Best Advice from Robert Kiyosaki and Masters of Wealth

The key to wealth is being generous; the more you give, the more you receive. – Robert Kiyosaki

Being rich means giving back. If you just keep your money for you own, it is just useless. You need to have a driving force to reach out other people.

But being financially free is never an instant. It will cost you and demand something from you. And for you to get there, you need not only passion but also practice. Action sets the difference to make your dreams come true.


Robert Kiyosaki during his talk at the National Achievers Congress 2015 last November 30. (C) Rappler

During the Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila last November 30 at SMX, Mall of Asia, the Masters of Wealth (MOW) including Robert Kiyosaki have shared advice, motivation, and insights to all the entrepreneur and businessmen who were there to witness the National Achievers Congress 2015 brought by Laurus Enterprise and Success Resources.

Here are the following advice coming from MOW:

Robert Tiopel, top international trainer, emphasized the importance of working smart and reminded the delegates to be authentic and remain who they are. From Tiopel:

1. Shift your mindset from working hard to working smart. 
Freedom will not come from working eight hours a day, but working smart and taking risk to embrace opportunities and venture new things.

2. If you have passion, you will do something no matter what
Not pursuing your passion is just so bad. Life is short not to do craft that you really love. Take away that fear and pursue your passion

Mario Singh, Asia’s No. 1 forex coach, followed after Foxx and discussed how forex works and how we can generate money through it. From Singh:


Thousands of entrepreneurs seeking for more advice and learning at Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila (c)Peng Joon’s Facebook Account



3. Success is a decision
Are you committed to succeed? It is in the moment of your decision that your destiny is being shaped. You have to decide to succeed!

4. System will set you apart from the other
Remember 97% of people fail because they don’t have system. Success is not about how good you are but how good the system is.


The No. 1 wealth coach, J.T. Foxx mentored entrepreneurs and shared the reasons why people fail like fear, procrastination, lack of funds. 

5. Results will always do the talking
It is not how much you say but how much you do.

6. You need an accountable partner
Who are going to be your pusher? Who are going to encourage you when you badly want to give up? Stop thinking you can do everything on your own


Foxx humoring the crowd during Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila (c)Rappler

Foxx added that for you to succeed, you need these 4 keys:
1. Right Strategy
2. Right System
3. Right Information
4. Right Coach

Andrew Matthews, illustrator and international speaker first took the stage to emphasize how we can have a happy life – that happiness is never an accident; it is how you carry your situations in life.

7. Happiness is a choice
Happiness is how you respond to your situation. Happy people enjoy and embrace the problems. The joy is always on the challenge

8. You can do the impossible when you change your thoughts
Be positive and be grateful. Focus on what you currently have.

“You don’t find happiness in the absence of problems. You find happiness in spite of problems.” – Andrew Matthews

The leading authority in wealth creation online, Peng Joon  shared how we can maximize the internet to generate income.

9. People fail because of information overload
For you to avoid information overload, you have to create a step by step process. System matters!


Peng Joon sharing his story of success. Disclaimer: I do not own the photo

10. The best investment is constant learning
Learning is priceless!

And the most-awaited speaker of the conference, the author of the bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was the last to give his insights.

11. People are poor because they are not taught to be a good entrepreneur.
Study things that will help you to be a good entrepreneur.

12.The reasons why poor people are poor is because they practice being poor
Act and practice like a successful and rich person

13. The best way to learn is by doing
Study. Practice. Apply

14. Study what will help you to be rich and successful
“If you want to be an employee, go to school. If you want to be rich, you don’t need school” – Kiyosaki. Study subjects like selling, marketing, advertising, public relations etc.

15. Buy assets first and let it pay your liabilities
You can buy your dream car if you work on your assets first and let it pay your dream car. Train your brain to get what you want.

16. You need a team
You can’t do it alone. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

If you want to be financially free, there are a lot of things you can try. Think like an entrepreneur and successful person. Sell product in the internet, go to forex, ebay, and amazon, build your business etc.


Masters of Wealth after the National Achievers Congress 2015 (c)Cashflow Club

Study things that will make you rich. Just bear in mind that it takes time to be financially free so you must constantly work smart and be persistent on your goal.

Never get tired to solve problems. Continue to solve problems! Remember you are born to succeed! Unleash the potential within you.

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If you are the kind of person who is waiting for the ‘right’ thing to happen, you might wait for a long time. It’s like waiting for all the traffic lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip. – Kiyosaki


The Other Side of Blogging: Affiliate Marketing

I guess I’m not too young to learn affiliate marketing.

Monetizing out of blogging was never an issue to me since writing is just simply my passion. And this passion fuels me to continue loving the craft that I have chosen to pursue.

But from a mere love and hobby, blogging is now taking me to another level – professionally. For more than a year, I’ve been attending events as a blogger and have been connected to other groups and bloggers as well. I came across with different set of experienced bloggers which let me understand the other side of blogging.

So here comes another event that took me out of my comfort zone: Lazada Affiliate Online Revolution.

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I got an Alcatel Flash 2 (Here) from the event. Thanks Lazada and Alcatel for the wonderful treat. I will post another entry for my review about the phone. But so far so good with my experience. And Lazada have special treat for you here:

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This is certainly new to me. Of course, I know marketing as a context but not all the details. Why I decided to take part? Simply because I love to learn new things! Just making the most of the opportunity especially the fact that I’ll turn 20 next month!

Good thing I came. I learned things that would gear up my blog. Thanks to Mr. Mannix Pabalan, CEO of hashtag digital for all the tips and encouragement. I even had a meaningful conversation with him through twitteraffiliate

Motivation indeed! Despite miscues, I’ll venture this! I just wanted to challenge myself to come out from my box. Let’s see what will happen.

Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila

RK Flyer 4 EMAIL Attachment

Learn the most effective way to handle your finances! Get fresh strategies and tips directly from the one of the most influential businessmen and New York Times bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki as he will be in the Philippines for the first time for a one-day business conference on November 30 at SMX, Mall of Asia.

Together with other renowed Master of Wealth speakers six namely Mr. Bellum Tan (also known as “Rich Dad Asia”), Mr. JT Foxx, Mr. Rob Riopel, Mr. Mario Singh, Mr. Peng Joon, and Andrew Matthews, Kiyosaki will challenge, motivate, and empower people to reach their personal and financial goals. He has influenced a lot of people all over the world on how to think about money. 

This will surely guide you for your next business venture and will help every existing and  aspiring future business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and interested individuals like YOU achieve outstanding results  in your financial aspect on this  increasingly competitive world.

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