lady Imelda Marcos.

Shoes worn by influential personalities

Shoes worn by influential personalities

Some pairs of shoes of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos

Some pairs of shoes of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos

You can visit the museum from Monday – Sunday 8am to 5 am with an affordable fee of Php 50.00. It is located at J.P Rizal St. Marikina near Our Lady of the Abandoned Church.

To wrap up our tour, we experience Marikina’s cuisine with the help of Industriya Marikina

Cozy ambiance and scrumptious food that's what Industriya Marikina will offer you!

Cozy ambiance and scrumptious food that’s what Industriya Marikina will offer you! Photo by: Ms. Kara Santos of Visit her wonderful travel and adventure blog.

Inside the Industriya Marikina

Inside the Industriya Marikina

Industriya Marikina’s Chef made their marikina recipe for us. Take note: These food are not on their menu.

Love Local: These are the main course

Love Local: These are the main course



Kakanin with langka, ube, and others inside

Their very own bibingka!

Their very own bibingka!




You can also have your event here at Industriya Marikina. Here is their sample venue

You can also have your event here at Industriya Marikina. Here is their sample venue

More than the beauty of Marikina and its rich history, the tour allowed me to see how we can boost the local shoe industry of our country. If you are aware enough on the news about how our shoe industry has struggled over the past years due to the competition of imported shoe brands and shoes that are made in China, you then know what I mean.

If all imported shoe brands will continue to penetrate our country, our local shoe industry will soon die down. But of course, we won’t allow  that unfortunate event to happen. I know I’m not alone with this effort to promote and love our own.

Because if that happens, the livelihood of Filipinos depending on this industry will be affected. Like the photos below:




Aling Alita Morez, Valentino worker

Aling Alita Morez, Valentino worker

Our local shoe industry has a GRAND POTENTIAL to make it once again be on the top market. But how will this happen? It needs COLLECTIVE EFFORT. The government can’t do it alone neither the local brands. We need each and every one.

Let’s run a campaign to boost our local shoe industry. Let the government, Filipinos, media be united for this.  If you are one with me, let’s start this campaign.

It’s a slap on me if I didn’t contribute something. This experience helps me to put up a blog focusing on promoting our very own – loving local.

Let’s love our own 💝

P.S: The idea of putting up a blog about loving local or our own is still on the process. If you are willing to collaborate and help, shoot me a message at

I know you are amazed with the qualities of the photos. Most of the Photos came from my friend, Queenie Vinluan, a very talented photographer/ layout artist. Check her Instagram account (@kweeeni)


Craving? Check your Panda!

“I’m not me when I’m hungry!”

That’s my usual jest to my friends. Whenever I tell this, they already knew that I’m yearning for food or to the extreme, dead hungry.

This is how happy I am when eating!

I get hungry quickly. And its quite ironic because I have a skinny body type yet I ate like an elephant. Who wouldn’t love to eat?

Food has never failed to be my comfort especially when I’m facing the demand of academics and other extra curricular stuff as a graduating student. It is part of my starter pack as I endure and finish tediously all my requirements (thesis!) and other paper work

Look how skinny I am

I can never forget the time when I was so exhausted with all the requirements. It was already past midnight that time, all my family members were already sleeping, I was looking for my comfort, but to my dismay, our refrigerator was empty. I was longing for my comfort to regain the much needed strength to finish my activities.

So what happened next? my instinct urged me to resort to the most convenient – since it was past midnight – and fastest option to meet my comfort, call for ONLINE DELIVERY. 🙂

Yummy food!

I just searched  and clicked what I want to order and in just matter of minutes, Aha! cravings satisfied. But oops! How about the payment? 

Being a student, of course I don’t have that much. So I woke up my dearest kuya (older brother) to do the honor. Being the youngest – and the remaining student – on the family I have this gift of persuading my siblings that they can’t even resist me. (The key: be malambing and sincere.)

Online delivery has been my partner not just in finding comfort and satisfying my cravings but also meeting the convenience I always look forward. It beats the hustle and bustle of going to your favorite restaurants that aren’t near in your place. Time-saving indeed!

But if you are looking for the best of all online delivery, you can have it just click a way! Experience the service of Foodpanda with over 1000+ restaurants choices!

Easy and convenient, they also have an application for all android, apple & window users (Download it here for tasty deal!) 

Order your comfort food anytime and anywhere! You can get access to over 250 restaurants in around the metro with the help of foodpanda Mobile app.

Pizza, pasta, ice cream, chicken, cakes, salad or anything that you want, you can find it here. And you can have your payment with options of credit card or cash in delivery. 

If you are bombarded with tasks, busy on the demand of life and you can’t find time to visit your favorite restaurant, you no longer have excuse at all!  

One click away! Just click and call your panda! Your panda will be there to fill your starvation and satisfy your craving.  

What are you waiting for? Tell and check your panda! 

The New Face in Town: PIE FACE PH

Pie Face, gracing the Philippines for the first time, is now knocking the hearts of every Filipino with its specialty of savoury pies and a world class and award winning brand of coffee.

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Who would turn down this uplifting face of pies?  The smile of these big and mini pies can actually encourage someone’s day from a busy and tiring day. The touch of creativity makes the pies more enticing and pleasing. 

happy pie 1

Savoury Pies

You can surely have a quality time from this store as it offers variety of food like sweet pies, cakes, brownies, sandwich, and even ice blended coffee.

Their store is located at SM Mall of Asia, ground floor beside the Sbarro restaurant. It is a newly open store all the way from Australia, but they are still planning to expand the store and make this more popular all over the town. So better wait for more PIE FACE store to open on other places in Metro Manila. 


Yummy brownies, cookies, and cakes

Big Pies

Big Pies

pie 1

Wide_variety choice of big and mini pies

I can assure you that you will not regret trying their pies and will certainly come back with their scrumptious pies that are hand crafted. The price of big pies range from Php 99 – Php 130 while mini pies are Php 49 per piece. 


My personal fave from all the pies is the Philly Cheese Steak. Its taste will leave you speechless as it contains perfect choice of ingredients. I highly recommend Philly Cheese Steak to anyone. Even the Steak, Bacon and Cheese is also good


. What I also love among their offer is the Chocolate Croissant which only cost for Php 80. You better try this one for you will feel that it’s freshly baked and easy to bite. 

pie 2

I personally enjoy my stay at PIE FACE. I suggest this to students who wanted relaxation away from the demand of acads life or for a student who wanted to prepare for an upcoming examination. Their place is cozy enough with its serene ambiance that can cater the peace that you need. 


cheese stick

I wasn’t able to try this cheese stick which cost Php 42. But the name itself intrigue me. So I will try this one once I get back along with my friends to the store. 


I highly recommend Pie Face to anyone. You will surely enjoy your stay with their offer of beverage and wide-range choice of food. Your money will not get ever wasted and will certainly experience satisfaction. I would like to commend the people behind Pie Face for bringing this to the Philippines. These people  have been so generous and I know all their generosity will turn to prosperity. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and loved ones to this store for you will obviously enjoy it. For more information, you can check out their social media accounts for the following:

Facebook: Pie Face PH
Twitter: @PiefacePH

Instagram: @piefaceph
Website: Pie Face PH