Early Birthday Present!

         I’ll be turning seventeen on the 15th and one of my wishes is to have a blackberry phone. So today, 9th of November, my wish is granted! Yey! Thankful indeed to God for granting my wish and to my mom for being an instrument to fulfill my wish. Love you Mom! I am really blessed to have such loving family. Thank you Lord for the endless outpouring of blessings.

        I could hardly explain how my heart jumped joyfully as my mom present  me the box of my blackberry phone. I plastered my widest smile that moment I saw it. By the time I opened the box, I could no longer conceal my happiness evidently flashing on my face. I was like a kid again who happened to have a new set of toys.

        I am veritably happy. Thank you God! 

     Much Love,

His Love never fails

8 thoughts on “Early Birthday Present!

  1. Amae you are blessed, truly! The wonderful thing is that you are so grateful and know what it means. So many teenagers would just take it for granted to get it for their birthday. I would love to have you as my daughter! My sons didn’t get a phone for their birthday , they had buy it themselves with earned money, as it is a big thing for me. You are a great girl and you deserve it, use it wisely and carefully and enjoy it every day.
    For next week I wish you a wonderful birthday! May God bless you richly! With Love Ute xx


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