Doodling: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

When situations, school loads and others are stressing me terribly, I used doodle to ease the tension and to unwind. I’m not a pro and not even good in drawing. But there’s something on the strokes and coloring the cute creatures on the blank sheet of the doodle art that just simply alleviates my stress and calm my heart.I just can’t explain the feeling. All I feel is that when I color the doodle art, it makes me feel more relaxed.

When I’m so much stressed, I pour out my heart coloring doodle art. I told you, I’m not a pro. hihi

Doodling Art

But doodling was like an underrated form of art in the Philippines. Most of the time people labeled it as mere of hobby or just for a leisure time. That’s why I was overjoyed to hear that Titus Pens is holding a doodling art competition, Titus iDoodle on-the-spot Ballpen Art Competition Battle of the Champions. I was entirely excited to attend the event to find out what’s in store for the doodling art in the Philippines. 

Doodling: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

From a mere hobby,  doodling in the Philippines has grown into something – a more respectable form of art. The competition has showcased the talent of thousands young artists in the Philippines. I felt delighted to discover how rich our country with bulk of talented people.

There are groups like the Doodle Art Enthusiasts  that features the talents of doodlers in the country. The group also aim to inspire other people through this art and empower every doodler on their talent. If you have the heart on doodling, I encouraged you to be part of their group so you can get to know more with other people who have the same passion on doodling. 





Youngest contestant I met on the event. She’s just 8 years old! Very talented indeed.

The theme’s competition is about promoting the Philippines or showcasing why is it more fun in the Philippines. Here’s the best of the bests that caught my heart:



One of the best entries! One way to appreciate that talent of young Filipinos



Promoting the beauty of Cebu through doodling!

Before the time was up for the contestants, I was able to take a shot of some doodle arts of the participants.


Highlighting Filipino values!


The love that never binds the Filipino family


This is my favorite output that I saw on the competition. This is the mark and the heart of a Filipino!

I do hope that this kind of competition will continue for the coming years. Let’s us showcase and highlight what we have.  This is also the best way to maximize the talent of young artists in our country. The event will teach you 3 things:

1. Appreciate and love our own

Don’t overlook what’s literally in front of you. Appreciate our own. Our country has a lot to offer, innumerable places to visit, and sumptuous food and delicacies to try. (Read here: Love Local: Marikina’s Best – Food.Shoes.Places)


2. Maximize what you have

If you have the gift and talent, show it to the world. Flex it once in a while. Don’t make it jelly. Put your passion on it. (Read here: The Time is NOW!)

3. Connect to the right people

You can’t do it alone. You need people who will bring out the best in you and will tell that you can do it. Most of the time your fear subsides whenever you find people who have the same interest and passion like yours. Connect to their group and get to know them. Just be careful on what group you’ll join and people you’ll connect. Make sure they are the type of people who will unleash your potentials.  (Read here: While You’re Still Young and Amazing)

I salute the Star 360 and Titus Pens for uplifting the Filipino talents through this event. 

2 thoughts on “Doodling: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

  1. It’s nice to know there had been activities like this. Art is really bridging the gap among us: age, gender, profession, passion, belief, religion, etc. I hope to join the DAE group. Are you a member? Happy new year!


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